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Patricia has given speeches and seminars around the world. She is one of the most requested speakers in the country on canine and feline behavior and training. Here's what participants have to say about Patricia's seminars: 
"Dr. McConnell has a wealth of knowledge, good humor and
awesome slides and videos. The seminar was just excellent!"

"Patricia has an ability to explain complex concepts simply,
memorably and with humor. I'd come again in a minute!"
"Thank you, Dr. McConnell, for helping restore
peace to my house and reducing my vet bills!"
Patricia is focusing on finishing her next book (a memoir--we'll keep you posted once we know when it's coming out!). She won't be taking on any new speaking engagements until the memoir has left Redstart Farm and is in the hands of a publisher.

Rockford, IL September 9, 2015

Join Trisha in Rockford, IL when she talks about "The Power of Pets"!


ASPCApro Multi-Dog Households

Revisit this fascinating webinar Trisha did for the ASPCA discussing multi-dog households. 





Watch this free webinar from Trisha on helping your adopted dog adjust to his or her new home!



Trisha is working hard on a new book right now. We'll keep you posted