Pukka's Promise (Hardcover)

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Pukka's Promise (Hardcover)

You do NOT want to miss out on this book! Kerasote's brilliantly written new book might just be one of the most important books written in the last decade about dogs. Interspersed with compelling stories about his own new dog, Pukka's Promise describes the author's quest to prolong the lives of all of our beloved dogs. Thanks to Kerasote's relentless research, you'll learn:

  • The inside story of commercial dog food and what foods might be best for your dog
  • The latest information on the health effects of spaying and neutering
  • Why your dog might be more susceptible to cancer than you are

And, most importantly,

  • How to create an environment that gives your dog the best chance of a long, healthy life

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When Ted Kerasote was ready for a new dog after losing his beloved Merle -- who died too soon, as all our dogs do -- he knew what he would want to give his puppy Pukka the longest life possible. But how to do that? So much has changed in the way we feed, vaccinate, train, and live with our dogs from even a decade ago.

In an adventure that echoes The Omnivore's Dilemma with a canine spin, Kerasote tackles all those subjects questioning our conventional wisdom and emerging with vital new information that will surprise even the most knowledgeable dog lovers. Can a purebred be as healthy as a mixed-breed? How many vaccines are too many? Should we rethink spaying and neutering? Is raw food really healthier than kibble, and should your dog be chewing more bones? Traveling the world and interviewing breeders, veterinarians, and leaders of the animal-welfare movement, Kerasote pulls together the latest research to help us rethink the everyday choices we make for our companions. And as he did in Merle's Door, Kerasote interweaves fascinating science with the charming stories of raising Pukka among his dog friends in their small Wyoming village.

Funny, revelatory, and full of the delights of falling in love with a dog, Pukka's Promise will help redefine the potential of our animal partners.

If, like all other dog lovers, you want to know how to keep your dogs alive longer - you need this book! Bruce Fogle, DVM, says Pukka's Promise is "compulsory reading for all practicing vets and veterinary students." He is wrong. Pukka's Promise is compulsory for all dog owners, breeders, trainers and shelter workers, too.

Description: Hardcover
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0547236263
ISBN-13: 978-0547236261
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.4 x 1.6 inches
Number of Pages: 464
Publish Date: February 5, 2013

This might be the most important book about dogs written in a decade. Pukka means
'first-class' in Hindi, and first-class is a perfect description of Pukka's Promise. It's a brilliant integration
of speculation, cutting-edge science and story. Every dog lover needs to read this book."
-Patricia B. McConnell,
author of The Other End of the Leash

"Here's a dog lover who actually teaches his dog using modern training entirely: communication, observation,
and now and then a clicker -- not just to build a bond and a working relationship but also to create a running conversation. This book also investigates kibble (Is it really good for dogs?) and vaccinations (Why so many, so often?) and other commercial pressures on dogs' well-being. What a good read."
-Karen Pryor,
author of Reaching the Animal Mind

"Pukka's Promise is without question the most intelligent, most comprehensive book ever written
about extending the lifetimes of dogs. Not only that, but it's riveting. After years of flawless research
plus a life of valuable experience, Kerasote has produces a masterpiece. From pet owners to
professionals, those who think they already know about dogs are in for a real surprise."
-Elizabeth Marshal Thomas,
author of The Hidden Life of Dogs

"Ted Kerasote gently and intelligently questions our fixed notions about living with dogs. I'd like
Pukka's Promise to be compulsory reading for all practicing vets and veterinary students."
-Bruce Fogle, DVM,
author of The Dog's Mind

"Ted Kerasote, a born storyteller, writes about dogs with singular brilliance. Pukka's Promise is great
fun but is also packed with important, surprising information; with wisdom, compassion, and love."
-Dean Koontz,
author of A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog

"Kerasote mixes science with love to take on every dog lover's question: Can I keep my dog
alive longer? He stirs our hopes for the future and gives us hard information for now."
-Jon Katz,
author of A Good Dog


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