Lassie probably didn’t always come when called and Rin Tin Tin might have been rude to other dogs. There are lots of wonderful dogs, owned by lots of wonderful people, with serious behavioral problems. Patricia spent twenty-three years helping them as an applied animal behaviorist. Those experiences, along with her background as a zoologist, led her to write these books and booklets. They have helped tens of thousands of people and dogs, they can help you too!

Solving Behavior Problems

The Education of Will: Healing a Dog, Facing My Fears, Reclaiming My Life


A powerful, soul-searching memoir about the journey Patricia takes with a troubled puppy to change being “a victim” into being “a survivor."


The Cautious Canine

Whether your dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner or defensively aggressive to visitors, this booklet will result in a happier, better behaved dog. 


The Feisty Fido

Help for the leash-reactive dog. This second edition of a McConnell/London classic is better than ever!


Treating Dog-Dog Reactivity DVD

If you'd like to update you toolbox for on-leash dogs who growl, bark and lunge at others, this half-day seminar DVD is for you. 


Dog-Dog Aggression DVD

This day-long seminar focuses on dogs who are aggressive to unfamiliar dogs and dogs who live together, but don’t necessarily get along.


I'll Be Home Soon

How to prevent and treat Separation Anxiety. This booklet has saved thousands of dogs and their owners from the challenges of Separation Anxiety.


Love Has No Age Limit

Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home. How to turn a new adolescent or adult dog into your “best dog ever!”


Way To Go!

$1 per copy when you purchase 50 or more. Donate to your local shelter or rescue and help dogs find homes!

Help your puppy/adult dog learn a lifetime of good habits! Perfect for new dog owners, and the perfect addition to puppy packets or puppy classes.


Feeling Outnumbered?

How to enjoy your multi-dog household through easy management and training that is fun for all.


Feeling Outnumbered? DVD

Feeling outnumbered by your pack of dogs? This DVD is full of positive, enjoyable exercises that teach your dogs to be patient and polite.


Play Together, Stay Together

Play is fun and frolicsome,
but it is powerful stuff. Learn how
to use it to enhance your
relationship with your dog.


Lassie Come! DVD

How to teach your dog to come every
time you call. Really, we mean it!