Lost in Translation? DVD

Become fluent in all things dog by joining Patricia in her newest seminar on the sensory life of dogs. Learn how they use scent, sound and vision to communicate with their best friends, whether human or canine. You can look forward to:

  • Understanding what it’s like to “see” the world with your nose
  • Knowing how to “talk dog” so that they REALLY understand you
  • Becoming an expert at reading visual signals
  • Some of the field’s most exciting research on canine behavior
  • Enjoying a happier dog!

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We may be best friends, but people and dogs don’t always speak the same language. However, you can become fluent in all things dog by joining Patricia in a full-day seminar on how dogs communicate with their best friends, whether human or canine. You’ll develop an understanding of what it’s like to “see” the world with your nose, learn how to talk to your dog so that he truly understands you, and become an expert at reading visual signals. Chock full of research with practical applications to training and communicating with your dog, this seminar DVD will teach you to “speak” dog like a native.

Who Should Buy

Dog Owners
This DVD will not only help you communicate effectively with your dog, it will help you understand how your dog perceives the world differently than you. Full of information about how dogs use their noses, their eyes and their voices, this DVD is sure to enhance your relationship with your dog.

This is Patricia’s most recent seminar (recorded in January, 2012), and it is chock full of information that every professional needs to know. From how to use your voice to effectively influence your dog’s behavior, to how to distinguish appropriate from inappropriate play between dogs, this full-day seminar contains text and numerous videos that are both applicable to one’s practice and intellectually interesting to anyone in the field. A must for any professional’s shelf.

Veterinarians/Vet Technicians
Here’s a great way to update your knowledge of behavior without having to attend an out-of-town seminar. Watch segments of the DVD during breaks (when you can get them!) and get ahead of the competition by staying updated on the latest research related to canine behavior.


Lost In Translation is one of the top recommended videos to clientele and gets the highest feedback consistently. You’ll learn, you’ll be both awed and ‘awww’ed, and it will benefit you both immediately and long term as it’s lessons reverberate in your growing skills.”
-Cynthia Kurtz on Facebook ‎

… Lost in Translation DVD is the best building block for every dog lover who wants to enjoy the richest possible life with their dog, bar none!”
-Sam Wike on Facebook

Lost in Translation [is my favorite DVD]. I work in rescue, and the ability to better understand canine communication is critical for working with some of the dogs we get in.”
-Bert Haker on Facebook

“I love all of the DVDs that I have watched so far. …You are an excellent speaker, I learn so much from your DVDs, so far they all rank high on my list of favorites but Lost in Translation was exceptional. Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff was very interesting as well for the cat people out there.”
-Tracy Eldstrom on Facebook

“Patricia always delivers information in an interesting and entertaining way. A treasure!”
-Seminar Participant

“I have so many good things to say about Patricia’s speaking,
she is always an inspiration. I can’t wait for the next seminar!”
-Seminar Participant

Product Details

Description: DVD
Publisher: McConnell Publishing Ltd.
Video Taped and Edited: Tawzer Dog Videos
DVD Release Date: May 2012
Location: Full day seminar in Orlando, FL
Number of Discs: 3 DVDs
Run Time: 5 HRS 27 MIN

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