All “Incompatible Behaviors” are not Equal

Yeah well, this is something I know well, except, uh... how come it took me 2 years to figure it out with my own dog? Sigh. Here's the back story: As many of you know, my 3 year old BC, Willie, is both a joy and a challenge. He's joyful, incredibly responsive, the perfect dog for me to work on sheep, so reliable when working that I can let the sheep graze by the road, smart, fast and handsome. He also: * Came with projectile diarrhea (lasted 3 months, now completely solved). * Developed a bad shoulder early in life (now managed and partially healed, 'tho surgery still a potential). * Developed, also early on, a serious dog-dog aggression problem (partially treated and partially managed; plays with lots of other dogs, makes good, reliable decisions to keep himself out of trouble, but Read More