Lassie Fine, Special Sale for Trainers

Thanks to all the kind readers who sent their best wishes to Lassie. Good news: she seems fine. I'm hoping it was just one of those "dietary indiscretions" that come and go into all of our lives. Fed her tiny meals, low fat, gave her Pepsid as instruction by Dr. John for acid stomach (common if kidney problems). I am taking her in to the clinic though next week, just to get a chem panel and check on her kidney function. Assume all is well if you don't hear anything, no news being good news and all. Ah these old dogs. Thanks for your stories about your own, I love hearing them. Speaking of news, I promised my staff I'd say something about the Professional Trainer Special we have on right now for people who use the Family Friendly Dog Training book for classes or clients. I don't like to Read More