My New Year’s “Not-Resolutions” — Yours?

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Like many people, I'm classically conditioned to associate "New Year's Resolutions" with broad, generic and doomed-to-fail pronouncements, like "I'll be healthier!"  "I'll lose 20 pounds!"  "I'll be an all around better person!" "I'll kind and generous to everyone I meet!" I made my share of impossible resolutions in decades past, and like most of them, they fell apart before the end of January. However, as is often the case, learning about behavior and dog training has helped me to come up with focused and attainable goals, so now I don't make New Year's Resolutions, I made one or two commitments for the year to come. We know that commitments are most often kept if 1) they are focused and specific, 2) they are attainable and 3) they are made public. Not that you have to blog about them Read More

Savings for Trainers; Favorite Photographs NZ

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I don't like to use the blog to promote things. The good people here at the office attempt to remind me that I have to make a living, but they have pretty much given up trying to convince me to use the blog as a marketing device. But on occasion they make arguments that even I can't refute. In this case it's "Don't you want other professionals to have a chance to save a bunch of money? Don't you think they'd at least want to know?" So, okay, in hopes this is helpful to the professionals out there who use some of my books and booklets: There's a good deal on now, 10 free booklets if you buy 10 Puppy Primers (which are already already 50% if you buy 10 at a time.) Your tax accountant will love it ... if you have the money, and need more books for next year, spend it now. I'm taking the Read More



In your heart, in your home, and in the lives around you. From Willie and me, we wish you the best of holidays. Read More

Holiday Photos. With Dogs.

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I just did a photo shoot for a magazine cover with Willie (more on that later) and I was reminded while doing it how many pet dogs are going to be asked to participate in the GREAT HOLIDAY PHOTOGRAPHIC ADVENTURE. Except I don’t think dogs would use the word “adventure” if they could talk about it.  I thought this might be a good time for a bit of advice, based on my experiences. I’d love to hear about yours too. 1. First and foremost, remember that big round black lenses can be terrifying to shy or nervous dogs. They look exactly like big, round threatening eyes (the kind that dogs get right before they bite you), and are very, very scary to some dogs. I was rudely reminded of this when a TV station rushed me and Willie into a side room for a “teaser shot” before we went into the Read More

Save the Date! Oct 29-30 Madison WI 2011


Oh boy oh boy. We've just finalized arrangements to hold a seminar in Madison Wisconsin on October 29-30, 2011. Inspired by the seminar I did in New Zealand, I'm going to give a completely updated version of  Advanced  Canine Behavior on Saturday. The day will include state of the art research on cognition, play and development, and its practical implications to owners and trainers. Ken Ramirez of the Shedd Acquarium will present on Sunday, and will focus on raising the bar on your training techniques. I heard him give this talk in Massachusetts last summer, and left so inspired that I began attempting to train my pencil. Seriously, this man is fantastic. We are totally jazzed about this seminar, and will have details about registration up on the website soon. We're just finalizing some Read More