The Nail Wars

Insect on Joe Pye

Poor dogs. Some of us think getting a manicure is akin to heaven, but for dogs, getting their nails done is more often like going to hell. I was thinking about this last night while I was working with Willie on nails that grow extra long and extra fast because of his restricted exercise. I just switched him over to a "grinder" (Oster Grinder or Dremel, mine is an Oster) and asked myself this question: "What took me so long?" I used the Oster on both Pippy Tay and Lassie for years and with great success, but was a tad lazy about conditioning Willie to it until now. Although I've only cut into the quick of one of his nails one time, (and then not badly -- but still, I hate it when that happens) and have used buckets of treats while trimming his nails, Willie clearly hated having his nails Read More