The Texas Two-Step

Susan-Mary Floye-Hap-Doree TX 11-12

What a great time we've had the last two nights: I had the pleasure of doing a fund raiser for the Austin Humane Society in Austin Tuesday night, and for the Animal Defense League of Texas in San Antonio last night. Both nights had fantastic turn outs and raised lots of money for good causes. By the way, please please please check out the website of the Austin Humane Society. This is what I shouted in my office, months ago, when I first found it: "You guys, you guys, you HAVE GOT TO COME SEE THIS!!!" A few hours south of Austin, the newly formed San Antonio Pet Trainers Alliance (all progressive trainers, and as nice a group as you can imagine) organized the San Antonio event and donated all the money to the Animal Defense League. You can learn more about the Alliance by writing Read More