Goodbye Calling All Pets

Well, this is a hard one to write.  Wisconsin Public Radio has cancelled production of Calling All Pets.  They will still play repeats for several months in Wisconsin, and stations around the country have the option of offering the show until next summer.  I’ve been doing the show with Larry Meiller for fourteen years, and it’s hard to imagine not doing it anymore. It’s tough  timing too in that the show had taken off last year, thanks to a lot of work from Larry, me and a new producer and executive producer. The show was even picked up in Washington DC, Dallas and Seattle. However, I have to admit that I won’t miss getting up early in the morning to do the show, and working seven weekends a year on pledge drives and fund raising events.  But here’s what I will miss:

Working with Larry Meiller. He is a truly wonderful man, and he makes it look easy to be on the radio.  It isn’t, not if you’re good at it, but you’d never know that listening to him. He taught me so much, and I will forever be indebted to him. I think of him as a close friend, and will come on his daily show as a guest on occasion.

Connecting with people who believe that animals are important. This is the toughest part by far.  I have realized since I heard the news about the cancellation that what I have valued most about the show is the connection it has given me to a group of people who believe that our love, interest and concern for animals–both wild and domestic–is important.  It’s as important as music or art or literature or news about sports events. It seems that the world sorts into two groups in a way: those who get it, and those who don’t. It feels like I’ve worked all my life to  convince people that our connection to animals is important, that “pets” aren’t trivial and that knowledge and concern about the natural world is vital to our individual and social health.

The great thing about Calling All Pets is that I had fourteen years to make that argument, along with advocacy for using positive reinforcement, instead of punishment and “dominance” as a training technique.  Fourteen years is a long time in the media, and I’m truly grateful to WPR for creating that opportunity. I expect that the decision to cancel the show didn’t come easily, and that the decision was made by folks doing their best to make the best decisions they could for WPR. I wish they hadn’t made the decision they did, but it will give me an entire day a week to do other things. Who knows what doors will open as another one shuts.

Speaking of opportunity, how very glad I am that I have this blog. I have already enjoyed your comments immensely, and am grateful that I have another opportunity to communicate to others who believe that animals are important.

On a lighter note: On Sunday, ironically, I had a party for donors to Calling All Pets and WPR. It was delightful to meet such generous people, and we had a great time.  I didn’t think to get any photos during the party (geeeez), but thought you might enjoy what my rug looked like right before everyone came and what it looked like a few hours after they left.

Pre party rug:

Post party rug (it’s usual condition)

Of course, the newspapers, dog magazines and journal articles are still hidden in the study, the mangy wool cover over the couch isn’t as mangled and messed up as it usually is, and there are no clouds of dog hair wafting around.  Otherwise, it looks pretty much like normal…


  1. lin says

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that the show is cancelled! I listened to the podcasts religiously, and found it so much smarter and wide-ranging than other ‘pet radio’ shows. I had no idea it went back that far! Wouldn’t mind listening to older broadcasts.

  2. Keli says

    I am soooo disappointed that the show is cancelled. I have been listening since it’s start and have become a better dog owner (trainer) because of you! Calling All Pets allowed me to find you (you are a god’s send!) for behavioral consults (luckily I’m semi local) and have continued what I’ve learned from you for my first dog, to now my third. I was lucky enough to meet Cool Hand Luke, Pip, Lassie, and Tulip who was a fence climbing pup at the time, and loved listening to stories on the radio program that you would tell periodically. You made us feel like part of your extended family, all while teaching us some valuable lessons in training or just in life. My Saturday’s will never be the same :(

  3. Freddie Martin Arbuthnot says

    I am so sorry you were cancelled, it is one show I try not to miss. My 15 rescued dogs and two rescued cats learned so much!

  4. says

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear this. Just yesterday a client of mine raved about how much she had learned from your radio show (I am in the Washington DC metro area) as I was referring her to one of your books. Thank you for all your efforts for animals (and their people)!

  5. trisha says

    Thanks for all your comments so far. It is a HUGE change for me, I think even more than I would have guessed. It means a lot to hear from you that you valued the show. At least repeats will still play in Wisconsin for several more months, and probably in other cities too. I am spending time asking myself what good can come of this opening.. more time to do seminars around the world? more time to write the book I am hatching in my head and heart )(“The Education of Will”) or maybe, a fiction book? (tee hee) Or perhaps, here’s a radical thought: more time to spend with my dogs? Ummmm, boy that sounds good!

  6. Cris says

    I tried to listen every Saturday morning. So sorry you are leaving us for better things. I had so hoped that I could learn how to handle my over energetic 20 month old miniature female poodle. She drives everyone crazy and has separation anxity something terrible. I had called a couple of times but never got a reply/selected to be heard. But hope that the both of you have a great and productive time now that you don’t have to meet the Sat. morning schedule.
    Bless you both.

    Cris in FL

  7. Cynthia says

    I will miss your show a lot! The cats and I wake up to you every on Saturday. Perhaps us locals can still hear fom you periodically by you being a guest on Larry’s show at 11 am?

  8. Pat Randall says

    I have enjoyed your program and I’m really bummed that they cancelled it.
    I got a chance to meet you when you were in Anchorage a few years ago.
    I really enjoyed your seminar and love your books. I will visit you wesite often for new items.
    Thanks for providing a great service.

  9. says

    What a terrible, terrible mistake on WPR’s part. Ironically, I discovered Calling All Pets only this year (my local NPR station never broadcast it), and as a direct result contributed to WPR just so I could download mp3s of Calling All Pets.

    Thanks for being a part of it, Patricia; I regret that I did not discover the show sooner.

  10. Marguerite Miller says

    I am so disappointed to learn the show we’ve only known for about a year is leaving. I hope there will be a full archive to experience. I had also hoped to call about my three cats.

  11. Kashka's Person says

    Oh drat. Has it really been 14 years? My cat Kashka is 17 and its been great lounging in bed Sat. a.m.’s listening while showering Kashka with all the petting & cuddles I don

  12. Emilie says

    I didn’t post as soon as I heard the news; I figured you get enough fan mail without me repeating everything already said. There’s no way I could word this without wanting to go back later and fix it! However, here goes…

    I listened online to Calling All Pets every week when cleaning the small mammal cages. I contributed to WPR to download the podcasts, student budget be darned. I’m very disappointed they canceled the show. I’ve tried to find comparable shows to listen to when WPR put repeats up, but haven’t found anything worthwhile.

    As an animal science student at Michigan State with an interest in behavior, I have to admit I didn’t learn many new facts or get introduced to authors I hadn’t already checked out, but I still learned so much! I liked hearing your explanations of concepts and methods. It’s helped a lot in what I say when asked questions; I’ve always thought I was either too technical or too basic in explanations.

    I am admittedly not a dog person – I was not raised around them, and I still have a much easier time figuring out other species. When I got my first dog, The Other End of the Leash had just come out. It was so helpful, it remains to be the book I recommend most to others. I cannot tell you how useful it was. I go through a lot of books, and many of them are either ‘cook books’ on training or present basic learning concepts. Not many describe the species as you do, or even just give references to the science behind the methods. Your other book, booklets, and videos have also helped me become a better communicator. Thank you for all of your help, and I’m sure my dogs would thank you too. I’m a huge fan and know several other grad students and undergrads here are as well!

  13. EmilyK says

    Oh no!!!! Like listener Derek above, I am a WPR member primarily because of Calling All Pets (granted, there are a few other shows I listen to as well but none with as much pleasure or as religiously). Our entire household is bummed. My husband whistled along to the theme song every morning. My one year old husky and border collie / cattle dog mix have grown up with the show from their first days in the house – they love it too! And my two cats used to snuggle up Saturday mornings for the CAP session with me…you will be sorely missed. Thanks for all the great shows, topics, and tips – and now we’ll just have to read your blog and books. All the best! Emily, Orion (the husky), Franklin (the BC/ACD), Mia (the siamese), and Sherman (a perfect black DSH).

  14. Kay says

    I’m so disappointed… it was my favorite show on Saturday morning. Although I don’t have any pet, it was still fun to listen to your show. One of my favorite stories you covered recently was about a rescued horse. I thought it was amazing and now I definitely have more appreciation in anything animal in general. Thank you.

  15. Anne Ausura says

    I am so sorry to hear that your show has been cancelled. My public radio station,(WHRV-89.5 In Norfolk, VA) kept switching around the time that it was on, until I was listening to it at the crack of dawn on the week-end. I have loved listening to you and Larry for many years, and hope that Wisconsin Public Radio reconsiders. Thanks for all the good humor and advice. And darn it, I have wanted to e-mail you about my “attack” red Abyssinian, with the displaced anger issues!
    Best wishes to you both.

  16. Ann says

    I am so sad to hear the news of your cancellation. I started listening every Friday in Dallas and had actually logged on tonight to send an email question about my adopted cocker. Listening to your broadcasts prompted me to buy one of your books and actually pledge in the most recent KERA drive. You and Larry are great – thank you for your love of all animals and the contributions you have made. You will be missed!

  17. Kathy Ritchie says

    I am so sorry to hear that Calling All Pets has been cancelled, both for myself and for Trisha and Larry, who have become dear friends even though I have never actually met them. I was up every Saturday morning – having my coffee, feeding Bucky and listening to your show was the most comforting and fun way to start the day. Bucky is 14 1/2 now, and he has grown up with your show. By the way – Bucky is a cairn terrier who has been on the receiving end of a lot of your advise and is the better dog because of you. I, too, hope that WPR reconsiders their decision – but I will look forward to when Trisha visits Larry’s show. Best wishes both of you! Kathy and Buckwheat

  18. Patricia W says

    We moved to WI 16 years ago with 2 Goldens. I enrolled the younger one, Ashley, in intermediate and – later – advanced obedience courses at Dog’s Best Friend and was incredibly lucky to have you, Trisha, as the instructor. My favorite memory is the time you brought a sheep to the Advanced class to challenge the dogs in a down-stay! Those classes were my first exposure to the positive behavior rewards training philosophy and it TOTALLY changed how I trained my dogs. I have since had a 3rd Golden and adopted a little Daschund mix who came to me with VERY challenging behavior towards other dogs and no basic training other than being housebroken (thank heaven!). I used all that I had learned from you, your show and books and successfully transformed Chelsea’s behavior. She’s a great little dog!

    I will miss your show but hope Larry will have you on his on a regular basis. Thank you for everything you have taught me!!!!


  19. Russ M says

    I can’t imagine what show WPR could produce that would be as entertaining and informative as yours. Calling All Pets motivated me to become a Wisconsin Public Radio member.

  20. Laurie Glencross says

    I feel just the same as those who posted above. I first started listening to Calling All Pets as a grad student at Florida State U in Tallahassee (Go Noles!). Since moving to central Illinois I’ve had to listen on the web but have continued to enjoy the show immensely. I will really miss it but have learned so, so much over the years about wonderful, inventive ways to train and manage my dogs and cats through positive methods. I always thought that was possible and you have proven it.
    Anyway, my extra hour every week will be spent reading your books and website. Looking forward to attending a seminar one day soon!

  21. Jill says

    Thank you so much for your program. Now I will never know why my cat finds it so wonderful to poop and pee in any sink that she can get to.
    We will miss you.

  22. Suzan Wilder says

    I am stunned and saddened at your departure and disappointed in WPR. Hopefully they will reconsider, as I am sure I am not the only one who will miss your Saturday morning program.

  23. Cheryl says

    This is awful news! Calling All Pets has introduced me to the amazing world of familiar and unfamiliar animals, helping me with everyday issues and answering questions I didn’t know I had! It’s informative without being preachy, easy to listen to even before the caffeine kicks in, and always touching. This is the program that took me from an occasional WPR listener to a pledging customer who listens daily.

    My 13 year old cats are so glad that you have been able to help them educate me. We’ll be hoping this decision can be reversed. Until then, thanks Trisha and Larry for brightening our Saturdays!


  24. Hunter H says

    So sad to hear you go! Not being able to own pets myself as my Dad is alergic I would always wake up to you guys on saturday and just listen in for fun. Had no idea the show was on for 14 years. If you guys wanted to keep doing it would it be possible for fans to sign a petition to keep it around? That would be awesome but I could understand if you didn’t want to.

  25. Gloria Walters says

    “What?!! You’ve got to be kidding!”, I said to my friend, Kathy when she told me that Calling All Pets was cancelled. I was stunned and saddened. Like so many others, I started my Saturday mornings, curled up, with a cozy cup of coffee, listening to the two of you bantering, laughing, informing. I don’t know if you realize it, but your voices are filled with kindness and sincerity. I always found it very heartwarming whenever a listener would call and mention the name of their beloved pet, for instance, “I have a Golden named Sophie…” or some such name and you would often exclaim, “Aww, sweetie!” That always told me that you have a true, deep love of animals. I had the honor of being on the air with you and Larry earlier this year, when you answered my call-in question and I felt like I was talking to two old friends. I’ve always felt a little envious of those contributors who were able to donate a high enough figure to come to your farm that was offered as a premium. Calling All Pets is the reason I contribute to WPR. I done so in honor of my 3 cats, Jenny, Spooky and General Rommel. A couple of years in a row, I heard Larry laugh at Rommel’s name when he read it on the air. (My son named him that because he “Charges” around the house. Thank you so much for all these years of heartwarming stories and wonderful advice. There will definitely be a big hole in my Saturday mornings. I will miss you.

  26. Julianne says

    I have been telling myself to check WHAD’s programming guide to find out when your show would be on, because I haven’t been able to catch it over my busy weekends. It’s pledge time and I wanted to pledge to support “Calling all Pets.” I had this pit-of-the-stomach feeling that this is what I would find. Your show was so helpful and informative. I learned so much about my funny little dog and all of his little”isms.” I would not have known why he howls in his sleep sometimes, or why he could dig all the way to China or why he liked to carry rocks in his mouth. (OK, the jury is still out on that one) – your show provided a wealth of information on so many critters. Where else could a person go to for information on an iguana or a parrot, as well as lions and tigers and bears…. Oh my! Rocky & I will really miss your program. What a loss!

    You should formalize your website and offer a subscription so we have a trusted place to go to for information. I love your warmth and humanity. thank you for many years of wisdom and enjoyment.

  27. Ron says

    I am so sorry that Calling All Pets has been cancelled by WPR. It has been such a constant in my life for the past 5 or 6 years that I’m not sure I’ll get by Sunday mornings without it. I doesn’t just have good guests and great advice about pets, but it truly has the best co-hosting team on radio, much better than Dr. Zorba and his prattling yahoo. (That’s a kind of pet, isn’t it?) I’ll miss everything about the show but particularly your warm voice and enthusiastic response to everyone who calls is. I wish you well in all your other endeavors and look forward to hearing you occasionally on the radio.

  28. Paula says

    I’m a faithful listener in the Dallas area and will miss your show very much! You’ve done so much to further the cause of treating animals humanely, and there will be a big void when you’re off the air. I hope you’ll enjoy your time off and hope to hear you again sometime soon!

  29. Mary Ellen says

    Oh I am so sorry to hear the show was not renewed.I live in Baltimore and catch it on WAMU in DC. I have a 7 year PWD (rehomed to me at three). He has his CD and RN and we have learned so much about training from your books and the radio show. I love your incorporation of play, distraction and attention work. But I most listen for your cat advice! I have one of those cats who “likes to start it up”, has the dog terrified of everything! LOL Glad to find the blog, sorry to hear about the show. You and Larry make a great team! Take care, will check your blog for updates and good advice.

  30. Nancy says

    What a horrible decision – what were they thinking?!?! I am a listener in Washington, DC and LOVE the program – listening every week, usually live but via podcast if I had to miss. I will definitely keep up with you on line and will really miss the interaction of the two of you, which provided immeasurable information and lessons. I’m sure my Border Collie mix & 2 cats (one 17, one 3) have benefited from your wise advice. Thank you for your 14 years! Now I will leave a message on Wisconsin Public Radio – they need a little feedback!

  31. Carol House says

    I am very sorry to hear that your show is ending its run on public radio. When pledge time came around every year, this is the one show that I always marked as my favorite. Thanks for all the advice and insight into the minds of our companions and for all the laughs that come with living with wily animals. As I sit here there is a 17 year old cat in front of the monitor, another two cats playing in the recycled paper pile, one chihuahua sleeping in the sun (at least she’s not barking) and a black lab hunting for moles in the hay field just beyond the driveway. We will all miss you. Thank you again.

  32. Kate & John Raynor says

    Say it isn’t so!!!!!! This morning I went to the website to see when the new shows would start. Imagine my dismay!! On Saturday mornings we (John, Ruby “the dog” and I) cuddle up on the bed and listen to your sage advice and lovely voices. Having met you at the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, it’s easy to imagine your expression during the calls from various people. We will miss the program more than words can express. It has been our reason for contributing to WPR in the past. We love you both.

  33. David says

    I can not believe it. I actually found out because I tried to call in for the first time. I am so disappointed. Maybe they will bring you guys back. I hope so.

  34. Mike Adams says

    This is tragic. Being a scientist who recently adopted a border collie and found a half-Great Pyrenees separated from his sheep camp in the desert, your approach and anecdotes are just what we needed. I live in Utah but joined WPR just so I could download your shows and listen to them every day as I walked my dogs. I quickly learned that the techniques I learned in my first dog training class 50 years ago were out of vogue. I have become a devotee of the positive reinforcement techniques, and have all the books and pamphlets that you have published. So sorry to see the shown stop. Have you considered moving to Utah?

  35. Joyce Kellett says

    WPR has to bring you back!!!You and Larry were my reason for getting up “early” on Saturday. I don’t have pets (we travel), but still NEED “Calling All Pets”. Loved everything about program.
    Hugs, Joyce

  36. Amy Tardif says

    Any suggestions on a replacement pet show for a pubcaster who’s been broadcasting your show for nearly two years? You’ve been getting lots of callers from southwest Florida too!

  37. says

    I have been listening to Calling All Pets on the web since I have moved out to Boston. It was my connection back to my home of Wisconsin and I feel like I have been cut off! I loved this show and it was brilliant. I do not understand WPR’s decision. You will be deeply missed!

  38. Sandy says

    Oh, I am so disappointed. Calling All Pets was one of the prime reasons I pledged to WPR. I’m going to miss my Saturday morning “fix”. I’ve had a few cats, birds, fish and chickens over the years and it was always fun to share other people’s experiences and your suggestions and advise. Best of luck to you for when that new door opens.

  39. Ken says

    I think that I have been listening to you from the beginning. You followed me to North Carolina and back. Because of you I keep trying to convince myself that I should get a dog, but I know what is required and it wouldn’t be fare to the little guy. I love to hear about your animal family. Perhapse you could have a family album with updates on your website. Oprah owns her own show and I know you could if you wanted to. You already have all of the hard stuff figured out and you are in many markets now. People call in, you talk, record it and put it together into a one hour show. You may need to get a host that is not with WPR and a new producer, but it is doable. Start with the different markets and see if there is any inteest. This is such great advertising for your other activities. You could be a judge or a consultant for that new dog training reality show. You should have an agent. You are better than the other training experts on tv now. It is just tv nobody watches anyway. I will mis you and Lary when June comes. Ken

  40. Jane says

    Dear Trisha,
    I am so sad about “Calling All Pets” being canceled. My son and I were avid listeners over the years and we were made better owners of our dogs. We listened intently and I especially loved it when you cooed-“Oh Sweetie”. It was truly a little glimpse of your heart as you patiently listened and answered the same questions (different animals-different owners) over and over. My son and I needed the repetition to really get the right way to communicate and better understand our dogs. Our good care for the least creature is a sign of our understanding of the gifts God made for us in animals. Thanks to you for sharing your insights with the general public. Your weekly presence on the radio will leave a large whole in our lives and others who love animals. God bless your life and the opportunities that will come to you.

  41. says

    Patricia, I’m so saddened to learn about the cancellation of Calling All Pets. I’ve enjoyed it so much, and, of course, am always listening for tips about living with our darling Maxie. I’m glad to have had a chance to meet you in person. Our interview with you was lively, informative, and fun, as is Calling All Pets! I shall miss hearing your voice, your warm wit, and your kind and understanding way with your listeners.

    Please know that, anytime you’re going to be in Washington, let us know, and we’ll try to make room for another hour with you.

    Best wishes to all involved with the program.


  42. Adrienne says

    How surprised and disappointed I am to read that your show will not continue . I just started listening this year, it’s one of few vices I have as a full time pastor. I looked forward soooo much to Saturday mornings with your unique brand of humor and advice for pet lovers like me. My two wonderful, but not too well behaved cat’s, Tajj and Mahal will miss you too. God bless you for all you do for folks like me :(

    p.s.-does this mean that you will move the show to D.C. and start something new here?

  43. says

    Patricia, as an owner of 3rd rescue golden retreiver, and regular listener on wamu, i am very saddened that wpr cancelled your most entertaining, informative and needed! show.

    Query. Have you considered doing the show through the sponsorship of a wiser Public Radio station?, or other partners.

    Given that there are 61 Million pet owners in US, and the commercial market for advertising to pet owners his huge, would think that there may well be another sponsor entity that may provide necessary funding without compromising y0ur integrity.

    Alternatively, have you considered continuing show as a podcast on web? Given today’s technology, it seems that you could produce show for peanuts, with high fidelity to production values.

    Be glad to further discuss, or catalyze something — if so interested or inclined.

    paul (aka catalyst)

  44. trisha says

    I just read and re-read all 46 of the comments in this string, and want to thank you all for taking the time to write and say such heartening things. I am forwarding them on to Larry, who is as appreciative as I am of your kind words. All I can say is that 1) I still will miss doing the show with Larry 2) I’m excited about all the opportunities out there (my staff and I just had a meeting about how to handle speaking requests not only from all over the country, but from England, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Alaska, and Australia. This is one of those “high quality problems” as my friend would say… but it is truly is a kind of a problem. I love being on my little farm, and I hate leaving my dogs. I also love meeting people from all over the world and talking about animals with them… so you can see the problem… We are set for Africa in 2009 (want to come to Africa with me? I’m leading a safari with an animal behavior focus next August.. details on the website) and New Zealand in 2010, we’ll get the other international trips figured out.

    I wanted to answer a few of the questions that have come up. I can’t say when the “last show” will be aired. WPR is playing repeats for awhile, until they decide what to do next. Other stations, like WAMU in Washington DC, will be given the opportunity to play repeats until next June, but I don’t know what they or any other station will decide. Ironically, there really was no ‘last show’ for Larry and I: we taped a show in May in the belief that we’d be starting taping again in fall after a new producer was hired. (Our producer, Cynthia Schuster, got a promotion in May and left to work on another show at WPR. We were very proud of her and happy for her opportunity, but we were sorry to lose her!) In fall we learned that the show was canceled, so there really was no ‘last show.’ on our end.

    Several of you asked if you could download podcasts… I think that depends on where you listen. You can listen to the show from WPR website ( but only some stations podcast it. As to more radio? I do love doing radio, it feels like ‘home’ to me too, so I will see what is out there. Right now I’m so busy with other things that I’ve no time to look around, but I do appreciate the offers of some to help me in that process. I well might take you up on it sometime in the future.

    I also wanted to personally thank Diane Rehm for her gracious comments. I was on her show after the book For the Love of a Dog came out (, and it was perhaps the most fun I’ve had on radio. Now there’s a program we should have in Wisconsin! I do have another book coming out soon (early Nov?), so perhaps I’ll get to DC and play again…

    And hey, to Mike in Utah: you live in one beautiful state… (But it would take a lot to drag me off my little farm!)

    Thanks to all of you again. Any time I get down I’ll just read through your comments!


  45. trisha says

    Oh.. I forgot to mention one more thing. I will NOT miss getting up at 4:30 AM on Wednesday morning to tape the show! We taped a show about 3/4 Wednesdays each month, and started at 7 am CST time. (I should be clear though.. although the shows were ‘taped,’ the calls were all live to Larry and I. I did not know who was calling or why, and heard the calls in ‘real time,’ just like you did. My answers were spontaneous (which should be obvious, given the frequency of “Gosh, I don’t know”) and never rehearsed. I heard later that that is truly rare in radio (“You mean you do the show ‘without a net?’ someone said.. I hadn’t realized how rare it was until a radio exec said that to me!).

    So think of me on Wednesdays, dozing contentedly in my cozy farmhouse until 5:30 AM, instead of waking up Lassie and Will at 4:30, to have them look at me like “Why are we up NOW?”


  46. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    I listed to “Calling All Pets” from the beginning of your 14 years when I lived in Wisconsin, even before I even owned any pets.
    You helped me choose our family’s first dog, a sheltie named Icon. If one thing could be said about Icon it was, “He aimed to please.” No better thing can be said about a dog.
    Icon is gone now, replaced by a corgi named Faye (“She aims to please…herself.”, and another sheltie named Dodie (What? Me? I don’t get it.”)
    Unfortunately, we moved to the Dallas area in 1997. I was one of your fans who bombarded KERA with requests to pick up “Calling All Pets.” I am devastated that I have found you, only to lose you again.
    If you ever come to Dallas to do a presentation or workshop, I will be there!
    Love to you, Larry, and all your pets,

  47. Diane Huey says

    I am really surprised and disappointed to hear about the ending of “Calling All Pets”. Your show always got my weekends off to a good start- always interesting and informative. I feel I have gotten an in-depth education about companion animals and their wild cousins.

    I also think that in a broader sense, our society needs good quality shows like “Calling All Pets” in order to prevent cruelty to animals by increasing awareness and understanding.

    I am really sorry on many levels that the show is leaving and hope that WI radio will reconsider their decision. I can’t imagine any other show that I would be willing to get up for on Saturday mornings !

    Diane Huey

  48. Tom S. says

    Patricia, I’m very disappointed CAP will be leaving the airwaves. My wife and I were regular listeners early Saturday mornings (WAMU in DC). (Our Westie, Thor, however, always slept through the show – even though he should have been listening to all the advice.) We will miss your great repartee with Larry, the great pet “parenting” tips, the always interesting special topics … The show has given us so much enjoyment! We will especially miss Larry saying “public radio’s favorite zoologist” – good luck! and see if you can get WPR to change its mind … should we be lobbying them?

    By the way, on this morning’s show the trivia question was “What is a group of penguins called?” It’s a trick question … on land? or at sea? When I waddled over to my Harrison’s Seabirds for the answer, I looked out my window and saw a great raft of scaup float by on the river … Never found the answer in Harrison …

    Tom S.
    Silver Spring, Maryland

  49. Susan Vincent says

    I was sad to discover your show has been cancelled. My husband and I listen to it every Saturday morning in Alexandria, VA. When we wake up, I just say, “Calling all Pets,” and my husband automatically turns on the radio so we can listen. Guess I’ve got him pretty well trained!

    I discovered the sad news about your show when I checked your website for the first time. I was hoping to respond to a caller who wondered if her cat would stop hunting if the cat were de-clawed. Our cat, Pogo, who was de-clawed before he adopted us, is an AVID hunter despite his lack of claws. Not sure how he does it. I can only imagine he pounces, then uses his mouth. We have removed bird feeders so as not to entice birds and don’t let him out at night, but he still brings into the house birds, mice, and chipmunks. We’re not happy about Pogo’s habit, but obviously removing his claws did not deter him from hunting.

    If there is anything we can do to help reverse the decision about your program, please let us know. Saturday mornings will not be as enjoyable and educational without you.

    Alexandria, VA

  50. Kari Secord says

    Calling All Pets has been my Sunday Morning staple, I don’t know what I will do without it! My personal menagerie has so benefitted from Patricia’s thoughtful and kind responses. Thank you so much for the lessons. Have you thought of doing a compilation of excerpts from past shows, with the more interesting callers? I would buy it!

  51. Lisa Hoag says

    I am devastated! I am really sorry to hear your program is cancelled. I have been a faithful listener in the Boise, Id area for the past few years. KBSU has moved your program times and I always plan my day around your show to get your next pet tip. If I am unable to listen to the broadcast, I pickup your program from your website. I wish you all the best and good luck in your next endeavor.

  52. Wendy Dunlap says

    So sorry to hear about the show being cancelled. I started listening to it when I lived up in Alaska in 1998. It was right up my alley and I was hooked. When I moved back to CA I couldn’t believe the local Los Angeles NPR stations didn’t carry it – KCRW & KPCC. I emailed, called and wrote to the station propramming directors trying to get them to pick it up, but they all had some excuse. Most of their shows were political, but the do play A Prarie Home Companion and the cars guys.
    I just couldn’t understand it! I had to start listening weekly from the WPR website, which was great. I could still access the show. I have two cats and have learned a lot and appreciated the on air advice. What a shame! I will really miss this show. There is nothing else out there like it.

    Good luck on your future ventures.

  53. Karen T says

    From Arkansas, KUAF, where I used to listen religiously while doing my Sunday chores, I’m very sad to hear about the cancellation. Maybe Chicago Public Radio can pick it up, or a deal with Animal Planet! I love Calling All Pets! Good luck to you, Patricia, and I hope to hear your voice for a long time to come!

  54. Leslie Campbell says

    I listen as often as I can to this show and I don’t even have a pet! It is the only show I’d even bother to try to download, and since I was going to miss it this week, I was searching for how to download it and saw your announcement. I’m so, so sad that it is being cancelled. I feel like I know you, Larry, and all your pets. This was a very high quality, enjoyable and informative show. Thanks for bringing it to us every week. Leslie Campbell – Falls Church, VA

  55. Barb Adams says

    wow. i just discovered your program when we moved closer to Wisconsin and could bring in UWS. for the last couple years i’ve listened while taking care of my Alpine dairy goats – Dream and Dodger, and for the last 8 months, while i was milking them at 7 a.m. on saturdays. i’ve used MANY of your tips in learning to manage these highly spirited, intelligent, and very independent animals and we all will miss hearing you and Larry on Saturday mornings! thank you both for the knowledge, love for animals, and fun that you’ve shared with us all.
    Dream, Dodger, Alba, Niblet and barb

  56. Thomas Nagle says

    We live in Florida and were very sorry to hear about the cancellation of your show. We love listening to Calling All Pets. So much wonderful information you have to give to the listeners. This morning we listened and you asked the question about General Lee’s favorite horse. What was the horses’ name? The answer is Traveler. We tried to call in the answer and were told we couldn’t leave any messages for Calling All Pets. Best of Luck to you Patricia. Barb and Tom Nagle Port St. Lucie, Florida

  57. Carrie says

    Yes, change is difficult. I will also miss the show. I applaud Trisha for finding other opportunities that will also fill her with joy and satisfaction. Good fortune to all involved with the show.

  58. Lily the Puppy says

    Thanks for a great show, and for helping inspire more people out there to take pups home from animal shelters, including me!

  59. Greg Heuer says

    Lin and I really enjoy your program. We are members of WVTF, Roanoke, Virginia. If you’re interested in another ‘life’ of Calling All Pets I wonder if you’d approach our station. VTF seem to have good support and funding. Being associated with Virginia Tech is another natural partnership for pets and animal husbandry. The show could be recorded anytime (not at the crack of dawn) and broadcast much as the Car Guys are. You guys have wide appeal. Keep it up.

  60. Candy Krueger says

    Not only was I surprised but disheartened when I stumbled onto the cancellation of your radio show. I started out looking at a pre-order on your new book then went to WPR Calling All Pets, only to find a reference to ending of my favorite program. It’s not only the sage or off-the-cuff advice you give, but it’s the manner in which you do so. I do love the humor and the warmth that emanates in your genuine receptiveness of people’s comments. I was usually driving my car when I heard the program; it will be a lonely Saturday afternoon without the “what you could do…”, “well, I don’t know…”, what a great…” and other comments. But, most of all, I’ll miss the laughing at the situations we humans find ourselves in with our animals.
    Thank you so much for the years of smiles and words to live by.

  61. Glenna says

    I am tremendously disappointed! Your show was on at 3 pm on KXOT in Tacoma Washington. I work on Saturdays, but would schedule myself for paperwork at 3 so I could listen to the show. I think I’ve learned more in the year I’ve had to listen to you than I could reading alone. I’ve had the opportunity to use your tips and pass them on to my clients (I’m a home health Physical Therapist). I will have to systematically work through the archives. Thank you. I hope I have the opportunity to see you in person someday.

  62. Ron says

    Oh my. I listened as often I could in DC. Last year I got to be on the program as a call in question about my girl friend’s 1/3 “Marley” black Lab. I am shaking my head over this decision. Thanks so much for what you have done. I miss my 14 year old Border Collie, Tomodachi (friend in Japanese) a lot, and loved to hear how you were doing with yours as I am just not emotionally ready to commit to much of anything right now.

  63. Deirdre Weber says

    I called in with a comment last Saturday and was shocked to hear the show was no longer in production. How can WPR do this? I am crushed–you are my training guru–I refer people to and cite your show all the time in my high school Psych class! Saturdays will not be the same without you and Larry, and we will all be less enriched. You have made such a difference in the lives of so many people and pets. Can’t they reconsider?

  64. Arlene and Randall Astolfi says

    Oh, Trish, we’re so sad and will miss you every Saturday at noon here in Stuart, Florida. We have no pets, not even a goldfish, yet we share what we learn from you with our pet-owner friends who don’t listen to the radio much. What they’ve missed! We loved seeing you at our Martin County Library and have bought your books as gifts.

    How funny that much of what you advise pet owners to do to elicit good behavior from their animals, translates into human actions that can bring out the best in their fellow humans. Deep stuff, so keep on sharing your knowledge and insights.

  65. Martie says

    Just checked the “Calling On Pets” website only to see that the show has been canceled, and so sorry to learn this. I enjoy starting my Saturdays, waking up to the show and will miss your humor, advice, and positive outlook (am in the Washington DC area) Good luck and will be checking out your website for more happy words from you.

  66. Sam and Liz Williams says

    Dear Trish– We think it was a poor decision by WPR to cancel your program and hope that another NPR affiliate has the chutzpah and vision to re-establish you elsewhere. Odd that pets in the White House have really made the news this week ! … A parting question: ‘Mr. Meeps’ is our 5 yo part-Korat cat. He is an electric bundle of energy who would dearly love being outside terrorizing the neighborhood. As punishment for us, Meeps spends much of his waking time campaigning for food in his irritating soprano squeak–and bothering Bindi, our beautiful-but-stupid other cat. Mostly he irritates Liz with almost continuous licking. He has licked himself nearly bald over ~20% of his body. Our vet has ruled out anything allergic or infectious and we have spent hundreds of dollars on kitty Prozac, Valium, and steroids and various other potions– all without effect. What has been the success rate of the “Fel-away” product we have been hearing about? REALLY worth a try ? THANKS for this and for your program !!

  67. Marcia Carlson says

    My sweet Shih Tzu, Nikki, is at my feet this very moment trying to “dig her way to China” through the rug. I’ve been telling my husband for weeks that “I’m going to call CAP and ask Patricia why she does this” –only to discover that I’ll never be able to find out! We love to start our weekend each Saturday morning with CAP — “Bad WPR!”

  68. June says

    I’m very shocked that “Calling All Pets” has been cancelled! It’s been part of my Saturday morning routine “forever”! I came to the site now to ask a question, can’t believe the bad news I found. Is there something we can do to recind this decision?
    June, a dog lover, a “Calling All Pets Lover” too.

  69. patricia malatesta says

    I am so sorry to hear that the show has been cancelled. I live outside of Washington DC and have listened to it religiously since it began being broadcast a year or so ago. My cat Gino and I will very much miss our Saturday morning routine of getting dressed and ready for the day while listening to Larry and Patricia. Their great love of animals is apparent, and we are diminished by the loss of the show.

  70. patricia malatesta says

    I accessed the site to finally take the time to ask a question that has been puzzling me. I recently removed a large throw rug in my bedroom to clean underneath, and found at least 25 silver dollar which I have been collecting in a large dish in my bedroom. The dish is at quite an elevated level, which I had assumed was too high for him to reach. He apparently has taken each, one by one, in his mouth and hidden them under the rug. Do you think he is saving for his retirement, or could there by another reason he is hoarding these coins??

  71. Pam H says

    Ooooooooooh, I’m sooooo sorry to hear that. The show was on AWFULLY early at WAMU, but it gave me extra incentive to get up early when I had to for bike rides. The rest of the time, I just streamed the archives. Calling All Pets lead me to Patricia, though, so that’s something which will endure past the life of the show. I loved hearing about animal behavior of all sorts and having Patricia’s expertise in the mix was a blessing. (Now how many media “animal people” are as knowlegable as Trish)?

    I’m completely bummed and hope that the archives of the show will remain available for sometime to come. If anyone wants to take up the task of doing a little more dividing up the shows based on topic, that would be great. At least you’ve got some good show topics to search on the site.

    Yes, let’s look at the bright side and know that Patricia and her dogs will get more sleep!

  72. Jess of Denton TX says

    I am listening to a taped show of Calling All Pets right now, and thought I would visit the website with a question of my own, only to find out that your show is being canceled… OH NO! While I am so very disappointed, and I know that KERA (DFW TX area) will be all the worse for loss of your program, I know that, with all of your amazing talents, knowledge, and creativity you will soon be snatched up by some other project. Thank you for all of the informed advice, funny anecdotes, and fascinating bits of information. Also, my kitties

  73. Julie says

    Shoot! I had been so enamoured with my satellite radio I forgot Calling All Pets for a while until I needed you. I am sorry I was a fickle listener who was lured in by commercial free radio and missed your last live shows.
    Now who is going to explain to me why the Giant Schnauzer puppy will not stop licking my mini schnauzer to the point the poor little guy is almost chapped?

    Your show was an excellent one and I was delighted to find it on our station in Dallas last year and I’m sorry PRI didn’t jump in and save the day.

  74. Kaiser Soze says

    I will greatly miss your show. I was so happy when they started broadcasting it in Dallas, as I always had to listen to it online, but it didn’t last for too long. If you every consider doing a podcast (MUCH easier to produce, in fact, you can do it all by yourself) I will be more than happy to volunteer any kind of technical assistance (anything), just shoot me an email at the address of this comment. I’m surprised as well, about PRI not sponsoring this great show.

  75. Brushtail says

    So to whom may we complain about the show ending? It does not sound like it was you idea and I’m sure you have plenty of loyal listeners who would love to see you keep your job. I have listened to this show since I was 5 and your show first came on the air. I have learned a lot about both animals and psychology from my years of listening and an not sure what I will do with my Saturdays without your show to listen too.

  76. Linda says

    I had just discovered the show this year, and waking up to the familiar whistle at 6am Saturday morning had become a welcome routine for me and my two mutts. I am so sorry I hadn’t found the show earlier. It was such a pleasure to connect with the other pet owners, and to hear your voice of reason and experience.
    I’ll be sure to continue checking your other website and look forward to opportunities to hear you on NPR.
    Many thanks for all you’ve done for me and my girls.

  77. Kelly Eskew says

    I am heartbroken. I looked forward to the show weekly and will truly miss your wonderful advice and the stories and antics of the pets and pet owners who called in. Thank you for giving so much of your time and knowledge for so many years. It is a sad day for all Wisconsin public radio listeners – it will be hard to break the news to the furballs.

  78. trisha says

    Thanks again for all these wonderful comments. I am passing them along to Larry every once in a while (maybe we’ll get him commenting on the blog, hey?) I thought I’d mention that I’ll be on his show as a guest tomorrow, and I think it’ll be great fun. Tune and and call in if you get a chance!

    Oh yes, I’ll mention it later on the blog, but I just got word I’ll be on the Diane Rehm show on Dec 17th. We don’t get it here in Wisconsin (we should! she is amazing, I think you can podcast her show….) but she is pretty much considered the queen of public radio, and rightly so. I was on her show once and found her absolutely delightful in a million ways. She is a huge dog lover, has a dog named Maxie (I think) who I can’t wait to meet. I’ll keep yo posted…

  79. Giselle says

    The people that I have referred to CAP and you, ‘Tricia, for positive and sound behavior modification advice, are legion.

    I am majorly bummed.

    Anything to do to have WPR reconsider?

    Email campaign?

    Online petition?

  80. Linda (Manxie) says

    I discovered “Calling All Pets” only very recently when my local station offered it at 6:00AM on Saturdays. I LOVE your show! I love your advice. I love hearing another cheerful voice and laughter at that hour. I wanted so much to continue to hear your program as I rescued a lovey calico cat less than 2 years ago and she has been a Purr-fect companion. I had instinctually trained her in ways that you suggest on your show and she was the best behaved and loving cat I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, she recently died from cancer–she was only 6 or 7 years old. While I am still grieving the loss of her friendship and presence, I am looking for another companion to rescue and will need your advice to make the transition to a new personality and set of behaviors. I fear few felines will measure up to my Katie Kat’s perfection; thus, I am going to miss being able to ask your advice when I run into complications. Why did WPR end your program? You have such interesting stories and information. We have so many sources for advice for human-to-human relationships and very few choices for human-to-pet/animal relationships. Now I have added grief to bear. Katie Kat is gone and so will my happy listening source for 6AM Saturday mornings. Blessings to both of you, Patricia and Larry–and all of your pet friends.

  81. Pam Hughes says

    I have been involved in dachshund rescue for about 5 years now. We deal with some tuff situations. This program has meant so much to me. Callers and guests who love animals and give them the kind of life they deserve was a great break from picking up a dachshund abandoned, injured or full of heartworms from a kill shelter. You provided a great service. It will be a considerable loss. I will listen for you on the Diane Rehm show December 17. I have all your books and visit your website from time to time. I recommend your books to new adopters. I know we will “see” or “hear” from you again. I hope you have a new book coming out soon. Maybe a great guide for fosters of rescued animals. Many thanks for all you have given me.

  82. Katy Mendez says

    I am incredibly surprised and saddened to hear that WPR canceled your show. I moved to Wisconsin 2 years ago and my dicovery of your show has been one of the high points of the move. Also. it is one of the main reasons I contributed to WHAD membership drive this year. All of us who have expressed our disappointment should also be addressing the radio station as well. As members, we should have a say in the programming we are supporting.

  83. Angela says

    What a shame that CAP has been cancelled. Although I didn’t listen every Sat., whenever I could, I learned something and loved the dialog between Tricia and Larry–lots of fun. I listened on WAMU here in the D.C. area.

    I have just begun to foster bichons and have one of my own. He is a sweet boy but often seems nervous and stressed out. I’ve had him for 2.5 years and he’s about 8. He was a rescue so one is never quite sure.
    Recently I picked up a brochure in my vet’s office about Dog Appeasing Pheromone and I wonder what your opinion is about this technique for calming dogs down. I read some studies that indicate that it can be quite useful in reducing stress-related behavior. Aditionally what form would you suggest: the collar, diffuser, or spray.

    Thank you…I’ll look for you and would love to know where we can hear you.

    Greenbelt, MD

  84. Dave Hambu says

    I’m sorry to hear that Calling All Pets is coming to an end. I guess I’ve been a listener since the beginning, first on SCERN and then on WHRV.

    Your show played a big role in the lives of my greyhounds. My third was badly aggressive toward strange dogs. The attention training you tought on the show was the key to allowing him to develop the confidence needed to have a normal life. He’ll always be special to me because he changed so greatly while in my care. CAP gave him a new life and will be sorely missed. Nothing else been as effective at spreading the word about what works, what doesn’t, and the wonderful complexity of the canine mind.

  85. WendyandPopsdog says

    Calling All Pets Is over??
    In these times?What were they thinking?
    The ever- amazing new scientific information found weekly on Calling All Pet’s is so needed in this world! There just is no other source of information like it! What you and Larry do, and have done, on behalf learning by your sharing of research and information about the creatures around us is remarkable.
    Plus of course,
    Your advice and Larry’s, helps your listeners to better understand the hows & whys of living in balance with their animal companions, thus bettering everyone’s lives! including the neighbors and the community.
    How shortsighted of the bigwigs.I don’t suppose calling on wpr to take another look/member vote?!!
    would help at this late date? Months have passed haven’t they?! I just found out.

    I see that wonderful new vistas have opened for you!and am sure that’s going to be a continuing joy.
    Thankyou for keeping us posted.

    I can’t wait to hear the team live again!

  86. Megan says

    This is disappointing! I just moved to Madison and discovered this wonderful show. My cat and I will miss you!

  87. Carol says


    How utterly ridiculous. How sad. Ok, how stupid!! This is/was an amazingly funny, fresh, compelling and helpful show. Larry and Trisha, a great team. Who had this idea to cancel?

    Someone has a screw loose.

    Carry on, folks, with your pets, and keep Trisha in your brain and heart


  88. Jenny Morgan says

    Cancelled? CANCELLED? What incredibly short sighted foolishness. WPR has lost me as a donor, forever. What, you think Im going to donate to listen to the nasal tones of Jean “wind sucking” Feraca or Ben Merens false sensitivity? Really?

  89. JOE H. HUNT says


  90. Dave Roepke and TnT says


    Thank you so much for all of the help you’ve provided. Calling All Pets is a GREAT show! WPR is making a big mistake cancelling it. I believe there are a couple of other shows that should be cancelled however. Timber and Tasha say thanks and will miss you too.

  91. Annie Wiesen says

    I’m heartbroken! All 14+ years of your show have benefited a parade of pets and “boarders” that entered our family’s lives. I hope you’re sending these blogs on to WPR–they have to hear with their hearts, not their budgets. In this day of people being irresponsible and sometimes outright cruel to animals, you and Larry were an island in the stormy seas. We NEED YOU to continue the education and spread the message. Casey, Buddy, Bear, Princess, Lou, Atticus & Scout, and Sidharta (Sid) are departed, but Hannah, El Diablo and Missy benefit from what you’ve taught us. THANKS! We’ll miss you.

  92. Guilford Queen says

    I am one of your “newer” listeners in the Washington DC area. I have enjoyed your show, especially the broadcasts on nutrician and emotional intelligence in dogs.

    Good luck to both of you and I hope you find your way back on the air as a web broadcast.

  93. Michelle says

    I am saddend by the loss of Calling All Pets. I am one of the Washington, DC listeners who only recently started listening to your wonderful show. Would donations from listeners get WPR to change their minds? My husband and I are members of two NPR stations (WAMU and WYPR). It is shows like Calling All Pets that have kept us listening members. While I have never had the privilege of having a question answered on the air, I have used the advice you and Larry have given to other callers. Thank you for your wonderful show. I hope that you will find another way to share your knowledge with NPR listeners.

  94. Bernadette Reda says

    WPR — what are you thinking?? Once again, decision-makers who are out of touch. Did it not occur to you that CAP provided — beyond the obvious human-training — a welcome and desperately needed break from the bleak times we are living through? I listen continuously to public radio news but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t wait for an hour of programming that gave a short respite from the stories of war, poverty, disease, greed and all the accompanying injustices. Among other things, our pets provide us solace; CAP was at once a touching, lighthearted, instructive, and personal hour with two people who understood that. It saddens me that you don’t. To Tricia and Larry: I will miss your program very much. Thank you so much. I hope WPR might reconsider their decision..

  95. Patricia A. Robinson says


    I’m very sorry to hear (apparently rather belatedly) that WPR is cancelling Calling All Pets. I usually hear it after the fact while working on something else on the computer. You may or may not remember me and Leslie from over the years (and Cloud, Bear, Mollie, Guy, Kossa…), but I keep listening to the show and keep getting good ideas. I’m now dealng with a 7-month old Tibetan mastiff/Great Pyrenees/Anatolian shepherd cross named Granger. I will very much miss the show with its tips and interesting guests. And by the way, you have mastered a critical skill of dog trainers–helping the humans feel like they’re not total failures because their dogs aren’t perfect (or even close!). Thanks for all your work.

  96. Rebecca says

    My favorite show! I am so sad. Trish, I hope you can find another outlet to share all your wisdom. There are so many pet owners at their wits end and you always seem to have the solution. Good luck and I have to say it is WPR’s loss for sure.

  97. Michele Huggler says

    I am SO sorry to learn of the show’s cancellation. Having lived with Border Collies for the last twenty years, I felt a particular bond–and a special appreciation- for all of your knowledge and insight.
    The partnership between you and Larry was always great to hear. Now I know to look for Larry’s shows[hooray for internet radio]
    I have no doubt that there will be MANY new and exciting doors opening for you. I’ll be on the lookout for any mention of you and your work. I’m already saving to go to New Zealand.
    Thank you so much, Patricia, for all I’ve learned and all the hours of enjoyment you’ve given me.

  98. Terese says

    Am still in grief and denial over the show’s cancellation and will be grieving for a long time. Not only will I miss the dog training tips, but the feature stories you provided in realms outside of the companion canine and feline world of animals. Tricia, having been to a few of your seminars, I can attest you are as wonderful a person “live” as you are on the radio. Larry, you have been a great co-host. My Saturdays will have a big gaping hole in them from now on. I wish you success in whatever lies ahead for you.

  99. Cindy says

    I am so sad that your show was cancelled. My husband and I will miss listening to you on Saturday mornings. We’ve learned so much from listening to you – about our two cats, our dog, and ourselves. I’m thankful that we will be able to continue to consult your books. Thank you for all that you do.

  100. Kaz says

    I found “Calling all Pets” only 2 years ago when I switched from local radio stations WETA to WAMU, as most of my favourite programmes went from one to the other and I found a few “new to me” progs. e.g. “Calling all Pets”. I love listening in bed at 7:00 a.m. on Saturdays with a cat, or 2, asleep on the bottom of the bed, just before I get up. I will really miss Patricia and Larry. Kaz, Alexandria VA

  101. Matthew Good says

    Hey, Love.. I am going to miss your show very much. I, too, believe that the animal-human connection is very important. I’m listening to you on the Diane Rhem show right now, and I am already having nostalgic feelings for your show. Heidegger wrote an essay concerning the question of technology, and in it he shows how technology CAN take us away from nature, thus our true selves. This is why I am sad you are leaving. I’m sure you have reached a lot of people by making them rethink our history with animals and how crucial it is to have that connection. I hope your words spread beyond the radio, and that you keep up your revolution of the symbiotic relationship with humans and animals. Thank you so much!
    -Matthew, Grand Prairie, TX

  102. says

    I only learned about Calling All Pets last year and ever since i accidentally discovered it have gotten up at seven every sat. morning to tune in. Just love it, both the pet issues and the segments on other animals. Patricia, you make it so much fun, i’m sure there will be other opportunities for your talent. Can’t wait to see what the universe brings! I’m a big fan of birds and have had wonderful experiences living with pigeons and a parakeet. My closest pigeon tried to care for a baby bird whose nest fell out of a tree. It didn’t work but it was so touching to see her try. Best wishes!

  103. Linda says

    I am SO behind on the news! Just heard you on Diane Rehm this morning and am distressed to hear the show is over. Have been meaning to call in about my stick-eating Lab. Oh well. If you get another show started I will do my best to get a question on. As many have said, I start my Saturdays here in Wash DC with the 7 am broadcast. Unbelievable that WPR would cancel the show just as it was getting wider broadcast. I’ve never “commented” on a Web site before, but this is really demanded that I join the blogosphere (if that’s the right word!).

    Come back! Somewhere!

  104. says

    Patricia, I was shocked and so disappointed to learn that I will not get to listen to your most cheerful and uplifting and informative show. You and Larry are the perfect team. I know that you will continue to bless the hearts of pet lovers everywhere in many other ways. I also loved your books.

  105. Charles Rathmann says

    I am very disappointed to hear that the show will no longer be aired. My late border collie Cici has benefited quite a bit from what I learned from the show, as has our labradoodle, Willow. I am even more disappointed in this move than I was about the discontinuation of About Cars. I look forward to following your blog and buying even more of your books than I have now!

    Have you considered television? The success of the Dog Whisperer suggests that information like this is in demand, but frankly I find it only so helpful since we are told not to use his techniques ourselves.

    ~ Chuck Rathmann

  106. Valerie Schulte says

    I cannot tell you how distressed I am that Calling All Pets is being cancelled!! I live in Wash. DC and for the last couple of years I force myself on many Sat. mornings to wake up at 7 AM and flip the radio on for the show. It is one of the most fun, interesting and educational shows around, maybe the most. I just heard about the cancellation on Diane Rehm, and would have called into her show to ask what we can do, but was on my way into an appt.

    What can we do? This show is too good to lose. Please.

    –Your great fan, Valerie

  107. Bruce Paulson says

    Just learned that Calling All Pets is being cancelled and I am so sad. Even during periods when I didn’t have a pet (I took in stray cats) I always listened because you and Larry had the magic of making me laugh and smile at your relaxed conversation. I did have the pleasure of calling you several years ago and got a wonderful solution for a cat that was over-eating. I hope WPR will reconsider. One program they could do without are those pharmacist snobs from the south who are so arrogant they give the world an inferiority complex. Goodbye and my best wishes to you. The entire nation will miss your show.

  108. Rebecca says

    I am behind the times too. I only started listening in September on my way to work in DC on Saturday mornings, and just happened upon the news this afternoon. I’ve been enjoying the show. I am sorry to have found it so late. Best of luck.

  109. Laurie says

    I can’t believe they would cancel something that is doing great!
    I have gotten many ideas to use for my yellow lab that really needed help. Any many of them worked.

    I can think of another show that annoys me I would like to see off! I can’t stand to listen to that laugh.

  110. Hiram Shaw says

    We are very disappointed.We’ve been faithful listeners since the beginning & will very much miss you. Will never forget getting to hear you discuss whether dogs smile at the Humane Society one eve. Loved the addition of author interviews. Got pretty teary-eyed reading all those great comments. You & Larry are the best – a wonderful team. Thank you so much. Hiram & Darcy

  111. Jennifer Wernegreen says

    boy oh boy, what awful news. Reading these responses, at least I know I’m not alone in feeling my heart sink. I will miss hearing your intelligent, humane, science-based approach to understanding and trying to modify animal behavior. Thankfully I still have your books and pamphlets to refer to (all dog-ear’d and filled with notes), but MAN… what a loss to hear your weekly perspective.

    Even from a business perspective, it’s astonishing to me that WPR would fail to recognize the true gem they have in your show. I hope and pray you will supplant Cesar et al’s slot on animal planet, and replace his violent perspective with your careful, well-informed advice.

    My rescue pups and I will truly miss listening to your show, and eagerly await hearing your voice in your next venue.

  112. Barb C. says

    I try to catch the show on the radio, but have missed several episodes. I just found out that the show was canceled. I am sad and so disappointed to hear the news. Your show was very educational and often funny. You and Larry will be greatly missed.

  113. Thea Norman says

    Petty please, do not leave us without your phenominally resourceful advice. Submit all these so supportive responses to all t.v. production managers, and, as responder of 12/23rd suggested, try to get on Animal Planet with your positive approach. They need a counter balance to Cesar Millan. I enjoy having a couple of your books in my library. More than half of America owns pets. You are needed. Thea Norman

  114. Kristin Higgins says

    I only learned about Calling All Pets being canceled when I listened to your recent NPR interview with Diane Rehm. (My dog definitely gets jealous, if anybody needs proof of canine emotions)

    The news made me so sad. I’ve learned so much from the show, and my 6-year-old shelter special has greatly benefited from it, too. She wasn’t my first dog, but the first I actually cared for and trained. I would listen to your show every Sunday morning as I made rounds for my job in Arkansas. I wish they could keep the show going and expand it – I haven’t been able to listen in since I moved and I miss it. Good luck and thank you so much!

  115. Melvin Hinton says

    Dear Dr. McConnell: I, unfortunately, have never had a pet, and I don’t like being near cats, but I have always enjoyed listening to your show. I can’t even resist listening to the repeat broadcast in the afternoon! What dire conditions must exist at WPR to make it necessary to take such a drastic and, as yet to my mind, inexplicable step? The last time something like this happened to me was when Jean Feraca took a year off to write her book.
    I happened to meet Larry Meiller on the last election day. I was an election official at his voting precinct. I hope he didn’t think I was too crazy. All I could do was sort of stare in disbelief and ask “..THE Larry Meiller?”
    In spite of my age, I am an intern at WORT-fm here in Madison. The chief of operations happened to come into the office where I work as I finished reading your blog. I told him we needed a show like “Calling All Pets”. I am filled with such consternation that I could barely finish this note. But I just remembered that since I produce a show here at WORT, I should ask about the possibility of having you as a guest one Friday morning. The program is the “Eight O’clock Buzz” on Friday mornings. The host is Jonathan Zarov, who is a vice-president of the Overture Center and has been hosting the Friday “Buzz” for 16 years. I’m sure he would love to interview you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! –Melvin Hinton

  116. trisha says

    Your comments continue to inspire me, thank you so much for them. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to read them. I have to say, I do love doing radio. (And why not, you don’t have to worry about your hair for heaven’s sake?!) I was reminded of how much I love radio when I did Diane Rehm’s show a few weeks ago, and when I was a guest on Larry Meiller’s show and on Steve Dale’s show out of WGN in Chicago. So I’m going to keep my ears open… who know what will come up. Meanwhile, I was on CNN for about oh, thirty seconds, talking about Obama’s dog-to-be. It was a hoot, even if I did have to completely change my plans for the day after Christmas and dash into the shower to get the straw out of my hair!

  117. Jon Gorbach says

    I’ve been listening to your show for some time as I work nights and it plays during my commute home on WAMU. My family has 2 Pembroke Welsh corgi sisters and I found several of your suggestions invaluable and entertaining. We have been playing “Sniff, Sniff” for weeks after hearing your description – initially the dogs looked a little insulted, but it’s become a big joke to them now.
    Sorry to hear about the cancelation – please try getting onto another station.

  118. Balfour says

    I just learned that the show was canceled. This was a terrible New Year’s message. I’ve been listening to it since it’s been on WAMU in Washington (and when I briefly lived in Wisconsin) and I guess they’ve continued to run old shows, since I only today got an email from the station that the show is off the schedule. I am a huge animal person and this is my favorite show of all time and I am so, so disappointed that it’s gone. I just love the two of you and the way you do the show. And the fascinating interviews–I’ve read and put on my book list so many of the books for which you’ve brought the authors on the show (the Good, Good Pig immediately comes to mind–I also gave this as a present to my Mom, who’s read it twice. The book about the bees. I’ve got A Buffalo in the House and the one about the parrot on my list and others.)

    What can we do to bring the show back?

  119. Balfour says

    PS. I’m glad that WAMU included a link to your blog, which I’ve now added to my Google Reader, so there’s something to be happy about!

  120. Ann Youngren says

    Happy NEW Year, dear Trisha…hope your radio life goes as you wish.
    We also miss the show. Saturdays will never be the same. We have learned so much. Love The Other End of the Leash. Love your humane approach to dogs (our interest, not to belittle cats) which needs to be continued somehow.
    Ann Youngren, Milly and Molly. Reston, Va.

  121. Keren says

    Pat, I learned so much about animals and how to have a good relationship with them from your show. Believe this or not, your approach to animals was actually very helpful to me when my boys were very little. I might have been one of those moms that tried to control and punish, but I remember the day the lightbulb went on in my head when I realized what you were talking about when you reminded a dog owner that the dog will do what you want when it’s fun and rewarding. When one of my boys would roll into a tantrum, I often would use distraction, or redirection, and I came to understand that love, talking, listening and hugs are way more important and effective than rules and time-outs.

    I hope you can find another place to use your gift with people and their animals.

  122. J&M says

    Patricia and Larry, we would like to thank you for such great advice and entertainment. We only started to get your program here in Roanoke, VA in the last year and cannot beleive that you will be leaving us so soon. We are hopeful that there will be enough public outcry from inside and outside WPR broadcast areas to save the show that so many of us set our Sat. morning clocks to.

  123. Leslie Feder says

    Pat, Just learned about the cancellation of your show by reading a WAMU email. Like others, I’m shocked. We are early risers on the weekend and have enjoyed hearing your show. I totally agree with your belief that humans’ connections to animals wild and domesticated is very important. I am sure you will find other ways to share your gifts but it is a loss for all of us.

  124. Jessica says

    Just so you know, WAMU has stopped broadcasting the reruns as of this morning. No more making bread while listening to pet owners with worse problems than my dogs have.

    Thanks for all the pleasant Saturday mornings.

    – Jessica

  125. Cynthia says

    Dear Pat and Larry. I just learned the sad news of the show’s cancellation when my Saturday morning alarm didn’t launch with my favorite start to the weekend: Calling All Pets! I am in the Washington DC metro area and hadn’t yet read the Jan 1 WAMU newsletter that announced the cancellation. What an unpleasant surprise.

    I learned so much from your program and always appreciated the fun and supportive atmosphere of your show. I also applaud your advocacy of the inherent worth of animals, as well as their enrichment to the lives of humans, both as pets and in the wild. THANK YOU! I sincerely hope that new paths to share your important messages will soon be revealed. Wishing you a new year that brings bright opportunities.

  126. Dan in DC says

    Pat (and Larry),
    I awoke this morning expecting to hear the telltale “whistle” on my alarmclock radio, and be delighted by the stories of peoples’ lives with animals and your great advice. I’m crushed that the show is no longer in production. I wanted you to know that I looked forward to awaking each Saturday morning (at 7AM! and believe me, I party on Friday nights!) to hear your show, and I will sincerely miss the stories, and your advice. I’ve learned a lot, and I appreciate the better understanding of how to navigate relationships with animals. I’ll keep reading your website, so all is not lost ;-).

    I can’t wait to hear about your show returning to my radio (or as a podcast), let us know how we can help make that happen!

    Dan in Washington DC

  127. Evie says

    Oh no! I live in Washington DC and I turned on the radio this morning, expecting to be woken up by talk of puppies and your ever-compassionate voice, only to find your spot has been taken over by more news!

    I am a dog lover but my schedule keeps me too busy to give pets a happy home. I loved listening to your program because I got to fantasize about being a dog owner and was also reminded that they can be a lot of work sometimes at the same time! I also loved to think about the commonality between dogs and humans, and wondered if I could use some of your training techniques on myself every time I find myself daydreaming instead of doing my work.

    I’ll miss your show but am glad I found your blog. Best wishes!

  128. Jillaine says


    We just learned yesterday morning (when we turned on WAMU to listen to CAP) that WPR had cancelled the show. Guess we enjoy the show so much we hadn’t realized we’d been listening to repeats for the last few months.

    Our story is much like the others posted here. Our 14-year-old cat, Mr. Grey, usually sleeps on my side of the bed, but when we turn on CAP, he crawls over us to the radio side of the bed, and listens along with us. I swear. Garrison Kieller is on right now, and Mr. Grey could care less.

    Tricia, have you considered Internet radio? You could continue to do what you love: radio, without getting up at 4:30 am. Heck, you could probably even do it right from your own home, never having to leave your dogs.

    Clearly, as the posts here demonstrate, you’d never be at a loss for an audience.

    And I envision a year or so down the line, you being so successful and the executives at WPR kicking themselves silly for the obvious mistake they made in September 2008.

    I look forward to seeing what’s next for you.

  129. Bernadette R Meagher says

    I am crushed that “Calling All Pets” is going to be cancelled from WPR. You have not only given me hours and hours of learning and entertainment, you have also gained many non-pet owner listeners who are addicted to your show. I was with several friends over the holidays and the news of C.A.P. cancellation came up. Ugh. Don’t understand why. WE will follow you. I am a bit upset with WPR and will gladly donate $$ to wherever you go. There are so many pet owners and families who need help and you have offered a safe venue for them to obtain that help. All my best to you and look forward to hearing where your next open door is.
    Yours truly,
    Bernadette (Bernie) Meagher

  130. Audrey Wolter says

    Tricia and Larry,

    I was devastated when I heard the news. Once again, a program I have come to rely on is disappearing. WPR should rethink this decision. They had a program on this am asking callers how they can make WPR indispensable as a listening destination. I have THE answer — bring Calling All Pets back!!! Your program never failed to make me laugh, cry and just learn to enjoy the two wonderful fur balls I live with.

    Thanks for the years of advice and great company.

  131. Dennis Hobb says

    I’m sorry to hear that Calling All Pets has been cancelled. I have been a periodic listener here in Washington, DC and have always enjoyed the range of topics discussed on the show. I recently started dating someone new and had recommended Calling All Pets to him (his cats are his children). Patricia and Larry have not only been knowledgeable, but they have such good humor and kind dispositions. I’ll miss you.

  132. Kent Durvin says

    I suggest you go with the future of broadcasting: Continue the show as a podcast, and find sponsors. You can record when you want. You have a great advantage over other podcasts: you have loyal listeners. The iTunes Store will help you reach new listeners. Iams already sponsors a podcast. Try Petsmart, Purina, or any smaller companies that you like and respect.
    For recording, you don’t need a fancy studio. Home equipment is affordable. For Macs, Garageband makes it simple to do ducking and other engineering tricks. I can imagine hearing your dogs in the background as you record, but that would be good! Give it a try. I hope WPR would put a link on their website to let you get the word to current listeners, and would let you use the current name.

  133. Mike says

    Seriously, am I about the last to hear about Calling All Pets ending?

    For many years I dreamed about having a dog, and after first hearing Dr. Patricia McConnell and Larry Meiller a couple years ago, I looked forward to listening to them whenever possible. My tribute for them can only be my story, and Margaret’s, which might not have been quite as possible

  134. Stacy says

    I’m so disappointed that Calling All Pets is gone! Patricia, you and Larry and the rest of your team did a great service to pets all these years and will be sorely missed.

  135. Carolyn says

    I had no idea your show has been cancelled. I have enjoyed listening every Saturday. I only came to the web site for I thought your show had asked for brief stories of our pets and their quirks. I guess I got that wrong. Our Pomeranian, Penny,died a few years ago and she was such a character! In all the shows I heard I never once heard any discussion of Poms–I guess they are the best dog for adults! When Penny wanted to go out she sneezed! Sometimes we missed the sneeze and we’d have an accident. Penny loved people and would bark until you petted her. Penny sometimes showed embarrasment and guilt when we discovered she’d been into mischief. When we first got Penny she hoarded her food and we’d find kimble under the bed – in the closet and under the furniture. We always left her kibble out and she snacked on her food – never ate a full meal at once. I’ll miss you and Larry – my best to you both. Carol

  136. etc md says

    I too am sorry that Patricia and Larry will be going off the air. I can only imagine how much time is involved in preparing a show, but we, your public enjoyed the years of broadcasting. Saturday mornings is when your show was on in Washington, DC, and I would wake up listening to the show. Then I would walk my Golden, Bailey, while listening. I looked forward to listening and enjoyed the routine.

    The behavioral knowledge I garnered from listening to Calling All Pets is almost immeasurable. I am a retired general surgeon and when within 3 months I got a divorce, lost my partner in practice (my father), and retired from private practice, I could have easily slipped into a major depression. But Bailey stayed at my side, provided a routine, and was always there to show me love: I call her my Four-Legged-Angel!

    Calling All Pets provided a part of the routine that I looked forward to evert weekend. It became the happy, calming voice of Patricia and Larry. When someone would call with a question that I had heard before, I would call out the answer of how to explain a behavioral problem.

    So thank you Patricia and Larry! Thanks for all the good listening, the education and insight to animal behavior. I wish both of you the best of life!!

  137. Ann says

    Darn I miss my Sat am with you and Larry. You were wonderful to listen too and our dog Henry learned so much. I do hope that another door opens that will bring you and Larry back into your listeners lives!

  138. says

    Very sorry Calling All Pets is being cancelled. I’ve listened on WAMU, Washington, DC, and always looked forward to the show on Saturday morning. I hope you’ll find some alternate means of continuing what you’ve been doing so well, with such a great blend of knowledge and humor.

  139. Linda Murr says

    Dear Patricia,

    I also join this long list of listeners and, most importantly, pet lovers, who will miss you so much on Saturday mornings. Our connection was 88.5 WAMU from Washington, D.C., and it has not been broadcasted for the last two weeks. You have a common sense approach to training and loving our pets. In addition, I purchased your book, FOR THE LOVE OF A DOG, shortly after losing our beloved Annie and Nicholas, sister and brother of 14 years whom we adopted as tiny puppies from the county shelter. Your own loses were as deep as my own. It was hard to get through parts of it, but, just like the mourning process, we all passed through it. You are most aware that it never gets any easier, no matter how many pets one loves in their lives.

    I wish you all the best of health and happiness on whatever road you take. Please give my regards to Larry, as we will miss his happy radio voice. He must be a joy to work with! If you can keep in touch with all of us via newsletter, feel free to do so. You are the bright spot in the animal-human world. (Notice I placed “animal” first in the connection!)


    Linda Murr
    Winchester, VA

  140. Dale says

    Pets never had a better friend. We’ll miss you terribly, and as a fortunate Wisconsinite I hope to catch you on Larry’s regular local mid-day show.

    Best of luck, and here’s hoping you succeed in all you do.

    Mequon WI

  141. Lisa Raley says

    Please say it isn’t so!!! I will miss your show very much. Thank you for your expert advice. You’ve helped the world be a better place.

  142. Melissa says

    Trisha – I’m so very disappointed that I won’t be able to hear you on the radio anymore! I discovered you last year when WAMU 88.5 in Washington DC started carrying the show and I’ve listened religiously ever since. I used to time my Saturday morning dog walks so I could listen to you and Larry along the way. I learned so much. Of course I had a couple of your terrific books even before I found your radio show. But hearing your voices on Sat. mornings was really special and your advice was easier to absorb when it was repeated in lots of examples about real people. I can’t tell you how much I’ll miss you!

  143. P. Fitzpatrick says

    This is a real loss to your many listeners. I hope someone will come through @ NPR to continue this great program. Maybe WAMU will step in where WPR was not able to continue. . . .
    Best wishes & thanks for all the great stories & tips in the past.

  144. Margaret Meyer says

    What am I going to do on Saturday mornings?????
    I always had my coffee with you and Larry.
    Very grateful for all you had taught me about my cats.
    Thank you.

  145. says

    I don’t know how I missed this, but just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong at KERA, that you were not on the air at your usual time.

    Will miss everything about the show!

    I saw a post about a petition, grass roots is always worth a try!

  146. Kathleen says

    I’ve been waking up to your show on my clock radio on Saturday mornings ever since you started on WAMU in DC, and there is just nothing else on to get me up and out on Saturday mornings in such a good mood. Eleanor, Alice, and Spike listened with me – as birds, they joined in the show’s trademark “whistle,” which they had previously thought was their own personal “hello, human being” call. They kind of wished you would talk more about birds and less about cats and dogs, but I told them that cats and dogs just need sooooo much more behavioral help! Seriously, we will really miss you. You were one of my favorite spots on public radio.

  147. Dr. Heidi Lewis says

    Dear Patricia,

    I have a tip for the caller whose cats were not getting along after going to the vet. As a veterinarian, I often see this problem. Rather than reintroduce the cats I have had excellent success with having the owner bathe all of the cats in the same shampoo or using a wet wash cloth and waterless shampoo on the cats. This will wash off any foreign scents. Than the cats will clean themselves to remove the excess water and this allows the cats to have their own scents from the saliva and dander to reemerge. If that doesn’t work, I have also drippe d tuna oil on the cats and this will make lick themselves and each other. Usually the cats remember each other the next day because cats seem to have strong scent memory once the original scent comes back. Hope this helps.

    Dr. Heidi Lewis

  148. says

    Dear Patricia,
    Just tonight (out here in deepest bush Alaska we hear you at 7 pm on KTOO Juneau), I was gonna call with a question, but then I realized it wasn’t a behavior question. Somehow I navigated to your website and I saw that the plug has been pulled on CAP. I am so sad to hear it. Now that you’ve got so much free time on your hands, I recommend a summer trip to Alaska to meet our wild and domestic animals. As a sincere thank you and attagirl, here’s an offer of 2 free nights lodging at our remote guesthouse. My sincere wishes for a positive turn from this difficult loss. We hope to see you here–the whales, otters (land and sea), eagles and even our 8 ducks await you…

  149. Josh says

    I too will miss the show terribly. I would gladly sign a petition to keep the show on — it’s one of the shows primarily responsible for my public radio membership. Thank you for all of your work on behalf of pets. The animals in my life have benefitted from everything I’ve learned from the show.

  150. Nancy Williams says

    Have enjoyed your show for years. I did write to WPR and recieved a responce saying if I didn’t like their station they would cancel my mailing frrom them. That fine by me. seemed like your show was really doing well and they always gave you a high goal when fund raising came around.

  151. Judith Schuele says

    I am heart sick. I finally retired and rescued Angus sometimes referred to as Anguish and need all the help and reminders I can get. My husband and I have had Angus for a little over a year. We think he is two years old. We have worked with three trainers plus Patricia. I need all the help and ENCOURAGEMENT I can get. That’s what the show has offered since we got Angus. I listened for years when I was working, animal less, because of the joy, love of animals and humor that radiated over the air. Also, as a third grade teacher whenever the class would become difficult, I would be reminded to use rewards to help shape behavior. However, I found a strategic use of Jolly Ranchers worked better than chicken, although chicken might have been healthier. Hope I remember when Melinda Myer’s, local gardening expert, show was canceled on PBS she eventually turned things around. She has a new show and I think she might be independently wealthy promoting Stein’s garden centers.

  152. Barbara R says

    Dear Patricia,

    As expressed above by so many and in so many wonderful ways, you and Larry have been an integral and meaningful part of my weekends for most of the 14 years CAP was on. I live in western Maryland and I first discovered your program on West Virginia Public Radio. When WV Public Radio dropped the show a few years ago, I was incredulous and devastated. You can only imagine my thrill to learn that WAMU in Washington, D.C., also in listening range, was carrying your show on Saturday mornings. As a native Washingtonian, I knew that the community would thoroughly embrace you. And now, just as your star rises higher, WPR pulls the plug?

    You were ever gracious in your good-bye letter with regards to this decision, but it

  153. says

    I’ve loved your show for years, I’m sorry to see it go. I wish there were more shows dedicated to educating pet owners and celebrating pets in general. Calling All Pets will be sorely missed.

  154. Lisa says

    Arrrrgggggghhhh. Imagine the sound of anguish. Your show is the best darn radio show I’ve ever heard and I can not believe it has been cancelled. I am so bummed. Both the feelings and emotions shared through your sensitive yet entertaining and enlightening show will leave a big ‘ol empty spot in my radio schedule. Always enjoyed the antics and questions/answers presented on the show. This is truly a loss. What can we do to stop this travesty? Mark one more for the bad guys :(

  155. June G says

    Calling All Pets has been a happy part of my Saturday morning routine for a very long time, many years. I’ll be disorientated without it and my dogs will suffer too because they’ll sense my dismay and new lack of pet thoughts satisfaction! Is there a way we can change this poor decision by WPR?

  156. Pat Lewis says

    I had thought something terrible was wrong with my radio when I couldn’t find you on WAMU on Saturday morning. Thankyou and Larry for all the past wonderful early Saturday mornings. Now Iam jus uninspired. goodbye for now and good luck. Iam sorry I missed you on Diane’ show. I must have been away. good Luck.

  157. Lori C says

    I attempted to tune in to Calling All Pets this morning and have just found out that the show has ceased production. What is the World Coming To????

    I have a relatively new dog companion and listened in for a long time before Cody, our miniature schnauzer joined our family. It gave me the confidence to become a dog owner and told me how to investigate what kind of dog would be appropriate for my family and our busy lifestyle.

    I learned so much through Patricia’s answers to the dilemmas of people who called in for advice and I still need your show!!! Frankly it gave me comfort that so many others were even more clueless than I about pet problems.

    Sometimes, I don’t want to listen to the news. As a city person, learning about wildlife animal behavior, was very informative to me. It made me more conscious that we share the earth with so many other species and need to be better stewards.

    I thank Patricia and Larry for a delightful program and will miss my Saturday Wake Up Program. I enjoyed your show and wish you both all the best. With so many pets, there must be other opportunities for this sort of animal programming.

  158. says

    I was so surprised and so disappointed to hear that Calling All Pets has been canceled. In a world filled with so much bad news, it was always a joy to take a break and listen instead to those who work toward building relationships with and understanding of the world around us.

    A needed light has gone out.

  159. says

    Although it may have been announced months ago, the first I was aware that C A P was discontinued was when KUAC (Fairbanks, Alaska) announced forthcoming schedule changes this past week. I have enjoyed the program for at least the past decade. Thank you for the many years of pleasure.It has been a source ofd information and amusement. I am truly sorry that it will be no more.

  160. Carolyn Ross says

    Dear Patricia:

    Why is it that when you finally find a great product or in this case radio broadcast some well meaning soul decides to improve or end it? Perhaps, WPR’s unfortunate decision might be seen as an opportunity for another producer. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  161. Yvette says

    As a WAMU listener, your show was my Saturday AM wake-up, cheer-up, and love-up for animals. What a great show. I learned sooo much and confirmed what I am doing and will continue doing with my beloved pooch Fraiser, the crazy, opinionated Standard Schnauzer. Very, very, very sad to learn of the cancellation, congrats on a great job and thank you for the great lessons, the humor, the sharing and most of all the caring and love for all pets. CAlling All Pets is sorely missed!!

  162. Laurel says

    I so loved your show, and am saddened to hear it was canceled. I loved listening to your program on the weekend here in DC, it was informative and always made me smile. More importantly though i hope you find other venues to continue your great work and helping people better understand and care for their pets. What you do is so important, your show will really be misses. Thank you for all the years of listening.

  163. Mary Williamson says

    I thought the cancellation was only a rumor. I’ve written to WPR but I don’t think they are very responsive. I am so sorry this has happened. This was a great show. There is so much useless stuff on radio, tv – everywhere really – that I find it hard to believe that such a high quality show would be cancelled. I hope you can find an “internet i-tunes” way to continue as another emailer suggested – I think that would be a great idea. I would buy the shows. Tricia – I know you will have more than enough to do and probably make more money than you do now by being freer to travel, but this is a real loss to everyone.

  164. Ron says

    I see WAMU in DC is considering a pet show. I have asked if Patricia or another behaviorist will be the host.

  165. AnaLouise Keating says

    I started listening to your show recently (I’m in Dallas, TX), and I really like it. I’m so sorry the show has been cancelled.

  166. Sorrel Wunderlin says

    GRRRRRRRRRRRR…how unbelivably rude of the station to cancel what is by far….bar none.. one of THEE best show’s on the airwaves!!! I’ve been a loyal listner and recipent of Patricia’s fine and sage advice more than once. Her all encompassing know how and Larry’s wonderful personality will be sorely missed. My dogs, cat’s, birds, horses and even Clemintine my donkey are shedding tears (and fur and feathers) over this sad news. Believe me, you will be missed…but NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!!!!

  167. Pam Gillis says

    I am so disappointed that Calling All Pets is being cancelled! As first time pet owners, you have been a God Send since we rescued our kitty Willow from our local SPCA. Your advice has been our Bible. After listening to Calling All Pets throughout the years since we got our Willow, it’s ironic that I decided to finally share with your listeners now – cat owners specifically, how I lure my kitty to lay on my lap. Covering up on the couch with my down sleeping bag while watching TV did the trick. It draws her like a magnet!
    Discovering you on our local NPR station – WNED in Buffalo, NY was timely and you have assisted us so much. Such an important advocacy program such as yours being cancelled is truly disappointing to those of us who support such programs. God Bless.

  168. says

    Patricia and Larry,

    Like many others around the country I am sorry your show has been canceled. I listened faithfully and referenced it when I made my pledges. You broadened my perspective on how to view pets and it came in handy when one of my two cats started marking in the house. (under control thanks to a prescription ?)

    When I told others about the program I found myself stressing how much you REALLY liked and felt for each animal and pet owners. I appreciated your guests too, the authors told funny and heart-warming stories as your audience enjoyed its morning coffee.

    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us over the years. I know WAMU has heard from many listen – bring back CALLING ALL PETS. Best of luck to you, Larry and everyone associated with the programs.

    Regards, Eileen M.

  169. Charlie says

    I went to your site today to ask a question about my heeler mix, Xena, and was shocked to learn that Calling All Pets had been cancelled. In the midst of this winter pledge drive I was contemplating an appropriate amount but, given the loss of my favorite program, I am not sure I can make a pledge at all. Thanks for your years of compassionate advice to all of us.

  170. Evil Jim says

    I’m so sorry to hear about Calling All Pets. Tho’ I don’t have any animal companions I did enjoy listening to the show when I was able to catch it Saturday afternoons. I could easily tell you enjoyed what you did & that made it all the more fun to listen.

    Even more sad is the fact that now that I’m moving out of my cramped trailer house into something bigger & out in the country I’m planning to adopt a cat & I had been looking forward to learning from & sharing with the program. There’s so much I want to know.

    Good luck in your future endeavors & enjoy sleeping in! Thank you so much for your work.

  171. says

    As I understand it, the “marketing costs” got too expensive.

    These “marketing costs” are the skim charged by the “distribution” middle-men of needless organizations like PRI, APR, etc.

    There’s no reason that CAP couldn’t be just sold and delivered via the internet to other public stations. There really aren’t that many non-commercial stations to market TO. WPR doesn’t need some expensive “distribution” blood-sucker between their production and the Public Radio stations of America.

    The idea that this show had to be killed because of “marketing costs” is ludicrous, and exposes a form of old-boy corruption that keeps these needless parasitic “distibution” entities alive.

    publicradioactivist @

  172. says

    Well, I am just cross! WPR is going to lose a faithful on-line streamer and donor. It’s one thing to remove a program, but it’s quite another to quit producing it. That just is not fair.

    It is possible to produce shows for radio, though I don’t know the details. Possibly the folks at This American Life could help. (I know one of them; they’re good people.) You certainly have a wide listening base, and more and more of us do our listening on-line or through an mp3 of some sort.

    Your information and intuition is right on, Patricia. I’ve been working with Keeshonden in obediance training (advanced household, agility, flyball) since 1972 and there is always more to learn. Every week I learn something new from your show (like negative punishment today). I just hate, hate, HATE to see you disappear.

    Cendra Lynn

  173. Charlie says

    Is there a venue for us to seek to change this decision? As many have said, my Saturdays will never be quite the same.

  174. Ovide Pomerleau says


    If having loyal listeners is like having money in the bank, you must be very rich! We have greatly enjoyed
    listening to your interesting and wise commentary on the other side of Lake Michigan.

    Wishing you much SR+ in your future endeavors.

    Ovide & Cindy Pomerleau

  175. Sabrinna says


    I have enjoyed your show for many years and I am very disappointed that your show is being cancelled. I think your show is very imporent for people to learn about how to train their animals in the correct way. I do not agree with the new “dominance” training that you see on T.V. these days that I hear people quoting. I think that is cruel. I look forward to your show every saturday and the connection that you and Larry shared was absolutely unbeatable. I will miss you both. I am very disappointed in WPR for taking you off the air…I can think of another show they could have taken off the air besides yours. I am going to miss both you and Larry. Thank you for many years of pleasure and advice. I have passed it on to many people and quoted you and gave you the credit. Thank you again!!! I am going to miss you.

  176. Julie says

    Congratulations to you and Larry for putting on a great show that has brought together a community of animal lovers across the country. I have enjoyed listening to “Calling All Pets” in Washington, DC early Saturday mornings over a cup of coffee with my trusty feline companion curled up beside me. What I enjoyed most about the show was the good humor (that “Midwest nice”) that set the tone for listeners and callers to bond over their mutual love and respect for animals. I particularly enjoyed the guests that you had on the show, a wide variety of animal experts, scientists, and authors. I am still working my way down a reading list of titles I compiled from the guests that appeared on your show! Finally, I salute your practical advice to the common pet owner, especially hapless new ones like myself. My regret is that I never had a chance to e-mail that burning question I had about my cat’s strange predilection for licking bed linens and window blinds (hmmm—I guess I just asked).

    Anyway, a heartfelt thanks to you and Larry for a wonderful show. I will miss it!

  177. Laurence Drell, MD says

    I was deeply saddened to discover that your show had been canceled. It was one of the
    most helpful broadcasts on radio. Practical, personal, and funny. You will be missed
    and a letter has gone out to WETA protesting their error.

    Thank you for years of help and enjoyment.

    Laurence Drell, MD

  178. leif & Judy Jenkinson says

    Wow! As a founding member of KRBD (Ketchikan, Alaska – which didn’t carry your show) and now member of KDLL Kenai, Alaska, I feel i understand the horrible state of Public Radio financing all too well, and I’m still horrified we are losing Calling All Pets! I’m amazed there wasn’t a grant from one of the humane or animal foundations, or National Science Foundation, or SOMEONE. It ain’t cheap, so wake up all you Public Radio listeners!
    I’ve had too many Sunday chores to listen consistently Sunday Afternoon, so i just found out. Just retired from Merchant Marine, and at the top of my to-do list was learning how to get podcasts of your show. Guess will have to be satisfied with your books (for our next puppy) and your website.
    Hope you indeed find new opportunities. Was volunteer programer at KRBD for years and it is indeed a change to not have to report every Saturday, but it does liberate to let you explore other things! Fair winds and following seas. leif

  179. Melissa says

    Another deeply-saddened listener here. (A Missouri cat-owner who tuned in regularly via NPR station KRPS at Pittsburg (KS) State University.)
    You and Larry have been an absolute inspiration to listen to.
    Thank you so much!

  180. Laura Moreno says

    I listen to the show every week. Today I learned you will be leaving us. Very sad to discover that after June you will be no more. I Love this show. I love pets and I learn so much from this show. Very sad -but I am going to listen as long as ou are on. I hope you might consider doing a webcast to continue the show online. So many good radio shows are getting cancelled these days. Thank you so much for for everthing!

  181. Anita says

    The show was such a breath of fresh air amongst all this depressing talk of economic decline, and senseless wars. It is sorely missed!

  182. Martha says

    I can’t believe I’m just hearing this! Thank you, Diane Rehm for linking to this blog!

    Well… this explains the endless reruns AND the lack of pledge shows these past two weeks! I was baffled, since CAP always seemed a huge money maker for WPR. It’s been a dreary pledge week, that’s for sure. WPR set big goals for you and you seemed to make them. I came to your day at the farm a few years ago and it was a lovely day. Just found this blog. I appreciate your taking the time to write and post candid photos.

    Tricia, it was you who brought me to WPR. I loved your TV show (when I lived in Ohio) and remember thinking … who is this woman? I want her to adopt me! Googling brought up the radio show and since I was visiting Lake Geneva every summer, I got up at the crack of dawn to listen. And then I got hooked on WPR. And then I moved to Madison. :-)

    I’m bummed. *sigh*

  183. Susan Clark says

    I, too, am saddened to learn that your show has been canceled. Calling All Pets provided a credible, publicly accessible, positive-reinforcement counterbalance to the punishment-based training juggernaut launched by the Dog Whisperer. Across the nation, pet’s lives were better for your ability to explain humane training techniques.

  184. Dawn says

    I feel compelled to add my voice to the hundreds above me. I too loved your show. Many of your suggestions have helped me and my husband as we work with our nervous bulldog. She loves the hide and seek game you suggested for giving dogs indoor excercise — even performing at a party once!

    Please know you will be deeply missed and have three loyal fans here in DC

  185. Anne says

    What sad news! I am so sorry to hear the show will cease production. I can’t imagine a weekend without it (many thanks to WUKY, the NPR affiliate in Lexington, KY for carrying it all these years). I do hope Wisconsin Public Radio will continue the site and make the podcasts available –or, in a perfect world, reconsider the cancellation all together! Trisha, many thanks to you and Larry for your dedicated commitment to your listeners and their well-loved animals everywhere — “Calling All Pets” will surely be missed by your loyal Lexington fans! Best wishes always. -Anne

  186. says

    So WPR used Trisha and Larry to raise money during their canceled show?

    I watch what Public Radio management does, as apparently the only citizen in the state of Wisconsin who cares about money and policy and the first amendment with respect to Public Radio.

    This is a new low for them.

    I’ve had some criticism for Trisha and Larry over the years, sent as a loyal listener from day One of their show. I don’t like product endorsements and I don’t like the wild animal segments as I think they encourage interest in exotic pets — a bad thing. I still listen nearly every week and have for their entire run. I love their show even if I don’t like every bit of it.

    In the last 20 years, WPR has been taken over by outside interests– non-radio people. People from Washington DC. Management is trying to make Public Radio over in a commercial mold, including corporate titles and referring to WPR as a “Media Company”.

    Cost increases for public radio are for needless things like music bumpers and increased control over callers — the Ideas Network doubled and tripled their talk-staff, and our shows are worse, not better. We pay more and more for nationally syndicated shows that give us more and more re-runs instead of new shows.

    Programming decisions are made without consulting the Public. In management’s eyes, we exist only to give during pledge week and to sell our ears to advertisers. The more people listen, the more they can charge for ad-time (enhanced underwriter announcements).

    Follow the money. That’s what the cancellation of Calling All Pets is about. Public Radio has become a money trough for a certain small group of people, and this corrupt group is responsible for the death of Calling All Pets.

    Trisha? Would you consider doing a show that we could distribute to Public Radio stations via the internet? CAP doesn’t need a million-dollar studio– not with the computer tools we have today. A decent set of mics, some cheap or free software for recording and editing, and a server to deliver the shows.

    You’d have to do it on spec. We could produce a few shows and see if there was enough money-interest to pay you something and for some production space and a computer. This could be gotten off the ground with volunteers.

    I’d volunteer. If we did this, it would teach those arrogant bastards in management who the Public in Public Radio really is, and what we can do.

    Fred Milton Olsen (watch for it!)

  187. Brenda Neugent says

    I am so very, very sad, especially since we just rescued two puppies in need, and I have no idea how to make sure our beloved cat feels safe and secure always. I had planned on ringing up my favorite WPR show, which I have listened to online and sought out while traveling since I moved to Virginia a few years ago. I can hear the whistle right now announcing the start of the program, and I, too, plan on writing a letter. Thank you, Patricia!

  188. Shirley says

    I will miss Calling All Pets even though I no long have any pets. For many years I had cats, and I would insist that one of them, the fierce and arrogant Lizabuth Ann, listen with me, so she could get some idea of how she could become a nice cat! I still love to hear the stories that people call in with and the solutions you came up with, and I always enjoyed learning about animals in the wild……and the segments when you talked about the emotions of animals. This is a real loss to listeners of public radio. Good luck with filling in your extra time……Maybe one of the Sneaky Pie Brown books by Rita Mae Brown would bring you some relaxation and pleasure!

  189. nan says

    I’m missing your show terribly. Thought you’d be interested to know that during the NPR fund drive in Washington DC a few weeks ago there were apparently so many complaints about the loss of calling all pets that npr mentioned it on the air and said they would need to look into whether they could build a replacement. As an animal lover I think a show on this topic chaired by someone with your expertise, insight, and compassion for human and animal both, is a vital community resource. My own bias is that no substitute can rise to the real thing. Nan Marks

  190. john raguso says

    Sorry to see the show cancelled. Now all we have is “ANIMAL PLANET” , which tends to be filled with a lot of dribble! Maybe they can find time for a PhD Zoologist like yourself to do a morning show once a week. It would certainly have a built-in audience. I would rather see you on the screen than their banal new show about Jockeys !

  191. Anne Ring says

    Dear Patricia-
    I’m devestated to hear that Calling All Pets has been cancelled. You were invaluble to me when I was raising and training my puppy 2 years ago. My dog Freddy and I were having dominance issues. I purchased a copy of “How to be the Leader of the Pack”. It was a tremendous help. I never would have been lead to that booklet if not for Calling all Pets. There are a lot of non-verbal, four-legged listeners who will no longer be able to benefit from your advice. What a loss.
    Anne Ring

  192. Marsha says

    I have been missing Calling All Pets on KERA out of Dallas. Thinking it had simply been moved from its 1:00 slot on Friday’s to another time slot, I have been searching for your show in the schedule–to no success. Locating your blog gave me the explanation why I couldn’t find the program. How could this great show that was not only informative but fun and always made me smile, be cancelled. We animal lovers are grieving the loss. I was constantly repeating your behavioral modification methods to my friends and family–I, like you, do not believe in punishing an animal but changing with positive reinforcement. Any chance this decision can be reversed?

  193. KC Wilson says

    KSKA in Anchorage, Alaska has been my source for listening to the best dog training show ever and I too was saddened to hear about the show’s demise. I wasn’t able to listen to it as often as I wanted (2pm on Friday’s) but I listened every chance I got. Thanks Patricia for making my dogs’ lives better. Thanks also to Larry.

  194. Martha says

    Fred Milton Olsen said: “So WPR used Trisha and Larry to raise money during their canceled show?”

    If this is a response to my comment, the answer is “no.” While every other show was pitching pledge, they simply ran CAP reruns without any mention of pledge. This had me very confused, since I had not heard of the cancellation. It was in the past that WPR set high goals for CAP, which Tricia and Larry usually (always?) met.

  195. says

    So sorry to see you go…you’ve help me be the pet owner my dog thinks I should be! Thank you for all you have done to help us have better relationships with animals.

    But, I need help for a miniature schnauzer, 3 years old, who just joined our family 4 months ago. He is soooo scared to ride in the car. Can anyone still help us? He will come into the garage with some treats, but really trembles to sit in the car without the engine running. Even with cooked chicken or juicy roast beef in my hand and gentle strokes, he is just a basket-case. We bought a soft-sided kennel for the back seat, but he pants, buries his head and trembles during a ride. Maybe he has back experiences or did not ride much as a puppy before we adopted him. Does he have anxiety? When we get out of the car, he is ready to go, but the car is a big threat. Thanks for any of your thoughts!

  196. Patty B says

    I actually am holding back tears. If there is anything that we could possibly do to bring back the show,please let me know. You have been an inspiration to many people, both domestic and wild animal lovers.
    You are the reason I volunteer wildlife concerns. You are also the reason my vet decided she would continue to see my dog as a patient for he had behavior problems. Good luck, we will miss you.Patty B

  197. Lori Glass says

    I listened to your show for many years even before we had a dog . We got a Chi-poo in 2006 best thing we ever did.We got off on the right foot with Fuzzy he is a great dog and so much fun. As soon as my husband comes out of the shower Fuzzy follows him until he sits down and proceeds to lick his whole face and even the top of his head YUK!Fuzzy makes us laugh everyday. I will miss your show on Sat. mornings. You and Larry are a great team.

  198. Steve B says

    If you knew me and my schedule, you’d understand why I just found out about this.

    I first heard the show while living in Wisconsin in the late 90’s. When I moved back to Missouri I loved the show so much I’ve been streaming it every week since 2000. I’m not looking forward to life without the show. I’ll keep an eye out for your books, blogs, and lectures in the area. Hopefully that will sustain us.

    Thanks for everything over the years,

  199. says

    Sorry that your show, this show, is leaving the airwaves. I cannot recall the number of times I have said to friends experiencing pet issues, “There’s this show…”

    I know that your presence on our NPR station will be missed. Here’s wishing you a grand time, good fortune and (with any luck for us) a swift return to NPR some time in the future (my cat & I will be there)

    Thank you,

    Dave Brown
    Arcata, CA

  200. Betty R says

    I am sorry to lose you both and all of the wonderful information every week. It’s difficult to understand the thinking that went into the decision, did anyone ever listen to the calls coming in from all over the nation? Just because someone is given the power to make this sort of decision doesn’t mean they know what they are doing – pretty obvious in this case!
    It’s been great,

  201. Michael O'Leary says

    It will be interesting to hear what will be replacing you and Larry in that time period, because “Calling all Pets” is irreplaceable. I have enjoyed many of your shows over the years, and benefited numerous times from suggestions you made while on air. Our four cats are thankful too. At least I live in Wisconsin and will be able to look forward to hearing you on Larry’s show. Thank You for the 14 years. Mike

  202. Joanne K. says

    Wow! I have been listening for years and I didn’t even have any pets. I am very sorry to hear that my Saturday afternoons will no longer include listen to you and Larry. Especially since I finally have my girls (Ragdoll cats) and I have some serious questions about their dental health. I will trust their Doctor but would have loved your insight. My Saturdays will not be the same. Wish you all the best and you will be greatly missed each and every week. Who is going to help me to continue to become the best pet owner (Mom) I can be?

  203. Jennifer says

    Oh, no! I just found your show last year and have been trying to listen to it every Saturday. It’s been highly informative for me, my husband, 2 dogs and 4 cats. I have been an animal lover my whole life, and you and your show have helped me value that aspect of myself more. I’ve always rather felt others found animals and their welfare somewhat trivial and unimportant. You have helped me see that there are many other people who value other animals just as much as I do, and that it is not a trivial thing. Thank you.

  204. Elaine Stevens says

    I was gone for the winter and only heard about the cancellation today when Joy’s morning show featured the man responsible for programming. I was astounded. The show is very popular in Madison. It was always a highlight for me. I have heard Patricia speak, read her books, even had her consult about my bird many years ago. I took my dog to one of the training classes. I will really miss the show, and the area will miss her also. It is always amazing when I talk to people about dogs that many, many people can repeat Patrcia’s advice.

  205. Tiffany Farrell says

    I will join the chorus! I loved Calling All Pets and was a devoted weekly listener in the Washington, D.C. area. Patricia, I have missed hearing you, Larry, and your wonderful guests so much. Please know that you provided great information and made many people very, very happy. Best of luck in your post-radio show career. I have bought your books & will continue to follow your advice via your Web site. Many thanks again for all your hard work!

  206. says

    Devastating! We’ve listened to Calling All Pets for years and somehow, blissfully unaware, we kept listening not aware these were repeats except on a few occasions when it was assumed you were on vacation. Our family members are all over the nation and they have all listened. So Sad!

  207. Denise Frye says

    This morning, while lazing around in bed listening to “Calling all Pets”, I was shocked to hear that it was not going to be on any longer. While I am a loyal WPR listener, I somehow missed this announcement when it was originally made. I can’t believe how disappointed I am. I sat right up in bed, and rounded the corner to my study to see what my computer could tell me.
    I try to be a champion for positive reinforcement training, and often help friends and colleagues with their animal “problems”. Sometimes, I don’t immediately have a good answer, but sure enough, when I listen to Patricia’s program, I often get that missing little tidbit of information that I can pass on to someone to help them get past a sticky spot.
    I work at a small library, and often recommend Patricia’s books to people who want a good reference source. WPR, what were you thinking?????

  208. Stephanie Harrison says

    They keep all the stressful political shows but cut loose the show about LOVE?!!!!!

  209. Pat Urso says

    I know I am pretty obtuse, but I can’t imagine how I missed, for several months, the fact that your program was going off the air.
    When they announced at the end of yesterday’s show that it would be the last one, I couldn’t believe it.
    I had just pledged in last week’s one day fund raiser event, in large part because of your show.
    Now I wish I could take it back, and I intend to tell them that.
    There are several shows I listen to on WPR, but none I look forward to as much as yours.
    You and Larry are indeed a wonderful team. I have thoroughly enjoyed starting my Saturday mornings with you both through the years, and have learned a lot of interesting and helpful things
    I am going to sorely miss your program, and I sincerely hope they bring you back. You two have contributed so much to so many lives both animal and human.
    Thank you so much for everything.

  210. Trisha says

    I continue to be grateful for all your kind comments about CAP. I must admit I am a bit disappointed that they announced the last broadcasts of the show just a few days after the May pledge drive.

    Here’s the good news: me and a team of folks will be recording two pilot podcasts at the end of May, in hopes of finding some sponsors and starting podcast broadcast sometime this summer. We’ve already got Karen Pryor and Temple Grandin lined up as guests for some of the early shows, and have lots of ideas about making it a great program. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted!

  211. says

    Well, gosh, I’m sorry to hear that Calling All Pets is gone. I was shocked to hear the news. I’ve been listening to you and Larry for years and always enjoyed and appreciated the show. It has helped me in my relationship with my little cat, Arlo (a feisty little Tonkinese).Your love of animals is inspiring and I’ll really miss you on Saturday morning. You & Larry were a class act.
    Take care and I look forward to your future efforts.

  212. Carol says

    I cried when I learned that Calling All Pets has been cancelled. It was my very favorite show! I have learned many important lessons from you and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. My dogs and cats are also grateful for putting me through pet behaviorial school. I was also honored to meet you at the National Women’s Music Festival last year and have benefitted from your books & lecture! I hope life is as kind to you as you are to all the creatures of this earth! Many thanks from me and my animals who have passed Corgi dog Mellie & Calico Cat Pasta as well as the ones who currently grace my home, Corgi dog Sparky and cats, Sunny Day, Sicily & Olivia. God Bless you and your dear animal friends!

  213. Liz F. says

    This past Sat. was rough, as I think the last rerun of CAP aired here in Wisconsin… I did enjoy pretending, if only for a moment, that nothing has changed and that I could go on contentedly listening while spending time with my dogs or making them homemade toys/treats.

    I understand things happen and change; I’ve tried to ‘go on’ with life in an accepting way—but I will really, really miss listening to you and Larry. Hearing the last rerun, along with the fact that the Calling All Pets link is no longer on the WPR homepage made this all very final.
    By the way, I just couldn’t bring myself to pledge to WPR this time, even though I did want to support the new one-day pledge drive as a great alternative to longer drives. Larry and colleagues are still on and I will likely pledge the next drive, but call me a little bitter for this one.

    On a happier note, though, I am truly inspired by the number of comments from wonderful fans of the show. 220-some people and counting, wow! I don’t know, maybe it gives me a sense of community and support, but “Thank you” to all of the people who have written in here.

    Thank you, Trisha, for giving animal lovers an unforgettable, incomparable resource.

    Good luck on all things up and coming!

  214. Marlies says

    I just heard, I’m devastasted. My dogs are devastated. They count on your interpreting their deepest thoughts. How about a television show!! This door is closing so another can open. We haven’t heard the end of the story yet. All the best . . . all of us will be waiting.

  215. Marianne says

    I knew the show would stop broadcasting this June, but now that it has happened, I am surprised and disappointed, again! Very few shows offer the kind of positive animal training yours did, with humor and compassion. I visited a friend in Fairbanks, AK in March, and she loved listening to your program, as well. I, too, skipped my pledge this year – don’t know if I will or not. Am looking forward to your new venture, whenever it happens.

  216. Sally Miller says

    Well, I’m the last one to know, I guess. This morning I was up early and after the People’s Pharmacy, I almost fell off my chair when “Garden Talk” came on. I thought ‘Where is Calling all Pets?” So I came to the WPR website to see if there’d been a time change…..which led me to this! SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK! I raised my dear cat Hamlet on your show. Are you sure it’s been only 14 years? He died at age 13 in the fall of 2007. And I swear you were there from the beginning. Now I have another sweetie rescue cat. What will I do without you? This is not right. I will keep your page bookmarked and look forward to your podcast! Thank you for guiding me all these years.

  217. D Reeder says

    Shocked. Totally shocked. Sad. Shaking my head. It was bad enough two or three years back when WPR’s powers that be shifted the schedule and put my two favorites – Calling All Pets, and People’s Pharmacy – on at earlier hours and removed them from Sundays. But at least they were on.
    So now in the afternoon we get something called “Radio Lab”!!! And today they examine “choice”? Noooooooooooooo………….. Who cares whether we ‘listen to our head or our hearts’? That sounds like a dumb Ben Merens kind of thing for teenagers who haven’t figured out “Life” yet. Sheeessh!
    We need the concrete and caring and funny educational shows like CAP. Not more Car Talk stupidity, not more war-death-disaster-neocon-money-financial investment-stock market crash-death of jobs-credit debacle-congressional stupidity-torture shows that are so depressing I hardly even watch the news or listen to WPR anymore.
    CAP was such a genuinely heart-based, compassion-based show. Listening to it lightened my heart so much. I am in mourning. There is no other show like it. And a big piece of its wonderfulness (for it was wonderful) was the great interactions between the hosts and the guests and callers. Patricia and Larry both have such great radio personalities, and Patricia warmed my heart with her wisdom and connection with animals.
    I can’t figure this out; why why why? Even in a tight budget situation, why would one of the best shows be dumped — when it is so popular. And why was there not some or better communication about this beforehand with the audience (the financial supporters of the public radio programs. Our taxes support public radio, our donations support public radio, our volunteer time supports public radio – so why is the “public” (the listeners) not communicted with up front about this? Why is it i wake up this morning to hear my favorite Sat. morning show, and get only crappy shows like arrogant and snotty Zorba, and same old same old Car Talk, and in the afternoon looking at ‘head versus heart’.
    No wonder I spend most of my listening time listening to non-WPR shows on the internet.
    So now I feel disenfranchised yet again. Way to go, WPR board — no money will be coming from me outside of tax monies i have no choice about. And now, I am turning off that radio. Maybe I will just sell the thing.
    Good luck Patricia– I will miss you SO much. And I wish you well, from the bottom and top and sides of my heart. I will miss your wisdom and miss your stories about your critters. Thank you for the years you gave to us. Love to you.

  218. Linda Surrem says

    Your show was the only reason for waking early on Saturday morning. My husband and I enjoyed it immensely. This morning I got and was excited to share my story and questions about my Jack Russel worm wrangler. How disappointed I was to find that you had been canceled. I am sure that I have the only worm wrangling Jack in the universe. There will be life after cancellation. One door never closes that another does not open. Good luck to you in the future.

  219. says

    Your show has been part of my Saturday for many years, and I will miss your wisdom immensely. Bless you for sharing it with us. Thank goodness I can buy your books. Wishing you all the best, and your furkids too.

  220. Heather Anthony says

    I was putting off my laundry folding this past Saturday, till the 3 pm Calling All Pets – you can imagine my confusion and disappointment when it was not there! I thought maybe my radio wasn’t tuned in properly, I thought maybe my clock was wrong, I thought maybe they moved you . . . How I just found out that the show is no longer is beyond me, as I am a frequent visitor to the wpr page and very frequest wpr/npr listener. Had I known earlier, I would have protested!!! My family (9 and 6 year old daughters and Sabine the border collie/german shepherd (sp?) mix will miss you SO SO much!!!! I use to watch your tv show by the way, which I alwys enjoyed, as well. Feel like we know you; wish we did. I’ll continue listening to podcasts of shows I have missed and will “visit you” at the Wisconsin Humane Society on your video. sniffle, sniffle, will miss you but enjoy your new “freedom” – you’ll continue to do great things, I am sure!


  221. Bryan Earl says

    My wife thanks you, my cat thanks you, and any food left on the counter thanks you. Because of your timely information my cat doesn’t even THINK of getting on the counter. We’re happier all around and will miss your program. Best regards to you.


  222. says

    Dear Trish and Larry,

    So I visited your website today to see if I could pod cast your show to listen to while in flight and instead learned of its cancellation. Like many others, I am sad. I love the show—your insights, humor, and (perhaps most importantly) the good will you gave to each and every person who called in. (Some–not many—of the call-in folks drove me nuts; but you always treated them generously and respectfully.) Best wishes for the future.

    Kathy in Iowa City (That’s in Iowa.)

  223. Greg Bunker says

    My Wife has shaired our Saturday mornings for a number of years now with Patricia, “the other woman” in my life. My wife and I are both animal people, and love our Newfoundland and our beagle, quite the combination. The program and the company of our Saturday morning animal people will be greatly missed.
    Our Nuf and hound will continue to keep us safe outside of wittenberg, WI, as the deer, occasional bear, and one confirmed wolf has graced us with their presence. But Saturday mornings will be a little bit empty now,
    Greg, LaVon, Honeybear “the bear” nufie, and Dakota Rose – the beagle.

  224. Janice Barnett says

    I am speechless. I had the radio on and was awaiting the start of your show when time came and past and something else was in your time slot.
    I discovered your program 4 years ago when I moved to Elgin, Illinois, and the local public radio broadcast picked up its feed from Madison not Chicago. I have listened pretty regularly since then. It has always a pleasure to enjoy my early Saturday mornings with you. I have learned so much. You have been a terrific resource for “all things animal” and my weekends will be a bit poorer for loss of your insight and humor and understanding of the human / animal connection.

    Thank you so much.
    Janny in Illinois

  225. Lynn Javoroski says

    Your show was so enjoyable and informative. I directed many friends to it over the years, especially those with dogs who had “just one little problem”. I have one cat – 20 years old – and am dealing with an
    older pet; his companion died 2 years ago. There were (and are) times when I have looked to you for advice (What Would Tricia Say).

    Thanks for the many years of wonderful tips and guidance. I will truly miss your show, as many times I listened to both airings here in Wisconsin. I’m not sure that the replacement shows will win my loyalty. Like you, I’m planning on doing other things during those times!


  226. Ivy Otto says

    Patricia, I was wondering what happened. I thought maybe you were on vacation. I am so very sad that the show has been canceled. My husband and I purchased our first GSP 8 years ago. Both of us had dogs growing up, but there was so much more we needed to learn. Your show and your books provided much of that education and a starting point for discussion about training techniques. Libby has been trained by all of us, including our daughter, who has continued to be an active member of a 4-H Dog Project. Libby has had agility training, competes in Rally and Obedience and is my hunting companion. We used positive reinforcement, specifically the clicker training technique, to teach her to retrieve. She’s a happy, well-adjusted girl. We were predisposed to positive techniques and your show reinforced this outlook. What makes me really sad is that Calling All Pets is no longer available to those just purchasing their first dog or who obviously need help. I hear all kinds of stories about behaviors that you routinely addressed. The training books I suggest always include yours. I feel I have helped not just the owner, but more importantly the dog, who is ( to the uninformed) usually the one at fault for behavior problems. I also suggested your radio show. Now I can’t and I am sad for the animals that would have benefited.
    All that’s left to say, is that I am grateful for your unique and interesting show and Larry.
    Thank you for all that education,

  227. Annie Grewe says

    Patricia, I’m so sorry your & Larry’s show, Calling All Pets, was canceled. I’ve listened for many years, before any pets, so when my new fiance introduced me to his two large dogs, I felt comfortable and knew “instinctively” (meaning years of listening to your show really paid off) how to behave with them! May your life become richer and new opportunities arise for all you’ve shared with your listeners over the years.

    Annie from Eau Claire, WI

  228. says

    Say it ain’t so! A colleague told me she had heard the show was cancelled and I was insistent—-it couldn’t be! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I love most of what WPR does but this was not one of their most intelligent decisions. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve turned onto —-tuning in to Calling All Pets. I shall miss the teamwork of you and Larry…..your delightful sense of humor and wonderful insights. Saturdays will not be the same without you….I feel as though we’ve lost the Alpha Dog of all of our dogs!

  229. Becky B. says

    Calling All Pets was the reason I listened to WPR. I wish that you (Patricia) could find another station to pick up the show. I learned so much from listening to you and Larry (and your callers); it was radio entertainment at its
    best. Thank you so very much for 14 great years!

  230. says

    We shall miss your show. You and Larry brightened my afternoons when I worked on Saturday, and when I listened at home with Buddy, I enjoyed the show and Buddy sneered at all the less-than-catlike things dogs do.
    Your show and my Saturday job will end at the same time. Keep up the good work for our companions (and their prey).

  231. sally gilbert says

    I am so sad. I just found you! We have a new dog (to us) and I stumbled on your books and have loved them. I was so looking forward to hearing you. Sally

  232. Lynn Smith says

    Calling All Pests withdrawal is painful. On Saturday mornings I set my clock radio so I would wake up to the whistle in the theme song. Thank you for starting so many weekends with joy, wit, instruction and information.

    World affairs are important, but a steady diet of news doesn’t cure the world’s woes. Calling All Pets provided proven methods to bring animals and people into harmony. Perhaps you could extend your work into “training” humans.

    Queeny, Minnie, Mickey, Blackie, Whiskey, Ginger, Adam12, Fuzz Senior, Fuzz Junior, Cat, Emily, Duke, Dutchess, Jack, Bastet, Lilabet and me

  233. Maryl says

    So I don’t know where I have been…for couple weeks now I get into my car to listen to Calling All Pets and find “radio lab”. Today I told my husband I needed to go on line to find out where NPR moved CAP to…what time! Did not even think that NPR would cancel such a quality show that was so interesting and entertaining.

    When I donated to NPR it was ONLY during CAP..Patricia and Larry you will be missed and if there is anything that can be done to bring Calling All Pets back, I know that I will one of many who would do what we can to hear the show again.

    Thank you so much for all the words you have brought to our lives,

    Precious, Freckles, Clover, Star, Pudge, Robert, Bret, Willow (the cool cats) my husband Rick, daugher Jenna and myself Maryl

  234. Erin Brewer says

    My five year old son and I will miss your show so much. He is a fan of public radio, listing to Car Talk, Zorba, and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell me, but far and away our favorite show to listen to together is Calling All Pets. We have scheduled our morning around it now ever since our local public radio station picked it up. My son always gives my husband a summary of the show when he comes home from work, so we all delight in your show. Thank you for providing us with insights, entertainment, and information in such a accessible and fun way. We will sorely miss you!

  235. says

    Trisha, what a bummer!! We’ve lost WHA’s best show in the name of trying times. May they improve very quickly. And the very best of everything to you! You are truly missed.

  236. Donna Aten says

    You will be missed. How could they cancel “Calling All Pets?” My favorite radio show.

  237. Rosemary Pollard says

    When you disappeared from NPR in Washington, DC, I was hoping NPR had only moved the show to a slot I hadn’t found yet. Very disappointing! But I hope you enjoy your extra time with your “pack” and that we will find you on the airwaves once again somewhere when these hard times improve.

    I have learned a lot from your books but the dogs and I really enjoyed waking up to the whistle and Calling All Pets early on Saturday mornings.

    Rosemary, Matrix and Murphy

  238. Jeff Wilson says

    I discovered the show only this spring.I have not had a dog in years. Tthe show has rekindled my interest.I sure will miss Trisha but will keep up with her on her blogs.

  239. Dana Flegner says

    Dear Trisha:

    Last Saturday morning I went out to the garage to start potting flowers, flipped on the radio and found a gardening show where you should have been. When you weren’t there again this week I decided to check WPR’s website to see if you were taking the summer off. Imagine my shock! How can this be? WPR must have taken leave of their senses to cancel such a great program!

    I’ve listened to you and Larry just about every Saturday morning(sometimes again in the afternoon, too!) for almost as long as you’ve been on the air. My weekends will never be the same without your show.

    Thank you, and Larry, for all the years of enjoyment. I have learned so much about my pets from listening to your show, and will miss your great advice and especially your humor. Best of luck to you in whatever new direction this change has led you.

    I feel as though I have lost a dear friend. You will truly be missed :(

    Dana Flegner, Cricket and Tank)
    Hales Corners, WI

  240. Dick Koepsell says

    Dear Trisha,
    I’ll miss you very much. I first started listening to you when we lived in Buffalo, NY. We had just acquired an Old English Sheepdog rescue and our Puli had dominance issues you helped us solve.
    Then when we moved to Flagstaff in 2000–there you were, a real friend and fellow animal lover who helped us with a couple of behaviors our dogs had there as well.
    When we moved to Charlottesville, VA you weren’t available except on line but eventually you showed up at 6am on Saturday. Then suddenly, you were gone.
    We’ll really miss you and hope your life is filled with animals and joy.
    Dick and Ann

  241. says

    Dear Trish,
    It’s Saturday morning and I’ve just listened to Calling All Pets as I usually do if I’m home. For the first time in the 10 or 12 years I’ve listened I decided to visit your web site. You can imagine how surprised and shocked I was to learn that you’ve stopped broadcasting since last year!
    I’m 83 years old and I have a strange but beautiful cat who looks as if she has Maine Coon in her background but not in her personality. She hisses at everyone who approaches her but loves me. My 4 grown kids have told me jokingly that she’d better pass on before I do ’cause no one would want her. I don’t think they’re joking. I had formed questions about her behavior in my mind to ask you on the phone on your show but never got around to it…now it’s too late. Actually, I don’t think anyone could change her at this late date…it’s been 9 years since I rescued her.
    But I will miss you and Larry. For now I’ll keep listening for as long as our local NPR station carries your replays.
    Good luck and God bless you.
    Carol Evanisko and Felicity

    Carol Evanisko and Felicity

  242. Diane says

    My major reason for contributing to WPR was “Calling All Pets”. My 2 cats and I routinely awoke early on Saturdays to sit around the radio and enjoy listening to people who love animals. Many times the lessons applied to humans as well. Why would WPR remove a show that’s so popular and unique. It’s very difficult to understand. Good luck to Trisha and Larry.

  243. John Stackpole says

    Our old Golden Mac was frequently surprised by treats for the very simplest dogtasks on Saturdays. These were usually inspired by someone calling in with a dog trait that was both too believable and too far out into the realm of the intolerable and even occasionally scary- basically he was getting a treat for not being ” that dog on the radio”. Grew up around some great retriever dog trainers and early realized they needed more patience with their human clients than their canine ( figured I’d probably have too many Dick Chaney shotgun moments to get away with being a “dog” trainer.)
    After a year dogless we were planing on going out to find another field trial bred Golden to take Mac’s place and probably would have spoiled him on Saturday mornings too.
    Internet radio seems like a alternative if you could find a producer willing to put it all together – no small task as you know.
    In any case – thanks and best wishes for your future endeavors.

  244. nelda cuppy says

    I was so sorry to learn that Calling All Pets has been cancelled. It is one of my favorite programs because it is so real and practical. Sunday morning with KRPS will be missing an important part.
    I hope to hear more, someway, in the future. Enjoy your extra day–

  245. Traci says

    It is a bummer that they canceld your show. I’m still praying SIRIUS Radio picks you up. Would’nt that be great ! Thinking of you in OKLAHOMA. Thank’s for all the insight and humor. You have been missed!

  246. sangita says

    You are such a fantastic resource for all pet owners, and all those interested in animal behavior. My pup and I will miss your whistle! For a while I thought the show must have moved, so this is sad delayed news. I really think WPR made an unfortunate mistake.

  247. Marianne says

    I don’t know what to do from 7-8 on a Saturday morning! My Saturday routine was to walk the dogs, make coffee and enjoy your show. Years ago my mom told me about your show and I have been a fan ever since. My mom was ill and homebound and so enjoyed her morning radio shows. I am one of those irritating pet owners who thought I knew everything about dogs. My 2 dogs were always going to be well behaved! Silly me, I could really use your advice now. Darn! What a shame. All the best. Marianne and – Tica and Yoshe (the problem children)

  248. Bill Thon says

    I have been listening for years and always enjoy Patricia’s insights. It is part of my Saturday afternoons. My cats and I will miss it!!!

  249. Per says

    I am very sorry to hear that the program has been canceled. My wife and I moved to Wisconsin about ten years ago and I have listened to Calling All Pets regularly since then, even after moving to Oregon. I’ll miss it.


  250. says

    Hi Patricia:

    I am just now going into withdrawal!! I am the General Manager of Utah Public Radio in Logan, UT. We brought the show back on the air following a station listener on-line survey.

    Calling All Pets was the most highly requested program of the entire survey. So needless to say I am dissapointed about the shows end. In addition to being the GM of UPR I am a pet LOVER – my husband and I have 3 rescued dogs and I am a new Board Member of the Cache Humane Society.

    I am wondering if you are doing ANY on-site visits(?) We are starting to plan a fund-raising event for CHS and I would LOVE to have you be a featured guest…………………………

    Please let me know if there might be any possibility.



    Cathy Ives, General Manager, Utah Public Radio

    KUSU-FM, KUSR-FM, HD1, HD2, Fusion HD3

    Utah State University

    8505 Old Main Hill

    Logan, UT 84322-8505

    (435) 797-3215 Office

    (801) 598-3104 Cell

    DEI Advisor

    PRADO Member

  251. Tobi McFarland says

    CAP was a wonderful show-it will be missed! Thanks for your dedication-you gave wonderful advice. I learned so much about my animals from listening to your show!


  252. Betty Krcma says

    Trisha and Larry:

    I was so very disappointed to hear that Calling All Pets was cancelled. I teach a class called Small Animal Veterinary Study to high school students in the Green Bay Area. There were many times when I referenced your show and your advice. In fact one year Trisha you were a special guest and the Barnes and Noble in Green Bay. I could not attend, but one of my students who does pet rescues did attend. She has your books and she proudly brought me your autograph so I could also put it in one of your books that I own.

    Your advice and the wonderful dialogue carried on by you and Larry Meiller will be missed. This type of show is very unique and provides such valuable information. I will have to contiune to follow you through your website and your books.

    Thank you for teaching all of your listeners some of the best information available on pets and pet behavior.

    My own dog “Patches” and I will miss you.

    Betty K.

  253. Judy Austin says

    Dear Patricia and Larry–

    We (my husband and I, dogs Pepper and Sophie, cats Miss Kitty, JP, Sandy, and Michael) will all miss you both greatly. Were I a WPR member, rather than a Boise State Radio member, I’d for sure be on WPR’s case about dropping you. I’ve learned a great deal from you–and I’ve also been entertained Saturday after Saturday. Now if I could just get you to come consult on Sophie, a 27-month-old chocolate lab whom we adopted at 8 months and who apparently got hit in the head when quite young; she’s just fine with people but has in the past few months developed a real phobia about light and open space. We’re blessed with a vet animal behaviorist in town, and she’s now on Prozac, but we could sure use more advice on helping her!

    Judy Austin

  254. Wendy Scherer says

    Dear Patricia,
    Thank you for your show over the years! I wish you the best of luck in you new endeavors! I’m wagging my tail as positive recognition and reinforcement for you to continue doing great things with people and pets !


  255. Linda says

    Wow, I just went to and found out about the show. Guess I’m out of the loop.

    Anyway, I’ll miss you Calling All Pets! I’ve listened for years. I often listen to archived shows at work when I’m working on something that doesn’t require my full attention.

    Thanks for the good advice.


  256. Judy Shonborn says

    Ok – I’m really slow. I was wondering why I was catching so many re-runs, and nothing for the last month. My husband and I have been listening for many years and learned so much from you – not just about dogs (we have two) but animals in general. You had so many interesting guests. When I “talk dog” with friends and acquaintances, I often bring up tid bits from your show. Just this week a friend was saying her dog didn’t seem that enthused about what she was trying to train and I repeated what I heard you say – you can give a reward, but the animal is the one that decides if it’s actually reinforcing, so find something that’s more reinforcing. It’s sad we won’t keep learning and being entertained by you. If you do wind up doing another show, newsletter, etc. and are keeping any sort of “list of interested people”, could you put my email address on your list so I hear about your new venture? Thanks again – you’ve made a big impact on my understanding of and interaction with my dogs.

    Judy Shonborn
    Greenfield, WI

  257. Cathie Ziegler says

    Goodness, we are going to really miss your show. I listened to it every weekend for years, through two wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgis, 2 kitties, 5 horses, a pony, several cows (including Meatball, Jake the Steak, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Ferdinand and Sugar Lips–none of whom ended up as anyone dinner–at least as far as we know– two not-too-bright turkeys, wild wood ducks, and chickens galore–and one piggy who lived with the cows and thought he was one, so we named him HamMOO).

    Anyway, your program enlivened our lives and was a great benefit to our animals, too….and our local vet (of 20+ years) was one of your sponsors on our local NPR station–WQCS.

    Good luck in your future ventures!

    Cathie Ziegler (and family)
    Vero Beach, Florida

  258. Barb Clauson says

    I’ve been in TX for a few years, but was a devoted listener until I moved. Your show was the only thing that could get me up early on a Saturday. I really looked forward to hearing the show on my visits to Wisconsin. I set my travel alarm this past Saturday, got up at 6:30, filled my coffee cup, and no show! I’m sad and disappointed to learn it was cancelled. I wish you success in whatever is next.
    Barb Clauson
    Rollo and Otis, the TexCats.
    Austin TX

  259. Pet Friend says

    It is time to PODCAST! For under $1000.00 you can set up an excellent Podcast studio. In time the sponsors will come to you in order to fray the cost of equipment and monthly reoccurring costs of bandwidth usage.

    Please bring this show back but in the new media that will demolish terrestrial radio!!! The Internet!!!

  260. Stacy Kilchenmann says

    I just discovered the show had been cancelled. I wondered why there were so many reruns. I greatly enjoyed the show over the years and it had become part of my Saturday routine. Will miss it!

  261. Robert Sloane says

    Another listener who misses you and hopes you find a way to continue (podcasting sounds great). I rescue neighborhood animals and have a houseful in need of your advice. I think what I’ve most appreciated is the knowledgeable way of thinking about pet situations that you impart to your audience. Looking forward to more!

  262. Mary Kay says

    This cancellation is super annoying. Did WPR try asking Purina or another such company to sponsor this show? It is so timely as companion animals emerge into social and personal importance more than in previous years.

  263. Stewart says

    I have been listening on the web for the last 6 year, before that in Madison. Great loss to us all.

  264. marty spicer says

    Hi. I used to listen to you when I drove semi truck over the road several years ago. Now I am a therapist and work with people/families who often have pets. I don’t live in Wis. and don’t often have the opportunity to tune in anymore to WPR ( a very savvy station). Sooo I was very saddened when I tried to listen to calling all pets that the show was cancelled. I just want you to know that you had such far reaching good effects, and your show and sage advice won’t be forgotten. I wish you all the best.

  265. Mike says

    What will Sat. mornings be like without your voice of confidence for us pet lovers. So sorry. Does this mean that you will not be addressing any questions? If your are here goes, my 12 yr old yellow lab is very active in the northwoods and stops at nothing as far as activitys. With his hip area showing signs of slowing down I asked my vet what would be a good pain reliver. she said Ascriptin w/Maalox any thoughts. I know you addressed this topic last Sat. I just caught the end.
    Thank you for all the GREAT shows.

  266. Marjy and Mark says

    I can’t imagine the thousands and thousands of dogs, cats, birds… that are better behaved and whose “parents” are happier because of you. We plan to adopt again after losing our beloved Barley last month. I will use all I learned from your show – those lessons that made Barley the best yellow lab EVER!

  267. Patti says

    Are you familiar with the the WI Dog Breeders Licensure Bill (AB250-SB208) that is a bi-partisan plan to address Wisconsin’s “Puppy Mill” problem? Are you also familiar with, a non-profit that has been working for puppy mill legislation in WI for 10 years? I am working to get support for the legislation. Any ideas about how to get people from all around the state involved? They can call 800-362-9472 to find their legislator’s name and contact information. A call asking them to support SB 208, would be excellent! Petitions available on the WPMP site which can be copied, circulated, and send back to address on the bottom.

    Maybe you could help educate the public and encourage support? Thank you, and best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors.

    PS Wish I was younger and I would be interested in taking your classes!

  268. Tom & Shayla says

    This is a terrible development!
    We are huge fans and NPR members, we rarely miss a show!
    Is there anything that can be done to persuade WPR to reverse their poor decision?
    We are NOT happy campers for sure.

  269. Roxanne says

    I am going to miss your show. I had a training question and googled you at NPR and found this website instead. I noticed you weren’t on Saturdays at noon but figured they changed your time slot. Can you still answer my question? I just reread your booklet on a multi dog household and here is my problem. My four dogs and I will walk on leash to the end of my street where there is an empty lot we walk through to get to a community forest where they run off leash. They of course are excited and I do the group sit/wait and unhook each leash individually releasing the dogs one by one. The dogs still on the leash and waiting are behaving but whatever dogs have been released are excited and keep returning to the waiting dogs and excitedly jump, nip (corgis) and bark at them saying, “come on let’s go, follow me, chase me, play with me” which of course causes havoc and pisses me off. Any suggestions? They will do the same thing at the back door. The released to go outside dog runs back in to encourage their friends to join them out the door. I am usually in control but… I don’t know if it helps but I have two Cardigan Welsh Corgis, a corgi mix that acts and thinks like a BC and a miniature Poodle that in self defense has taken on the characteristics of a herding dog.
    Thank you!

  270. Bonnie says

    I guess I’m a little slow, but I also live in AZ part of the year so that might explain why I just recently noticed that one of my favorite shows was missing. My two girls cats are contantly bringing me and my husband socks. I remembered that you had once discussed this issue on your show. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember what you had said about the behavior. My thoughts were that I’d just wait and maybe call in. Well, it looks like it is too late. Fortunately, not too late to say how much I enjoyed the show, the callers, your advise, Mr. Mriller ‘s and your laughter.

    How said for us all but especially for the animals. I learned so much from you and the show.
    Thank you.

  271. Michael Mugnani says

    I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! It’s one the few programs anymore that I really enjoyed and looked forward to hearing on public radio.

    Seems we’ve slipped into odd times on public radio, with far to many newsy talk and finance shows, along with silly game or quasi-comedy programs. Nothing personal, but how many more years can Michael Feldman do the same old schtick? How much longer can I listen to the Car Talk guys’ wheezy laughing? Aside from TTBOOK, PHC, This American Life, and A Way With Words, there’s not much to hold my attention anymore. And I need “A Few Things Considered Many Times Over” like I need a two-hour Democracy Now the War and Peace Report whine-fest!

    I’ll keep donating to WORT-FM Madison — they still support jazz programs — but WPR/NPR are loosing my donations for the foreseeable future. I will miss Calling All Pets greatly, and I’m very sad to see it go!

  272. Cassandra T. says

    I give money to radio stations in Seattle for two reasons-P. McConnell and Amy Goodman and their staff and partners. The former has been cancelled and the latter has been moved to times that no working person can accommodate. Who is in charge here? I need my fix of McConnellism…..IS THERE A WAY THAT WE DEVOTEES OF “CALLING ALL PETS” CAN RAISE $$$$$$$ to return it to the airways? How many thousands of listeners did Calling All Pets gather together every week? Many thousands!!!

    A donation would be a lot cheaper prophylactic than taking up a new addiction like greasyburgers or unsafe sex or booze. HELP me, oh Dr. McConnell! Come back!
    YIKES! I am in heavy withdraaaaawl. I depended upon my weekly fix of Calling All Pets to help me with my rescue dog, to give us both encouragement. She is a handful and a quick learner and I am slow-moving and a slow learner, so I need repeated, multiple injections of the McConnell wisdom and positive vision. (I was raised in classes that stressed “corrections”/yanks of the metal choke chain, and need constant rehab from those practices).
    So, now I am supposed to enjoy listening instead to mildewed programs like Car Talk “what humor!” and the the Phony Minnysotan who has lived in NYC for decades while blabbing about Powdermilk biscuits or to the “balanced” news full of Chennyisms (Oh, please don’t call it “torture:” it was only gently wrapping a prisoner up in chains and the same diaper for days!), or the antic voices of the Newsy Take Away team? Awwwwwwwwwww, TAKE THEM ALL AWAY and bring back Patricia and Larry.

    My question du jour:
    My 4 year old Schipperke barks and lunges and snaps at dogs, whether on leash or off. Most dogs either ignore her or snap back, in which case she usually backs down. Yesterday she took on a friendly, tail wagging pit bull-type and after My dog politely said hello, she growled and snapped at the dog who chose not to ignore her but to gore her in the face. I have taught her to look at me when a dog approaches, (“Dog!” followed by a treat-this training for about 2 years) but sometimes the distraction does not stop an aggressive show after the treat/s. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  273. Sandie Abel says

    Dear Patricia and Larry,
    Thank you for a wonderful show that was one of my favorites. I love Patricia’s book, For The Love of a Dog.

    I’ve pretty much quit listening to WPR’s weekend line up–except for Zorba Paster’s show, it’s dismal. Car Talk is ok, but the rest is pretty dull.

  274. MARY B says

    Dear Patricia and Larry

    Just couldn’t write sooner out of disbelief that you are really off the air! Your show was brilliant, always positive, informative and fun. I’ve listened to the program since it’s beginning, long before I had a pet! My little Bailey has benefited from your advice and we thank you so much for your devotion to knowing animals so intimately. Patricia, you really think in their terms!

  275. Ginny F says

    OK, I am NOT a regular listener: I even typed in PBS when I was searching for CALLING ALL PETS… :-(

    I have a problem and I was hoping that you could help– and YES, I am disappointed that you will NOT be “here”– CALLING ALL PETS has ALWAYS been “there” … (whoever made THAT decision was WRONG!)

    Unfortunately, I don’t think my problem can be answered with a book– and– WHERE would I GET the book? — and– I don’t HAVE a lot of money…

    My question has to do with PETS in LOW-INCOME/ELDERLY housing: The law says that landlords HAVE to allow pets but– landlords are allowed to make up a LOT of rules that make it difficult for pet owners.

    The rule that I am facing is that my dog is NOT allowed in ANY “community” places on the property: it seems that two dogs got in a fight and one got bitten. I find this HARD. I just moved here and my dog was my — ambassador: people might NOT talk to me– but MOST people want to pet the dog– and– my DOG misses being with more people than ME– I tend to depression and ignore him a LOT… (EXCEPT for walks– every two hours or so– I AM trying…)

    I write something like this and I think of that old children’s poem: “I shot an arrow in the air, it fell to earth, I know not where….”

    Oh well– I DID try.

  276. Chas says

    (Late to the party so to speak) Listened to you often back when we had a dog 10 years ago. Our now 12 year old daughter has wanted a dog so we found a perfect Lab mix at a shelter. Now making a list of things we need to prepare for the dog, I did a search for the show I remember so fondly to share with my daughter.

    She may not be able to hear the wonderful weekly show that you and Larry had, but I did just buy a couple of your books that I know she’ll love.

    Thanks for everything Patricia!

  277. Clyde Ahlschwede says

    Yahooed this old site- good to hear you occasionally on Larry’s show. Everybody’s pet misses the regular shows, but appreciate your continued work , advice and fun! Keep up the good work.

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