Happy New Year and Happy Pictures!

Trisha is feeling a little under the weather this week, but didn’t want to leave you without a few cheery pictures. Here is Willie playing a good game of chase with Lily, Katie’s Dogo Argentino, in the upper pasture this week.

From all of us at McConnell Publishing, have a happy, healthy, and safe New Year. Give your dogs a good belly rub from us!




  1. Gordon Edwards says

    Thank you for the cheery pictures. Have a safe and Happy New Year, and by all means, we hope you feel better soon.

    Gordon, Atka and Eve

  2. Marcia in NorCal says

    Nothing gives me a bigger grin than to see two healthy, happy dog friends doing what most dogs love best: RUNNING FAST, for the sheer joy of running. Hope Patricia is all better next week, and that she, and all the rest of us, have a happy, healthy, dog-ful new year.

  3. Nicola says

    Hope you feel better soon, Trisha. Happy New Year to all. It is wonderful to see Willie running freely again

  4. Trisha says

    Thanks to you all for your get well wishes, and to Katie for being there (as always!) when I needed her. I won’t pretend I’m all better, but I can sit up now for a few minutes, wooo hoo. (If anyone is concerned about holiday weight gain, I suggest a rousing stomach flu. No, no, really I don’t. But hey, I’ve lost 7 pounds. Cool.)

    I do have enough sense in me to say again how grateful I am for all of you… this international conversation and inquiry about people and dogs is more than I ever dreamed, and you are what make that happen

    And it wouldn’t be right to end the year without thanking the amazing staff at McConnell Publishing, Denise Swedlund, without whom there would simply be no office at all, Katie Martz (the kick ass photographer whose work you see above) and Lisa Lemberger, who has added immeasurably to the joy and efficiency of the office. I am a lucky woman indeed.

  5. Beth with the Corgis says

    That same stomach bug seems to have hit the entire country at once; I guess we can thank holiday travel, cards, and packages for that!

    Hope you feel better soon. Happy New Year, and great pics of the dogs!

  6. Carolyn M M says

    Love seeing running happy dogs! Thank you for all your posts, Trisha, and get well soon. Thanks to everyone else, for all of your comments and shared experiences. Great community we have here! Happy New Year, all!

  7. Lisa W says

    The dog pictures capture how I feel being part of this wise, creative, canine collective. Thank you for everything, and here’s to a peaceful and positive New Year.

  8. Frances says

    Hope you feel better soon – I recommend dry toast and passionfruit tea. The only things that got me through a severe bout a few years back!

  9. Kathy says

    Those pictures make me want to come over and play too! Happy New Year to you and Jim and all the four-footed furries!

  10. Barb Stanek says

    Happy New Year, everyone! May we all get over the flu, cold, whatever malady that comes with our merry making together! Mine is a good, old fashioned cold that hasn’t visited me for about three years. And I hope takes at least that much of a vacation from me in the future! May we all be as happy as dogs romping in the snow! Thanks for the pictures!


  11. Mireille says

    Get well soon and the best wishes for the new year, from the muddy Netherlands :-)
    I’m soo jealous of the snow….

  12. em says

    Happy New Year, Trisha! I hope that you are still on the mend (or better yet, fully mended!). What beautiful pictures of Willie and Lily at play. Here’s wishing that you and everyone here on the forum have a fantastic new year!

  13. mungobrick says

    Happy New Year and glad you’re up again…my son came down with that awful bug on Christmas Eve and it was the most sick I’ve seen him in all his 25 years. Not something I would wish on anyone!!

    Hope you’re back in form again – thank you for the last year of wonderful and inspiring posts!!

    Elizabeth and Daisy (who loves the snow — and running in the snow with a pal – or two – is her absolute favourite!!)

  14. LaDonna says

    I know where you have been Trish because I am just coming off of that horrible stomach flu myself. Yikes, it is a mean one. I hope you are feeling much better and are looking forward to a fabulous 2013. What a delight to see Willy having such a grand time. I have followed his progress and all that the two of you have been through in his healing process. It has been an amazing journey. Go Willy!

  15. says

    Outstanding chase pictures! Makes me tear up seeing Willie so fit and happy. But of course he’s happy… just look at that girlfriend!
    Feel better… no… feel GOOD!

  16. Nicola says

    Happy New Year Trisha. Get well soon! Lots of hot tea required..

    Beautiful pictures of Willie and Lily, thanks for sharing these – the sheer joy on their faces induces that oxytocin reaction in me. And it’s wonderful to see Willie running after what he’s been through.

    Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge and expertise with us, even from your sick bed! Not to mention your compassion and warmth, which always shines through in your writing.

    You are such an inspirational teacher of all things canine and feline! Really looking forward to reading your blog in 2013.

    Warm wishes,
    Nicola, England, UK.

  17. Marjorie says

    Interesting pics, I was under the impression that Dogo’s were very sensitive tot he cold and did not do well in a winter climate. This one seems to be enjoying the snow no problem. Would love hear more about Tootsie in 2013. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful 2013.

  18. Trisha says

    You are indeed right that Dogos can be very sensitive to cold. Lily often wears boots and sweaters in the snow, when she’s playing for brief periods of time Katie says she does better au natural. When she goes running with Katie she wears boots in the winter and sun screen in the summer!

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