International Shipping!

Yippee! After months of hard work (no kidding), Katie finally convinced our website that it could handle shipping to North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. We partnered it with a big discount on packages of books and/or DVDs for folks who would like to begin a “library.” We’ve had lots of inquiries from folks in Canada, the UK and Australia especially, so we’re sooooo happy to be able to accommodate!

You can get more information on the website. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of Willie moving up on “The Camel Sisters” from earlier this year. As soon as I post this we’re going out to work sheep some more. Oh boy.



  1. Deanne says

    This is wonderful news! My budget doesn’t allow for it right now, but I’ll be stocking up on some of the titles when I can.

  2. Cindy says

    Yay! I have an Aussie friend living in Phnom Pehn Cambodia with a gsd. He’ll be happy to know he can get your dvds without me. Love the picture of Willie with the Camel Sisters. They look quite like a few Katahdins that have our number

  3. Lisa W says

    I am wondering if there are plans for downloading some of the DVD training videos. Some websites have it set up so you can pay to download the product you want instead of buying and shipping a DVD. It is less cost to both the seller and buyer. Thanks.

  4. Trisha says

    Lisa: Thanks for asking. We don’t have that capability yet, it may be inexpensive on the front end, but extremely expensive on the back end. We’re just not a big enough business to manage that kind of technology. And some of the DVDs are 6+ hours long… that would be a pretty long download!

  5. Mireille Wulf says

    Good news! Well, I already own four of your books but since last week I think I am going to need a lot more ;-). With two 14 month old Siberians sometimes I feel at the end of my ‘leash’. Long story, but yesterday Shadow got so hyper in class that he bit me…. sore thigh, big sigh and banging my head at the wall why I didn’t leave this class since being in an enclosed area with 6 dogs, of which two are reactive is just way to much to ask from him. All things considering he did not even do so bad, but I feel soooo guilty for asking him to run before he can walk… Am going to change schools, this one is fine for the basics but I’m attending one with Spot which is based on Turid Rugaas “Calming signs” and gives the dogs soooo much more space and time. I should have done that weeks ago… Sorry, just had to vent, totally inappropriate, I know. Going to get “Feisty fido” out again ;-). Which DVD would you recommend so I can also train my partner & the dogs? I keep shoving your books under his nose, he keeps putting them to the side with the “I’ll read them later”…

    Take a couple of deep breaths, back to work again,


    PS are you going to come over to Europe some time in the near future?

  6. Trisha says

    Mireille: First, so sorry to hear about your bad experience in class. Don’t feel too badly, we all often have to learn the hard way it seems. I hope your leg is much better today, and glad you are changing classes to one that is more appropriate. Best DVD? Hummm, training humans is always harder, isn’t it! I’d say the best one re hands-on training would be either Dog-Dog Reactivity (if at all appropriate, and I’m guessing it is) and Both Ends of the Leash. And good news! I’ll be in the UK and in Germany in November of 2013. Details will be firmed up by the end of the year, check the website periodically for more information.

  7. Mireille says

    Thank you for taking the time to encourage total stranger on you wedding day! I hope you have a wonderfull day and I wish you and Jim many happy years together

    I hope to see you in November 2013!


  8. says

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