Cats and Shelters

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I did a fund raiser for my  local shelter last night, the Dane County Humane Society. They are about to open a state of the art facility for cats, designed to treat cats with ring worm (a fungus, not a worm) so that they don't have to be put down (as they often are at shelters, even some 'no-kill' ones.) They have developed a nationally recognized treatment program, and a new facility just for cats is part of the program. They call it the FIT Center (Feline Infectious Treatment? I'm making that up.) and it will be opening up next week. Yeah DCHS! I am bushed today, but am so gratified to be able to help. Over 200 people attended, we raised lots of money thanks to a generous community and I auctioned off Willie's slightly used Polly the Pig stuffed toy and discovered it's really really Read More

BFF in Pennsylvania, Power of Pets in Madison WI

BFF Speakers 2010

A quick post today, trying to catch up before I leave for Toronto on Friday.  Sunday at the BFF conference was great, I'll write a post soon about Pam Reid's talks on cognition, her talk about stress, and Emily Levine's talk on compulsive disorders in dogs.  All of them were great, very valuable. I thought this conference had the highest level of talks I've seen, and many others seemed to agree. Although it's hard to pack up and go before you have your paws on the ground, I'm very much looking forward to meeting folks in Toronto, and to traveling to Seattle to speak in mid-September. It is hard to turn around this fast when you've been traveling, leaving the farm and the dogs, sheep and Sushi, I won't pretend it's not, but I do meet such interesting people and always learn so much. I Read More