Your Dog Has a Brain in His Gut

willie and frisbee 12-11

No, seriously. And so do you. No kidding. I'm so interested this, a relatively new discovery about what's called the Enteric Nervous System, that I wanted to write about it today. I'll get back to emotions in dogs soon, but I'm in the Oh Wow phase of this information, and wanted to share it. (Granted, this is not new information to the researchers who have been studying what's called the ENS for decades, but the information does seem to be leaking out slowly. No pun on 'leaky gut syndrome' intended...) Here's the deal, and here's how it relates to our dogs and their behavior. It turns out that there is a vast network of neurons--that's right--neurons--in your intestines. 100 million of them. Of course, your brain has 100 BILLION, but still, that's impressive.  Neurons were supposed to Read More