Leaving on a Trip — without the dogs

sunrise 11-2010

A reader asked if I'd go through what I do to prepare for a trip when I can't take my dogs along. I thought it was a good question for all of us, and a lead in to what could be a fruitful discussion. After all, leaving one's dog(s) is hard, and the only way I can do it myself without being a wreck is to have a system in which I feel like I've covered as many bases as I can. Here are some of my tips, I'd love to hear yours: 1. Put a big-lettered note by the phone that says YOU ARE HERE and give the address and phone number of your home. House sitters rarely can spit out your address in a crisis, and that's when they need it the most. 2. Also by the phone, leave EMERGENCY phone numbers for your usual vet (who you've called to approve any charges in advance) and if need be, an Emergency Read More


Monday, 5:16 pm.  Well, I had planned to write something wise and witty about dogs, people and play. I was inspired by the closing ceremonies of the Olympics (finally I can get some sleep, but I'm going to  miss them, darn!), and found myself thinking more about how important play is between people and dogs. But that was then (this morning) and this is now (this evening).  I've spent most of the day on machines and technology... dealing with issues related to the new website, creating an ad for the new play booklet to send out electronically, learning new software, etc. etc. I've been riding this computer almost all day, and am ready to rip every hair out of my head.  Why, oh why, can't we use operant and classical conditioning on machines? If only I could click and treat when the new Read More