Thank You and Happy Holidays!

I had planned to post a different article (about new research on the effect of different types of music on kenneled dogs) but want to interview one more expert before I finish it. It’s a fascinating issue overall–how the acoustic environment effects dogs (and us too), and one that deserves an in-depth inquiry. And so, I’ll be posting that article after the holidays. Meanwhile, it seems fitting to send out a short and sweet THANK YOU to all of you who read the blog, and to those of you who post such thought-provoking comments. I hope your holidays are full of love and warmth and gratitude.

BACK ON THE FARM? Well, I couldn’t write from there if I wanted to. We got dumped with snow yesterday, anywhere from 16 to 20 inches in the area. The dogs and I spent a quiet day together in what I am now calling the “snow cave,” with no internet or television to distract us. It probably will be many days before I get either back; the farm has satellite dishes and they are covered with wet, sticky snow that is probably now little but ice, and that won’t melt off for who knows how long. Thanks to a snow plow and a lot of shoveling I made it out this morning to my little town of Black Earth, so I can at least send you these pictures, along with wishes for a sweet and relaxing end of 2012, and a healthy and happy 2013.

Here’s as good an example as any of what “all snow all the time looks like” . . .


Anyone want to come for a picnic?


Check out the snow on top of the wooden feeder on the right. There’s more snow than feeder! (And note the Downy Woodpecker and Chickadee too.)


Nellie and Polly decided to be “Garage cats” instead of “Barn cats,” and join me in wishing you happy holidays. And if it’s summer where you are, then I hope it’s lovely weather. Aren’t you jealous!?


  1. Laura says

    I thought about you all day yesterday, knowing you were getting your share of the “great dump.” Seamus and I will have a fun and relaxed Holiday. We’ve got lots of snow still left over from our 13 inches two weeks ago and I’m glad my boy gets to play in it. Give all the fuzzy ones hugs and have a good break.

  2. ABandMM says

    Happy Holidays to you Trisha, Jim and all the 4-leggeds. Thank you for all your insightful posts and enjoy your white christmas.

    Stanley Coren had a post about classical music and dogs on his Psychology Today blog: I hope this doesn’t steal your thunder Trisha.

    I did get the “Through a Dog’s Ear” cd for my parents’ dogs, one who gets spastic up during thunderstorms (he does love his thundershirt and does much better wearing that and hiding in the bathroom) and another one that has some minor anxiety issues. Mom and dad have gotten in the habit of putting on “the funeral music” for the dogs when they go out. The dogs are calm and usually sound asleep when they return.

    After reading the book which came with the CD and Dr. Coren’s post, I now feel a bit bad about leaving my first dog with radio tuned to alternative music of the 80’s and 90’s. My current dog is an NPR radio dog. I was surprised to read that jazz music was not a calming form of music for many dogs.

  3. Nicola says

    Wow, a white Christmas – I almost had one in 1985 in Nepal (it snowed Boxing Day), it looks like all the traditional Christmas cards. Unfortunately, while it is Summer here (NSW, Australia) rain is predicted for Christmas Day :(

    Merry Christmas to you, Jim, Willy, Tootsie & the cats

  4. Mireille says

    Very jealous!we have a heat/rainwave over here. Predictions for christmas 14 C and rain rain, and oh, did I mention rain? We cancelled our trip to the snow since there was no more snow and I do not fancy sitting in a hotel room with two mud-huskies. So cuddle time, time to read, to clean up in the house and teach the dogs silly tricks.
    Maybe I can get them to decorate the christmas tree like these guys;

    Merry christmas, Mireille

  5. says

    ¬°¬°Feliz Navidad!!
    This Fall in Spain is being kind of warm, so we haven’t had any snow yet. Love your pictures!
    I have been using the Chopin Nocturnes for dogs with fears and anxiety for some time now, and I find them really useful!

  6. Frances says

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas – I bet the snow is pleasanter to look at in photos than it is to live with! It is wet here – very, very wet. Sodden fields, sodden skies, sodden everything, and we are all more than tired of it. But I think I would take yet more rain over heavy snow – at least we can walk in the occasional breaks without slipping and sliding and having to keep stopping to defrost snowballs in the dogs’ armpits!

  7. says

    I am very jealous! Please send some snow this way, I’d love to have a white winter, much preferable to a wet and windy one!

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you too

  8. LaDonna says

    May the blessings of this Christmas season surround your farm and all that reside there. Thank you Trish for sharing so much of your life and knowledge with the rest of us. You are a great blessing to many. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

  9. says

    Growing up in MN, I enjoyed the snow and left the shoveling to my dad and brother. Now, in MO, we rarely see snow like this so your pics are a real treat. Have a safe, happy Christmas!

  10. LarryC says

    People put satellite dishes on the roof because that’s where TV antennae always went, but there is no reason. They work just as well at waist height where you can easily clean the snow off of them.

    I’m sure your dogs enjoy the silence, though. I believe that dogs suffer from noise stress even worse than people. My house is almost silent. The loudest noises most times are the wind in the trees and the water in the creek. Maybe I’m projecting, but I think the dogs find it as relaxing as my wife and I do.

  11. Wendy W says

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Chatted with a couple yesterday from Wisconsin, who were sitting on a neighbor’s porch in T-shirts, soaking up the sun in Houston. They noted that the weather’s a bit different in Wisconsin right now. Somewhat of an understatement, I should say :-)

  12. Donna in VA says

    Sooo glad I’m not where you are! We had light snow and slush followed by rain on Dec 26. Max has problems with snow:
    1) He EATS it and subsequently needs to pee much sooner than our schedule allows.
    2) He hates snow packed in between his toes. He sits down during the walk and I have to check all 4 paws and remove any snow packed in there. Such a pain. We have tried boots and he doesn’t like them, and they fall off.

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