Hartford, CT - October 15, 2014

Association of Professional Dog Trainers
2014 Conference

People, Dogs, and Psychological Trauma
Wednesday, October 15
, 9:15am Eastern

Psychological Trauma is defined as an event or experience that completely overwhelms an individual's ability to cope. This presentation will initiate an inquiry into three basic questions related to trauma in people and dogs:

  • If we accept that both dogs and people can be traumatized, how would our experiences be similar? How would they be different?
  • What can treatments for human victims of trauma teach us about treating trauma in dogs? What about the other direction—from dogs to people?
  • What do we know, both from science and anecdotal experience, that can help us evaluate the practice of using dogs to help people recover from trauma?

Included will be discussions about whether dogs can suffer from PTSD, how to determine if a dog's behavior might be related to trauma, and the costs and benefits of asking dogs to help people heal from psychological trauma.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge about the biology of trauma, including its comparative effects on people and dogs.
  • Acquire understanding about the treatment of trauma, both in people and dogs, including the use of dogs as adjunctive therapists to people with PTSD


Panel Discussion on Trauma and Fear
Wednesday, October 15, 3:45 - 5:15pm Eastern


Connecticut Convention Center

100 Columbus Boulevard
Hartford, CT  06103

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