Communication Between Dogs


Willie plays with Lily
Different dogs have different play styles. Read more about this
video and how Lily and Willie communicate in their own ways here.


Lassie Self-handicapping to a Puppy
Watch as Lassie self-handicaps to WIllie when he was a puppy.
Click here to read more about self-handicapping in dogs.


Lassie & Sydney Greet
Healthy play is full of lots of pauses between action. Watch
how often Lassie and Sydney pause as they get to know each
other and begin to play.


Willie, Hope, & Mico Play



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Training Your Dog

Here’s the good news: It’s fun to train your dog! Here’s the bad news: You have to learn how. More good news: It’s not hard to learn. . . and this is a great place to get started.

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If you’re interested in canine cognition, communication, social systems & nutrition (plus a host of other topics!), look here to start seeing your dog in an entirely new light!

Behavior Problems

Here’s help for dogs of every description, from cautious canines to feisty fidos. Click below for videos, articles, books and DVDs that will help you help your dog.

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"The Education of Will delves deep into the minds of people and dogs, and into the effects of trauma, showing that healing is possible. McConnell gives a voice to those who can’t speak in words and provides hope for fearful animals everywhere."

—Temple Grandin, author of Animals Make Us Human and Animals in Translation.

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