General Health of Dogs


Greeting Behavior and Separation Anxiety–Any Effects? March 2021

Paws and Effect February 2021

“Recovery Collars” After Surgery–Do They Work? January 2021

Why Aren’t Dogs Bothered More By Masks? August 2020

It’s 10 PM, What are Your Dogs and Cats Sleeping On? July 2020

Physical Exercise for Active or Aging Dogs July 2020

Puppies and Dog Parks in the Time of Covid-19 March 2020

Thank Heavens We Have Dogs. (And Other Things To Do When The World Closes Up.) March 2020

Dog Parks: The Controversy, and Out of Africa Part II February 2020

Slimmer Dogs, Longer Lives. January 2020

Overweight Dogs & Healthy Holiday Food December 2019

Spay-Neuter or De Sex? September 2019

Dogs and Happiness July 2019

Aggression, Fear and Gut Health. . . Joined at the Hip? May 2019

Quiet, Please September 2018

Detecting Subtle Injuries, Dr. Chris Zink at APDT October 2017

What does "Licking" Mean? November 2015

Making the Medicine Go Down: Giving a Dog a Pill  January 2015

Spay Neuter Effects & the Health of Our Dogs  June 2013

fMRI on Dogs: Too Wonderful!  June 2012

Your Dog Has a Brain in His Gut  December 2011

Aromatherapy for Dogs?  October 2011

The Nail Wars  August 2011

All Exercise is Equal, but is Some More Equal?  June 2011

Just Enough Exercise to Wake Our Dogs Up?  June 2011

Bad News! Dogs are Dangerous!  January 2011

Let's Be Careful Out There - Dogs and Mushrooms  October 2010

Low Stress Handling  July 2010

Veterinarians on the Front Lines  October 2009

A Fully Functional Tooth?  September 2009

Are Behavioral Problems Medical Problems?  June 2009



Not Tonight, I Have a Paw Ache: That suddenly cranky pup could be suffering from undiagnosed pain


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