Lake Geneva, WI -- March 29, 2018

Sponsored by the Lake Geneva Public Library, 

Barrett Memorial Library Elkhorn Veterinary Clinic, & the Geneva Inn.

The talk is not at the Lake Geneva Public Library, but at

The Riviera Ballroom, 812 Wrigley Drive

6:30 PM

The Education of Will

Patricia will be talking about her memoir, The Education of Will: Healing a Dog, Facing My Fears, Reclaiming My Life. The "Will" in the title of Patricia's new memoir has two meanings. First, it refers to her Border Collie, Willie, who came as a "troubled, spark of a dog," who was loving and attentive, but also consumed by fear. However, the word "will" also refers to will power, which, as the book shows, is not enough to help a panicked dog, much less a dog owner overwhelmed with her own fears. Patricia will touch on her very personal story about how her beloved Willie first set her back, but eventually led to healing from the traumas in her own past that she had tried to "will" away for decades.

Join Patricia as she details her personal journey with Willie to turn a life of fear into one of confidence and compassion.

Contact: Lake Geneva Public Library, 262-249-5299

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