The Other End of The Leash

Photos and References to Accompany the Audio Version of The Other End of The Leash

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Photo courtesy of Frans de Waal








Photo by Jim Hofstetter









Chimpanzees and humans often express affection by putting an arm around each other. But to a dog, a front leg over another’s shoulder is usually a display of social status. (Photo by Karen B. London)








We humans greet others by moving directly forward, hands extended, looking straight into one another’s eyes. (Photo by Karen B. London)
















Dogs on the other hand, avoid direct eye contact and direct approaches when they’re meeting a new dog, and use smell, rather than eye contact, to get to know one another. (Photo by author)








Humans aren’t the only species who express affection by kissing one another. (Photo by Karen B. London)









Chimpanzees and bonobos are world-class kissers. (Photo courtesy of Frans de Waal)