For the Love of a Dog DVD

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For the Love of a Dog DVD

If you cherish your dog but are often baffled by his behavior, For the Love of a Dog is a revelation—offering you a new understanding of the emotions that sometimes bind, and other times damage your relationship with your dog. This DVD is:

  • A delightful example of Patricia's unique blend of science & soul
  • Full of entertaining and moving stores about dog behavior
  • A fascinating explanation on emotions
  • A source of practical insights about dog behavior
  • A visual guide to “reading” your dog’s emotional state

Price: $59.95


If you know Patricia’s work, you’ve probably heard her confess that she is “stupid in love with her dogs.” That may describe you too—but can our dogs be in love with us? Yes they can, at least that’s what is argued in this intriguing inquiry into the emotional life of dogs. Through slides, videos and demo dogs, the seminar ranges from why advances in neuroscience make it clear that dogs “have” emotions, to how to prevent frustration-related aggression in dogs who can lose their tempers. The day ends with an in-depth examination of why we love dogs as much as we do, and celebrates the bond between us and our four-footed friends. (Warning: Get out your tissues.)


Do you love to read stories about dogs and their people? Are you interested in what goes on behind those big, brown eyes and how much your dog's mental life compares with your own? If you want to know more about your dog than how to get him to stay off the kitchen counters, this might be the book for you. It’s not a book about training, but ironically, like another of Patricia’s best selling books, The Other End of the Leash, it will help you train your dog. More importantly, it will help you understand your best friend better than ever.

"Inspiring! Funny, intelligent and darn-near perfect!
Excellent balance of science and practical information."
-Seminar attendees

We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback to Patricia's books here in Germany. Finally, someone knows how to write about behavior AND training in a very enlightening way. Trisha holds up a mirror to show us our behavior around dogs - and makes us laugh with the discoveries we make about ourselves. One of the reasons for her success is that she never comes across as lecturing with a wagging finger. She likes humans as much as she loves dogs which is expressed clearly in her writing."
-Gisela Rau, Kynos Publishing,

Description: DVD
Publisher: McConnell Publishing Ltd.

Video Taped and Edited: Tawzer Dog Videos

DVD Release Date: 2006

Location: 1 day seminar in Marin, CA

Number of Discs: 4 

Run Time: 5 HRS 50 MINS