Dog-Dog Aggression DVD

Is your dog a bit rude to other dogs, whether on walks in the neighborhood or within your own home? This day-long seminar focuses on dogs who are aggressive to unfamiliar dogs and dogs who live together, but don’t necessarily get along. This DVD will help you:

  • Enjoy neighborhood walks again!
  • Help your dog think “Oh Boy!” when when he sees another dog
  • Help dogs in the same household get along
  • Choose the best treatment method for an individual case

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This DVD shows why Patricia has become one of the nation’s leading experts on canine aggression. Through demonstrations and lecture, videos and slides, you’ll learn the causes behind dog-dog aggression, and better yet, a variety of techniques to treat it.

The first half of the seminar addresses dogs who are aggressive to unfamiliar dogs, while the second half examines dog-dog aggression within the home through a one-on-one case study. This entertaining and informative dog behavior seminar gets rave reviews from participants, because it’s chock full of practical, effective solutions to a common problem.

If you’d like to learn more about working with dogs who are reactive to others on leash, you might be interested in Dog-Dog Reactivity, a seminar DVD taped in 2010.

Who Should Buy

Dog Owners
You’re not alone if you dread going on neighborhood walks, or are tired of worrying that your own dogs are going to fight. Problems between dogs are common, but usually have resolutions once you know how to respond. This is a great resource for anyone who would like to know more about treating any form of dog-dog reactivity or aggression.

Trainers and Behaviorists
Dog-dog aggression and reactivity is a common and serious problem (it made up almost 40% of Patricia’s case load for years). This seminar includes one of the only tapings of Patricia doing a one-on-one evaluation of in-home aggression; that in itself makes it a great resource for professionals.


“I love the Dog-Dog Aggression DVD, mainly because the exercises/ideas presented are so SIMPLE and based out of common sense. However, because they are like that, often we won’t think of themselves. We want fancy fixes, LOL. And Patricia is just a hoot to watch. :-).”
-Liz Wyant on Facebook

Product Details

Description: DVD
Publisher: McConnell Publishing Ltd.
Video Taped and Edited: Tawzer Dog Videos
DVD Release Date: 2003
Location: 1 day seminar taped in Lisle, IL
Number of Discs: 3
Run Time: 5 HRS 40 MINS

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