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A recording of Patricia’s half-day seminar in 2009, Dog Play bridges the natural history of canine play with every day interactions involving our best friends. This DVD includes invaluable information about play between dogs and play between dogs and people. In it you’ll find:

  • What scientists know about play itself
  • Up-to-date research on the development of play in dogs
  • How to identify appropriate and inappropriate play between dogs
  • How to tell your dog you want to play
  • Why play can enhance or damage your relationship with your dog

Dog Play: Understanding Play Between Dogs and Between Dogs and Poeple

Price: $49.95

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With a wealth of videos of dogs playing with other dogs, along with ones illustrating our sometimes pathetic attempts to “talk dog” (start laughing now), Dog Play is a great resource for anyone interested in this important aspect of canine behavior. You’ll improve your ability to evaluate dog-dog interactions (“Are they playing or fighting?” Ever heard that question before?!), inspire you to incorporate more play into your training regimen, and illustrate some of Patricia’s favorite tricks. (Okay, they’re not really her tricks; She taught them to Willie.)

There’s nothing like mental exercise to relax a dog, so take the advice in the video, begin to define “play” broadly (from obedience to silly tricks), and let the games begin!

Dog Play – Understanding Play Between Dogs and People

Who Should Buy

Dog Owners
What is more central to our relationship with dogs than our mutual love of play? (Okay, maybe a love of food is first on the list?) Learn how you can use play with any dog to enhance your relationship and improve your dog’s responsiveness, and how you can distinguish healthy play from problematic play at the dog park.

How often have you had clients whose dogs were “just playing” at the dog park, except none of the other dogs seemed to be having a good time? Or an owner who was bitten while playing with their dog? Play behavior is central to good relationships between people dogs, as well as dogs and other dogs, and the more you know about it the better you’ll be when helping your clients.

Veterinarians/Veterinary Technicians
What could play possibly have to do with medicine? Just like the phrase “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out,” play can often lead to frustration and aggression. Help your clients avoid bites and dog fights, not to mention having a better behaved dog, by understanding more about appropriate play between species.


“Informative, educating, and entertaining, this seminar opened up a new world for me.”
-Eva Engvall, PhD, MD, Tangens Hounds, Buellton, CA

“Patricia McConnell was outstanding!”
-Juliet F., California

“Patricia was my favorite at APDT in Colorado, and I have to say,
she is still my favorite speaker because she is so watchable and
because she really knows how to act like a dog!”
-Ivy S., Calfornia

“Patricia was wonderful! I enjoyed every minute.”
-Julie B., Calfornia

“It was a wonderful event: educational, fun and enjoyable”
-Marlane S., California

“I absolutely loved this seminar. The information was covered in a fun and
memorable way.  I loved the use of various species (though mostly dogs, of course),
to show the many forms of play. She covered various types of play and included
what to look for to indicate when play is escalating into unhealthy play. In general,
this was just a fun seminar to watch. Both trainers and pet owners
would benefit from watching Patricia McConnell’s seminar.
-Nick Hoff, CPDT-KA
Dogwise Customer

Dog Play is invaluable! Trisha explains the difference between appropriate, reciprocal play and problematic play. She tells us specifically what to look for in “good” play and to pay attention to the absence of these behaviors in unsuitable play. She includes many excellent video clips to illustrate her points. This DVD helps us humans identify if play is indeed going smoothly, or if intervention is needed on our part.”
-Gail Kahles on Facebook

“I’ve only had a chance to watch Dog Play so far and it was really useful!
I’m looking forward to watching all of them.”
-Marion Klw on Facebook


Product Details

Description: Streming Video
Publisher: McConnell Publishing Ltd.
Video Taped and Edited: Tawzer Dog Videos
DVD Release Date:  2009
Location: 1/2 day seminar taped in Arroyo Grande, CA
Number of Discs: 2
Run Time: 2 HRS 44 MINS