Dogs Have Owners, but Cats Have Staff! DVD

Would you like to love and appreciate your cat even more than you do already? This DVD of a half-day seminar takes the mystery out of feline behavior while celebrating that cats will always have their secrets. In it you’ll find:

  • How understanding feline ethology can improve your relationship
  • Why the social system of cats makes them especially interesting
  • How a cat’s love of pleasure means you CAN train him or her!
  • Methods for introducing new cats together
  • How to evaluate a cat at a shelter

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Have you met your cat’s closest relative, the African Wild Cat? You will in this fascinating combination of natural history and practical applications. Learn why cats meow to go outside and then stand stock still at the door, why cats like to “play” with their prey, and how to avoid cat fights when new cats begin to share the same space. Cats may be fascinating, but they don’t have to be a complete mystery! Do your cat a favor and learn more about her or him from this aptly titled DVD.

Who Should Buy

Cat Lovers
This just might be the video your cat wants you to buy. Cuddle up on the couch with him or her (or both… or all 5…) and settle back to learn more about feline behavior. You’ll end up loving your cat even more, we promise!

An essential addition to your understanding of feline ethology, this DVD also provides lots of practical advice about solving litter box problems, cats who play ‘too rough,’ and how to introduce unfamiliar cats to each other.

Veterinarians/Veterinary Technicians
Be a step above the competition by providing your cat-loving clients this DVD (to borrow or purchase). Given the increasing popularity of cats as companion animals, this is a wonderful way to stay ahead of the curve and provide clients with the knowledge they want and need.


“Good cat books are few and far between, and DVDs featuring cat behavior even scarcer.
Luckily, Dogs Have Owners, Cats have Staff! fills in the gaps nicely, with current information on
cat history, behavior, why they do what they do, and some great cat moves!”
-Lin Look on Facebook

Product Details

Description: DVD
Publisher: McConnell Publishing Ltd
Video Taped and Edited: Tawzer Dog Videos
DVD Release Date: 2003
Location: ½ day seminar taped in Longmont CO
Number of Discs: 2
Run Time: 3 Hrs


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