Feeling Outnumbered? Streaming Video

Full of clear demonstrations and practical ideas for keeping life fun in houses with two or more dogs, this DVD is a great resource for all multiple dog owners, whatever their level of training experience. After watching Feeling Outnumbered, you’ll have:

  • A patient and polite canine pack
  • A variety of tools to create calm out of chaos
  • Peaceful mealtimes, with each dog waiting his or her turn
  • Management skills to stop trouble before it starts
  • The ability to read early warnings signs of potential trouble

Feeling Outnumbered? How to manage and enjoy your multi-dog household

Price: $29.95

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Produced in 2005, this video is a great resource for any multi-dog home, whether you’re looking to stop your dogs from competing for attention, introducing a new dog, or wondering how to keep your current dogs from bowling you over when they run out the door. The Feeling Outnumbered? video provides exercises clearly illustrated by Patricia in her own home, and will help anyone who wouldn’t mind living with a little less canine commotion!

Feeling Outnumbered? – How To Manage & Enjoy A Multi-Dog Household

Better Together! Order the Feeling Outnumbered? book to with the Feeling Outnumbered? Streaming video for additional support. When you’re not in front of your TV, this book is the perfect guidebook to manage and enjoy your multi-dog household.

Who Should Buy

Dog Owners
As everyone with multiple dogs knows, having two dogs can be more than twice the fun (and work) of one. This DVD will show you how to manage your pack, by teaching them to get what they want by being polite rather than pushy.

Trainers, Behaviorists, Veterinarians & Veterinary Technicians
This is one of the few resources available that addresses the unique demands of a multi-dog household. Let it help you assist your clients when the situation gets “out of hand” (paw?).

Rescues/Foster Homes
Busy foster homes can use some of the techniques in Feeling Outnumbered? to help them manage their ever-changing group of dogs. The sections on introducing new dogs and reading signs of potential aggression are especially useful for people bringing fosters into their homes.


“I recently purchased the Feeling Outnumbered? book and DVD. After they arrived, I watched the DVD and then read the book and have since watched the DVD and referred back to the book several times. I have read many books and watched many DVDs on dog training, and this set is one of the best for people with multiple dogs in their home. It is simple, straightforward, and makes you feel as if you are in Patricia’s home. It has helped me and my family with our three dogs, and I would highly recommend this book and DVD to anyone who has more than one dog.”
Frank R., Elmsford, NY

Feeling Outnumbered? helped me cope with my pack. Using the dog’s name as a release word would never have occurred to me. I loved the head pat, folded arms as an easy way to convey-ENOUGH already.”
-Beth Tuohy on Facebook

Feeling outnumbered? is great due to many things, but especially the advice concerning using your body as a (blocking) tool towards “speaking dog”.  …great information for a human on the way of learning the language of dogs (combined with other books, DVDs etc.) – and necessary with 4 dogs in the house:) Keep up the good work!”
-Per Arnt Rasmussen on Facebook

Feeling Outnumbered? is a wonderful resource. There aren’t many training resources that address how to work with two or more dogs at once, so this video with its demonstrations and advice was helpful and informative.”
-Amy Weinberg on Facebook

Product Details

Description:  Streaming Video
Publisher:  McConnell Publishing Ltd
Taped and Edited:  Tawzer Dog Videos
DVD Release Date:  2005
Location:  Instructional DVD taped in Wisconsin
Number of Discs:  1
Run Time:  45 Min.