Play Together, Stay Together

Learn how play can enhance your relationship with your dog, improve your dog’s responsiveness, and provide your dog with the mental and physical exercise that he or she needs. Here are just some of the things this book will enable you to do:

•    Play your way to a quiet and contented dog
•    Use Games & Tricks to teach manners quickly and effectively
•    Find the right toys for your dog
•    Use play to solve problems, rather than create them
•    Decide if organized classes are right for you and your dog
•    Impress your friends with your dog’s new set of tricks

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Play is fun, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just goofy or frivolous. Play is a powerful tool that can teach dogs to come when called, be polite to visitors, and drop the remote control instead of grabbing it and running under the bed! Tired dogs are happy dogs, and there’s nothing like learning the trick “Are You Ashamed of Yourself?” or the game “Find It!” to exercise your dog’s body and brain.

And don’t miss the section on “How NOT to play with your dog.” It can prevent some common and serious problems like nipping and biting. (Spoiler: Tug games are great if you do them correctly!)

Who Should Buy

Dog Owners
You’ll have a happier and better-behaved dog once you know how to use play to train and entertain your dog. This book has something for everyone, whether your dog is an obsessive retriever or snubs his nose at the new toy you just bought him.

Perfect as a supplement to Tricks & Games classes or for one-on-one training sessions, this concise booklet is an invaluable tool in helping your clients have the relationship they want with their dogs.

Co-authors Patricia McConnell and Karen London, both PhDs & Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists, use this book for dogs with a variety of behavioral problems. From teaching impulse control with games or teaching a trick as an incompatible behavior, there’s nothing like the power of play to help solve a range of mild to serious behavioral issues.


This is a fantastic book, whether as an end-to-end read or for picking up useful bits
for specific situations. The ideas in the book, of using PLAY to TRAIN your dog
(in this case, train almost becomes the wrong word), are so revolutionary to adults
but make sense to anyone who “trained” their childhood dog.
A great reminder and resource. Highly recommend it.
-Vickery, Amazon Customer Reviews

“Finally, a book devoted to play… enhance your relationship to get performance,
and as a reward for good behavior.”
-Pia Silvani, CPDT, Director of Training and Behavior at
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare, Madison, NJ.

“This little book is a short, easy read that explains the importance of play for many reasons: bonding, enrichment, learning, exercise, etc. It includes instruction for how to engage your dog in play (including dogs that don’t know how), what not to do, ideas for games, recommendations for “smart” toys, tricks you can teach them, etc.
Nearly all dog owners should find things of value in this book, and this book
would be especially good for novice dog owners.
-Island Livin’, Amazon Customer Reviews

“This is a terrific resource for people with anxious, shy or fearful dogs to
“get the ball rolling” regarding to play. This book gives you a place to start.”
-Bright Eyes, Amazon Customer Reviews

“I found this book to be a great reference with several issues I’ve had with my dog. I find myself using many of the suggestions this book offers. It’s an easy read. Also easy to access information quickly. I really appreciate the direct informative writing, unlike other dog books which write a lot of fluff before getting to the point, this book goes straight to the meat of the information. The “The Crazy Owner” chapter is spot on!”
-A. Mulcahy, Amazon Customer Reviews

Product Details

Description: Paperback
Publisher: McConnell Publishing Limited
Edition: 1st
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1891767127
ISBN-13: 978-1891767128
Product Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.3 inches
Author: Patricia McConnell PhD and Karen London PhD
Publish Date: August 15,2008
Number of Pages: 90

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