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Do you have a Jekyll and Hyde dog at the other end of the leash?  Is she wonderful with familiar dogs but barks and lunges at unfamiliar ones?  Because of this eBook, thousands of people can now enjoy being out and about with their dogs instead of being anxious and nervous. The Feisty Fido will help you:

  • Understand why your dog does what he does
  • Make walks enjoyable again, for both you and your dog
  • Help your dog turn away from trouble before it starts
  • Handle unplanned emergencies like a pro
  • Know where to go for more resources

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Imagine your dog automatically looking at you every time he sees another dog! Whether a dog reacts to others by barking, growling, stiffening, or hiding behind your legs, this eBook provides exactly what owners need to turn this common and frustrating problem around. Clients tell us they love the simplicity and elegance of the methods described and find them useful in a wide range of situations.

Included are sections on the best leashes and collars to use with reactive dogs, advice on training dogs who are especially afraid of others, and practicing “Emergency Exits” when you’re surprised by dogs during training sessions.

Better Together! Order the Dog-Dog Reactivity DVD along with The Feisty Fido book for a more in-depth look at reactivity and aggression, as well as live demonstrations with real feisty fidos.

Who Should Buy

Trainers & Behaviorists
An essential guide in the library of thousands of trainers, this eBook increases your effectiveness by giving clients a clear, concise summary of powerful and positive behavior modification.

1st Time and Experienced Dog Owners
Equally useful for a novice and a seasoned trainer, The Feisty Fido is a practical step-by-step guide that can help everyone stay on track. Even the best of us need a coach every once in awhile!

Veterinarians/Veterinary Technicians
Help your clients address a common behavioral issue, and prevent a more serious one, with this simple, easy-to-follow eBook that is based on scientifically proven and humane methods.

Shelters/Rescues/Foster Homes
Increase the adoptability of fearful and reactive dogs in your behavior modification programs by using the simple tools provided in this book. Let The Feisty Fido help ensure consistency once a dog is in a new home, and increase her chance for a successful placement.


“Thanks to the advice in this booklet, my (formerly) reactive dog walked
calmly and politely past five barking dogs today. I was delighted!”
Carrie Moskowitz and Chauncey

“Excellent, easy-to-follow and kind techniques… I have read sooooo many
dog training/behavior books, and this one is one of the best.”
Schaargi, Amazon Customer Reviews

“An incredible assets for trainers dealing with all levels of aggression in dogs.
I have used the methods with good success on three client cases.
Reading this gives trainers more options for dealing with feisty fido’s that show up with unhappy owners.”
-K.M Merrill, Amazon Customer Reviews

“Buying this book was the best decision. In less that a month, my dog is starting to automatically look to us instead of barking/lunging when he sees another dog…For the first time in the 7 months we’ve had him, I’m starting to believe that my dog can learn to be a good canine citizen and come with us to fun doggy places, busy trails, and
outdoor dining that requires polite leash manners.”
-Jade, Amazon Customer Reviews

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Description:  eBook
Publisher:  McConnell Publishing, Ltd.
Edition:  2nd (2009)
Language:  English
ISBN-10:  1891767070
ISBN-13:  978-1891767074
Product Dimensions:  Not Applicable
Author:  Patricia McConnell PhD and Karen Londen PhD
Publish date:  June 2003
Number of pages:  63

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