Visual Communication


Your Dog is Watching You! Pointing, Puppies & Genetics July 2021

The Power of Silence. Or, More on Less is More. May 2021

Teaching the “Emergency Stop” (or “Flying Lie Down”) March 2021

Misty & Gypsy’s Visual Signals to Us, Part Two March 2021

What are Misty and Gypsy Telling Us About Stress Signals? March 2021

Unwanted Advances–The Human Kind December 2020

Maggie! Chester! Princess! (Now That We Have Your Attention, Please Read Our Minds) October 2020

Why Aren’t Dogs Bothered More By Masks? August 2020

Whale Eye. Nothing to Do with Whales. December 2019

Ready or Not . . . October 2019

The Eyes Have It September 2019

Take a Bow for Teaching a Play Bow September 2019

Communication, Plus and Minus. August 2019

Don’t Let the Chain Fool You July 2019

It’s All About the Outline: Dogs, Statues, and Dangerous Hats July 2019

Now What is He Telling Us? June 2019

What is This Dog Telling Us? June 2019

Tiny Signals, Big Responses May 2019

Lost in Translation? Facebook Livestream Thursday 6:30 CST November 2018

“Non-Traditional” Cue Update October 2018

More Ways to Confuse Your Dog September 2018

Canis lupus “On offense” Visual Signals July 2018

Great Photo of "Hard Eye," & What to Do When You See It January 2017

A New Look at Play Bows April 2016

Applied Ethology: Translations and Mis-Translations  February 2014

If I Only Had a Tail...  December 2013

Dognition Canine Assessment Tests  March 2013

Play Bows as Meta-Communication - Video Analysis - December 2012

Non-Traditional Cues  Part I, Part II - October 2012

Video Analysis: What's Up with Willie and the Tongue Flicking?  Part I, Part II - September 2012

Clever Hans Revisited  March 2012

Super Normal Sign Stimuli  July 2011

"Guilty Dog" Viral Video  April 2011

Do Dogs Inherently Understand Pointing Gestures?  Part I, Part II - October 2010

Dogs Can Sign Too  August 2010

Do Dogs Recognize our Facial Expressions  August 2010

Tail Wags Translated  May 2010

Feisty Fido, Prompts and Lures in Dog Training  June 2009

Horse and Dog Training - Similarities  February 2009

Learning from a Dog's Perspective  January 2009

Visual Signals before Acoustic?  August 2008

Visual Signals Don't Have to be Big if they are Relevant  August 2008



Caution. Your dog is watching.

Point Taken: Have dogs evolved to follow our lead?

Lessons from Sheepdogs: The source of a lifetime of learning




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