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Research on Resource Guarding

Citizen science--be there or be square. Researchers from the University of Guelph are conducting a survey about resource guarding in dogs. You can participate by going to this link and filling out the questionnaire. I hope you do--you'll see why as you read more... True confessions: I originally tried to take the survey in April, but didn't finish it. If you're on Facebook, you can see my post on April 24th about it. In that post I wrote: I took the survey myself and loved the videos that asked the viewer how they categorized what they saw, but got a bit frustrated at the end when the questions began to seem endless, and worse, impossible to answer correctly. (Ex: “How many people did you Read More

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Well, Stuff Happens.

That could actually be a great title for a content-rich blog, but I'm afraid the blog I was working on got trumped by 1) the blog site crashing for several hours, 2) Tootsie's recurrent and unexplained UTI and need for an X-ray, and 3) Nellie the kitty showing up limping and clearly very, very unwell. Thus, instead of a blog about the questions to ask when someone (like me) says "It Depends," I'm just going to go right to a report on the farm and the sheepdogs. But keep your eyes out for a blog on "It Depends," and one on a survey on resource guarding in the near future. MEANWHILE, back on the farm: Everyone but the sheep and the cats piled into the car yesterday to go to the Laughing Read More

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Take Your Dog to Work (or Not?) Revisited

I first posted this article in 2011, but it seems wise to put it out in the universe again. Taking a dog to work can be wonderful, or, not so much... Friday June 26th has been designated “Take Your Dog to Work Day” by Pet Sitters International. Begun in 1999 with a goal of encouraging adoptions, Pet Sitters Int’l suggests that we all take our dogs to work to emphasize the human/animal bond, and indirectly encourage people to adopt homeless dogs. This could be a great thing to do; many of us take our dogs to work regularly.  If you work in the dog world, it’s almost a gimmee, and one of the perks that I love about my job is that I can take Willie to work whenever I want. However, Read More