The Importance of Pets

It's uh...  "Throwback Monday?" Things are a tad crazy right now, what with winter looming,(Translation: Spend much of Sunday planting the 300 bulbs that arrived on Saturday. Be sore today.) and a trip to APDT tomorrow morning. I'll be giving the Keynote Wednesday morning, please come up and say hi if you are a blog reader. (There is also a book signing from 5-6 pm on Thursday, maybe see you there?) I've been having a hard time about leaving. Jim will be home and all the dogs, cats and sheep will be fine, but I am already missing them. (Which is ridiculous, given that I haven't even left yet.) This morning, as every morning, Willie put his front paws on the bed and after licking my face, Read More

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In preparation for a talk I'll be giving soon in Madison, WI about the mental lives of animals, I've been reading Subliminal, by Leonard Mlodinow. I highly recommend it; Mlodinow elaborates on our increasing, and sometimes unsettling knowledge about the power of our unconscious. Here's a talk given by the author himself about the topic. (He also gets my vote for the best cover ever of a book: If you check it out on Amazon you can't tell that, in person, you can only see part of the cover until the light hits it just right. I burst out laughing after I'd purchased the book while thinking: "This cover is beyond strange" and then discovered the full cover while walking out of the Read More

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What is so rare as a day in… September?

With apologies to James Russell Lowell, it is the fall months that make my heart sing the most, although I'm not sure why. Perhaps because I know what's coming? I'm playing hookey today, soaking up knowledge from one of the UK's top sheepdog trainer/handlers, Gordon Watt, who also judged the Nippersink Trial last Friday-Sunday. Thanks to advice from Kathy Knox at her great clinic the weekend before, Willie and I had a great second run at the trial, and did our best ever in the ProNovice class. I can't resist a chance to work with Gordon, sort of like taking a tennis lesson from Raphael Nadal. There is only room for me to work one dog with Gordon (thank you Margaret for getting me in, not Read More