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Your Dogs and the Holidays

Yup, this is the time of year when the rubber hits the road, and the leaping, crotch-sniffing, poop-eating dog that you just rescued from a puppy mill is about to meet Aunt Polly, the only member of the family who is terrified of dogs. Or maybe it's the dog you've had for years, and the leaping and crotch sniffing are in the past, but then... there's that poop eating thing. A friend called me for advice about this very problem (visitors, not poop eating), and I recalled that I had written a post several years ago about how to handle the chaos that is the holiday season, not to mention the reality of owning animals that don't understand why the routine flies out the window during the shortest Read More

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My Turn to Write

More accurately, it is my turn to finish writing something I've been working on for a few years--a memoir. I'm close to finishing a draft to send off to my agent (the brilliant Jennifer Gates, an angel of an agent to whom I owe the world already). It is tough to split my days working on a book different from one I've ever written before  from all the other facets of my professional life. Memoirs are famously difficult to write, and silly me, I decided to write a "mutual memoir" about me and Willie, giving myself an extra challenge. I want to write a book that is personal, unflinchingly honest, and yet underscores universal truths about the human (and canine) condition. That is what all good Read More

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Great Reads for 2014

This weekend I went to my favorite local bookstore (Arcadia Books in Spring Green, WI) and spent a bundle on books as Christmas presents. Of course, I ended up buying a bunch for me too, because I love books almost as much as I love dogs. (Okay, I don't really love books as much as I do dogs, but but you get the idea.) I thought it was a good time of year for us to have a conversation about great books, either to read for yourself or to buy as gifts for others. Here's a list of some of the things I've loved reading this year (including my favorite magazines) and some books that are on my list to read sometime soon. DOG BOOKS Beware the Straw Man: The Science Dog Explores Dog Training Read More