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Music to a Cat’s Ears

 A recently published study has shown that cats are attracted to music that was specifically designed for them. This is important work, given all the claims that are made about effect of music "designed for" dogs and cats. Although there are several interesting studies this issue, the studies have traditionally compared different types of musical genres, always with music that was written for people ("classical" versus "rock" for example). There is some music that has been specifically designed for dogs or cats, but its development was not based on an analysis of the animal's species-specific vocalizations, nor is there robust scientific evidence that it is effective. Indeed, see my post Read More

poop scooper

All About Dog Poop

Because it isn't necessarily a fun topic, I thought I'd start off with my favorite story about dog poop. Imagine being at a sit-down lunch at two-day seminar I was giving on canine behavior and training. Picture a large room, with 150 people or so, sitting at round tables covered in white table cloths, the food delivered by hotel conference staff. You know the drill. We had finished a good lunch and looked with happy anticipation to what was promised to be a special dessert. Imagine our surprise when we each received a small plate with a perfect replica of dog poop on it. The cook thought it would be just too wonderful to feed us chocolate pudding in the shape of a brown, coiled snake of dog Read More

john & fish

Fish Falling From the Sky

[I had planned to write a blog on poop (stay tuned, who could resist the topic?), but am a tad under the weather, so I'm just going to post this for your amusement... You've heard of fish falling from the sky, yes? Apparently it is more common that one might predict. A quick internet search found multiple references to such events, many of them quite credible. They can even fall by the hundreds, as experienced by the residents of a small town in Australia. But I've never known anyone who could beat the story of my veterinarian, Dr. John Dally, who lives on the Wisconsin River, and below the flight path of a Bald Eagle flying between her nest to her fishing grounds on a daily basis. Read More