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Can Your Dog “Smell” Your Emotions?

As often happens, a study on human behavior got me wondering about how it might relate to our relationship with our dogs. The study in question asked if emotions could be conveyed through body odor. The researchers asked 12 men with pads in their arm pits to watch videos that designed to elicit fear, happiness or a neutral reaction. After confirming that the videos did indeed influence the men's emotional states (the fearful videos induced "negative emotions" and happy ones elicited "positive emotions"), the pads taken from their arm pits were then presented to women. (Insert bad joke here about what emotion the smell of a man's arm pits would elicit automatically.) An analysis of the Read More

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I wish my dog knew. . .

I recently happened upon a news story that grabbed my heart, about Denver teacher, Kyle Schwartz, who asked her students to complete the sentence: "I wish my teacher knew...". Some of the answers are funny, and some will break your heart, like: "I wish my teacher knew sometimes my reading log isn't signed because my mom is not around a lot." The project was so compelling that it went viral on the Twitterverse, (#Iwishmyteacherknew).  Which led to an outpouring of answers from students all around the country. ("... that the reason I talk and laugh a lot in class is because school is really the only place I can be happy.") This project reminds me of the book PostSecret: Extraordinary Read More

LBB & lambs 5-1-15

Spring Photo Album

It's all from the farm today: Lambs! Finally! Lady Baa Baa had two healthy, little ewe lambs last week. Yearling Pepper had an all white, frisky male Saturday night. I thought of last week's post about the healing powers of oxytocin while I watched them frolic this morning. I wish everyone could start their day watching lambs play; if they could I suspect the world would be a better place. Here is Lady Baa Baa and her two adorsable lambs. (No, that's not a typo. There's something about the non-word "adors-able" that fits with baby lambs.) Was I not writing about the power of oxytocin just last week? Willie and Maggie got in a lot of sheep work this weekend. Here Willie stalks up to the Read More