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Here are the books that have helped tens of thousands of people and dogs, and continue to be used all around the world. (Thank you Germany!) From getting a puppy started off on the right paw (what could be more important?), to treating a dog who goes nuts when he sees another dog on a walk, these books and booklets are written to help dogs be happy, healthy and become that “one in a million dog,” we’ll never forget.


The Puppy Primer

Trainer favorite! Engaging, humorous and easy to follow, The Puppy Primer is packed with positive reinforcement tips, tricks, special topics and more.


Patricia McConnell Book Package

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Here's you chance to own the Patricia McConnell Collection! All of the McConnell Publishing, LTD books are included in this package for 30% OFF!


Love Has No Age Limit

Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home. How to turn a new adolescent or adult dog into your “best dog ever!”


The Cautious Canine

Whether your dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner or defensively aggressive to visitors, this booklet will result in a happier, better behaved dog.


Treating Dog-Dog Reactivity DVD

If you'd like to update you toolbox for on-leash dogs who growl, bark and lunge at others, this half-day seminar DVD is for you.


The Feisty Fido

Help for the leash-reactive
dog. This second edition of a
McConnell/London classic is
better than ever!


Family Friendly Dog Training

Perfect for classes or going it alone, this user-friendly, engaging book describes a six-week training program that gets dogs and their owners off on the right paw.


Lost in Translation? DVD

An all new day-long seminar
DVD that will enhance your
ability to understand and
communicate with your dog.


The Art and Science of Canine Behavior DVD

A day-long seminar DVD with in-depth understanding of what research tells us about who dogs are, and why they do what they do.


The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

Focusing on our behavior in comparison with that of our dogs, this “insightful,” and “compelling” book can revolutionize your relationship with your dog. There’s a reason it’s been translated into 13 languages!