Ever wondered what's going on inside the furry little head of your pet? Join Trisha on October 28, 2014 for an evening talk on what current research tells us about the inner lives of our companion animals.



Clear and engaging, Patricia's books & DVDs are invaluable resources for professionals and dog lovers alike.  If your dog could, she'd beg you to click here and check them out.


Reading Room

Want to learn more about dogs?  Look here for a treasure trove of Patricia's articles, blogs and videos about dog training, canine health & behavior, and solving behavior problems.  Includes links to other helpful resources.


Trisha's Blog

Join thousands of dog lovers around the world in an ongoing inquiry about canine behavior, and follow the adventures of Patricia (2 legs), Willie & Tootsie (4 legs), and a very spoiled flock of sheep.



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