We don’t get puppies for long (they turn into dogs!), so take advantage of this special time to get your pup started out on the right paw. These books and booklets by Patricia McConnell have clear, user-friendly approaches and employ positive dog training methods.

A must for every new puppy owner!

Getting a Puppy

Way To Go!


$1 per copy when you purchase 50 or more. Donate to your local shelter or rescue and help dogs find homes!

Help your puppy/adult dog learn a lifetime of good habits! Perfect for new dog owners, and the perfect addition to puppy packets or puppy classes.


For the Love of a Dog

If you are interested in what’s going on behind those big, brown eyes, and would like to understand how your dog’s emotional life compares with your own, this book is for you.


The Other End of the Leash: Why We Do What We Do Around Dogs

Focusing on our behavior in comparison with that of our dogs, this “insightful,” and “compelling” book can revolutionize your relationship with your dog. There’s a reason it’s been translated into 13 languages!


The Puppy Primer

Trainer favorite! Engaging, humorous and easy to follow, The Puppy Primer is packed with positive reinforcement tips, tricks, special topics and more.


Lassie Come! DVD

How to teach your dog to come every time you call. Really, we mean it!


Lost in Translation? DVD

An all new day-long seminar
DVD that will enhance your
ability to understand and
communicate with your dog.