Save the Date! Oct 29-30 Madison WI 2011

Oh boy oh boy. We’ve just finalized arrangements to hold a seminar in Madison Wisconsin on October 29-30, 2011. Inspired by the seminar I did in New Zealand, I’m going to give a completely updated version of  Advanced  Canine Behavior on Saturday. The day will include state of the art research on cognition, play and development, and its practical implications to owners and trainers. Ken Ramirez of the Shedd Acquarium will present on Sunday, and will focus on raising the bar on your training techniques. I heard him give this talk in Massachusetts last summer, and left so inspired that I began attempting to train my pencil. Seriously, this man is fantastic.

We are totally jazzed about this seminar, and will have details about registration up on the website soon. We’re just finalizing some last details and will get information about how to sign up on the website as soon as we can…  maybe a few weeks or so. I’ll let you know when we can start taking registrations, but save the date now, it’s gonna be a great weekend.

MEANWHILE, back on the farm. Oh man, I have not yet adjusted to living in a freezer. It’s gorgeous, truly, and was even a balmy 18 F recently, but I’m still not used to it. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 10 F, which is close to my cut off for long walks outside. Willie and I went snow shoeing (okay, only I had on snow shoes) two days in a row, but it was over 10 degrees. Once it’s in the single digits, I get wussy. (And Willie learns new tricks!)

The lambs don’t seem to mind in the least. Truffles’ twins are getting goat milk three times a day, and are growing like weeds. I tried to get a picture of them for you yesterday, but I can’t get them away from me to get a photo! We’ll get some this weekend when Jim can  help out.  But here’s a great photo of house sitter Danielle and Hans Solo, Snicker’s lamb, taken by her husband Mike . Mike and Danielle did an amazing job taking care of things, and they are great photographers too. (The photo of Willie in the last post was also taken by them.)  Get ready for an oxytocin rush . . .


  1. Jennifer Hamilton says

    The seminar sounds fantastic! Will it be available for sale on DVD after the event like some of your other seminars?

  2. trisha says

    At least part of it, but in person is so much more fun! But yes, we’ll make it available as soon as we can!

  3. Debby says

    Just wanted to say that I enjoy all of your DVD seminars, I unfortunatly haven’t been able to make it to any of you seminars in person. Would love to some day. I live in NYC, hint hint.

  4. Debby says

    Oh good, Now I know where the other Debby with a “y” lives. Her comments are always the thoughtful ones and mine are the inane ones. I wish Trisha would do a seminar in KY!
    I loved the postings from New Zealand and am glad you are home safe and sound (though a little chilly).

  5. em says

    The seminar sounds fantastic! Unfortunately, like the first Debby, I’m stuck in the Mid-Atlantic and won’t be able to attend, but it sounds like it will be a blast.

    Han Solo is adorable. So happy to hear that the surprise lambs are doing well. Am I too far out on a limb, or does the fact that little Solo has a name mean that he’s been selected as a keeper?

  6. Dana says

    Hi Trisha! My apologies for posting this rather irrelevant comment here but I didn’t know where else to send it to.

    I came across a video that shows a monkey petting a dog–totally reminded me of what you wrote somewhere about our need to hug dogs ‘cos we’re primates.

  7. Mary Beth says

    Trisha, my puppy is right with ya on the whole living in an icebox! I co bred the litter with a friend in Florida. Brought my pup back to Ohio along with one that headed to Canada. The two Northerners are very unhappy! This has led to Ben being given full couch privileges and the occasional snuggle in bed when one of us is still abed after he’s up. I keep shaking my head…and I swore this one wouldn’t be spoiled. Too late! Say a prayer for little Ben that the temperatures stay above 25 degrees..he’s willing to play outside when it nears 30 and to use the dog door, but these near zero temperatures have made housebreaking and play time much tougher!

    I’ve been to four of your seminars and every one has been an absolute gem!

  8. says

    So glad your home safe. can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Date is saved for both myself and Angela.It doesn’t matter how many times I attend your seminars I always learn something new! can’t wait.

  9. Debra says

    Dana, thank you for posting that video! The need to hug is so strong in us primates… I don’t think my dogs are nearly so tolerant as that puppy. The lamb is so beautiful!

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