Relationships Between People & Pets


Anxious Owners, Anxious Dogs? September 2021

“Dogs Never Lie About . . . ” Or maybe they do? August 2021

Talking to Other Dog Owners–Tread Carefully July 2021

Guardian? Owner? Parent? Which Are You? (If any . . .) May 2021

Greeting Behavior and Separation Anxiety–Any Effects? March 2021

Unwanted Advances–The Human Kind December 2020

Love. In the Time of Now. November 2020

I’m Little And Adorable. Don’t Make Me Bite You. September 2020

Love, but not Like? Like, but not Love? Feelings are Messy. June 2020

Dog Parks: The Controversy, and Out of Africa Part II February 2020

The Poetry of Nick Names November 2019

The Eyes Have It September 2019

Why I Farm, Revisited August 2019

Bigger Dogs, “Smarter Dogs”? Hmmmmmmm. . . July 2019

Why Do We Love Dogs So Much? So, So Much? May 2019

Meditate Petitate? Why Not?  April 2018

Are We Doing Enough for Our Dogs?  April 2018

Visits from former owners: Good for Dogs?  January 2017

First look at my memoir: The Eduction of Will  October 2016

The Pain of Being Alone  March 2016

Taking Your Dog on a Sniff  January 2016

What Makes Your Dog Happy?  January 2016

What does "Licking" Mean?  November 2015

The Healing Look of Love  April 2015

Assistance Dogs International (Or does the "I" stand for Inspiring?)  September 2014

Is Anthropomorphism a Dirty Word?  April 2014

Applied Ethology: Translations and Mis-Translations  February 2014

Dogs As Family, People As Packs  July 2013

Confrontational Techniques Elicit Aggression  May 2013

How Do You Play with Your Dog?  February 2013

Autonomy and Domestic Dogs  November 2012

Can Dogs Tell Stories?  Part I, Part II  October 2012

Do Other Animals Keep Pets?  August 2012

The Ten-Year Anniversary of The Other End of the Leash  August 2012

Size Matters  March 2012

Do Dogs Form "Real" Friendships?  Part I, Part II  February 2012

What Emotions Do You Share with Your Dog?  Part I, Results  November 2011

Dog Laws Aroung the World  October 2011

Take a Dog to Work?  Maybe, Maybe Not.  June 2011

A Valentine to Willie  February 2011

Bad News! Dogs are Dangerous!  January 2011

Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat  September 2010

The Gift of a Book  August 2010

Leadership  April 2010

Dog Training and the "D" Word  April 2010

Dogs & "Dominance" - What's a Person to Do?  April 2010

The "D Word" and Social Relationships in Dogs  April 2010

The Concept Formerly Described as "Dominance"  March 2010

How Much is Enough?  March 2010

Hugging  February 2010

Who Are We to Dogs?  November 2009

"Listening" to our Dogs  July 2009

Why Are Some People More Comfortable Around Animals?  February 2009

Human-Animal Relationships; People and Dogs  January 2009

Do Dogs Know When We're Sick?  December 2008

The Miracle of Our Relationship with Dogs  November 2008

Dogs Don't Talk Politics  November 2008

Are Pets Important?  Part I, Part II  September 2008



Beyond Words: The light and the dark side of a relationship without speech

Action/Re-Action: The temptations of the dominance fallacy

Speak up: If your dog could talk, what would she talk about?

Take Two Giggles and Call Me in the Morning: Enrichment activities are stimulating for you and your dog

The Right Touch: Where, how and when you pet your dog makes a difference

Love Story: Our extraordinary love affair with dogs

Get Real: Fight frustrations by adjusting your expectations

Lessons from Sheepdogs: The source of a lifetime of learning

Pet Peeves: Let's hear it for the family dog

Once in a Lifetime: Why all our dogs can't be above average

Rites of Passage: Navigating the loss of a beloved dog






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